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5 Amazing Ways to Download Instagram Highlights/Stories

September 6, 2021

    It happens quite often that you wish you could download highlights of your own or from someone else’s profile, then you find out that you do not know how to do it. But rest easy, as we have got you covered! In this article, we will guide you how to download Instagram highlight.

    download instagram highlights

    Download Instagram Highlights on Instagram APP

    For many years, Instagram had only one process that people had to know to use it, uploads pictures on your feed. But ever since Snapchat’s boom, Instagram had also added a stories option in the application back in 2016. You can even keep the most important of stories on your profile forever by making them a highlight and this highlight feature has become one of the most eye-catching features of Instagram.

    You might be surprised to know that there are three different methods you can use to download highlights from Instagram application. Next, we will guide you the steps of all three different methods.

    Method 1: Directly from Highlights

    Step 1 Open the Instagram device on your mobile, locate the highlight that you want to download and tap on it.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 2 Once you open the highlight, you will see a small views bar on the bottom of the highlight, tap on that bar and it will slide up.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 3 On that bar, you will see a download icon, tap on that download icon to download highlight from Instagram application. The downloaded file can be found in your phones photo gallery.

    download instagram highlights

    Method 2: Story Archives

    Step 1 Launch the Instagram application on your mobile, and go to your profile section, the profile option can be found on the bottom tab.

    Step 2 Once you have opened your profile, there would be a small option on the top right corner which has 3 lines made on it, tap it and a menu will open, select the archives option in it.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 3 Select the photo that you want to download from the archives and tap on it. Once the picture is opened, you will see a 3-dot option reading more on the bottom right corner, tap on it.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 4 Select save photo from the menu that appears in front of you to download Instagram story highlight.

    download instagram highlights

    Method 3: How to Save Entire Highlight in One Video

    Step 1 Open your Instagram application and then go to your profile.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 2 Click on the highlight that you want to download.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 3 Once the highlight has opened, click on the views option in the bottom left corner, once you click it will slide up, there you have a download tab, click on it and your entire highlight will be downloaded in just one video.

    download instagram highlights

    All these methods that we just went through allow us to download our own highlights and stories from Instagram, but if you desire to download someone else’s highlights and stories then continue reading this article and you’ll get to know how you can download other’s highlights from Instagram.

    Download Instagram Highlights Using Online Solution

    If you want to download other’s Instagram highlights, this part is for you. You can simply do so using an online service, known as InstagramSave. Just click here, and it will open a Instagram Highlights Downloader web page on your browser. Follow the following steps to download highlight from Instagram.

    Step 1 View the highlights on someone’s Instagram profile and select the one that you want to download and copy the username of that profile.

    Step 2 Click on the above link and it will reroute you to a page. Once the page opens, you will have an address bar in front of you, paste or type the Instagram username into that address bar and click on the download highlights button.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 3 The downloader will process the highlights and make a list of them and show them to you. Click on the ones that you want to download, and press enter. The downloader will download all the highlights that you selected.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 4 You can now find the downloaded files by clicking the download completed message at the bottom of your web browser.

    download instagram highlights

    You have gone through all these methods, but we usually save the best one for the last. Now, we will guide you through the steps where you can download Instagram story highlight using iTubeGo YouTube downloader, which would be the easiest way for you.

    Download Instagram Highlight Using Third-party Software

    Looking to download a video from YouTube, Instagram, or around 10,000 other websites? Do you want to download the videos in the same brilliant quality that they can be found on the internet? Looking for an easy-to-use software that does not lag and gives you quick download speeds? iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is the perfect software for you.

    We’re attaching the download links below so you do not have to search for it and can download it with just one click.

    It is the best downloader to download Instagram story highlight because of the following reasons:

    Now, we will guide you through the steps of how you can download highlight from Instagram using iTubeGo downloader.

    Step 1 Open the iTubeGo YouTube downloader and access the online browser from the homepage of the software, and then, choose the option of Instagram from there.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 2 Type the username of the person from whose profile you want to download the highlights from. And after writing the username, press enter. The browser would take you to that profile and if there are some circle icons below the bio, it means the person has highlights.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 3 Please tap on the particular highlight that you want to download using iTubeGo software.

    Step 4 Once the highlight has opened, click on the orange-colored Download button and the highlight will start downloading automatically.

    download instagram highlights

    Step 5 After the download has completed, you can locate the highlight in your Downloaded section of the software.

    download instagram highlights

    FAQs About Instagram Hashtags

    1. How do I download Instagram highlights?

    There are many ways you can download Instagram highlights. You can download them from the highlights that are shown on your profile or from the archives tab that can be found on the menu. You can also download them using online sites.

    2. How do you download other people’s highlights on Instagram?

    You can download other people’s highlights using iTubeGo YouTube downloader. Download the software and follow the steps mentioned above in the article to get easy and speedy download of Instagram story highlights.

    3. Is there a limit to Instagram highlights?

    There is no limit on the number of Instagram highlights that you can add to your profile but there is a limit of how many pictures you can add to one highlight, you cannot add more than 100 photos to one highlight.

    4. How long do Instagram highlights last?

    Instagram highlights are permanent like your Instagram feed posts. They do not vanish like your stories and can be viewed by you or anyone else that follows you at any time.

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