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5 Incredible Methods of How to Download Private Instagram Videos

September 6, 2021

    On Instagram, an account can be private or public. If an account is private, only the people following it can see what they share and no one else can access the content shared by them. However, if you want to download private Instagram videos, you need to have the link of the video, also called the URL, and Instagram doesn’t let you copy the URL of private videos.

    Here, we have some methods that can help you download private Instagram videos. Let’s see how to download private Instagram videos, and which is the best private Instagram video downloader?

    download private instagram video

    How to Download Private Instagram Video on PC/Mac

    As we have already discussed that you won’t be able to download private videos directly from Instagram, and for this purpose, you have to look for some other ways. However, to solve this problem for you, we are coming up with five best methods to download a private video from Instagram.

    1. Using Firefox Browser on Computer
    2. View Private Instagram Using Inspect Element
    3. Best Private Instagram Video Downloader

    1. Using Firefox Browser on Computer

    First of all, you can download Instagram videos by using Firefox Browser. let’s start with an easy and great way to download content from any social media platform including Instagram on your computer. There is no need to install any 3rd party extension or software for this trick.

    Steps to Follow:

    The following are the easy steps through which you can download Instagram video on your computer.

    Step 1 Open Instagram Profile Using Firefox Browser

    The first thing you need to do is to open Firefox browser on your computer and go to Instagram official website. Now go to the Instagram profile from where you want to download the particular video.

    Step 2 Open the Instagram Video

    After coming to the profile, look for the particular video that you want to download.

    find instagram video

    Step 3 Further Proceed to the “View Page Info”

    Go to the video and press right-click on your mouse. Then, you’ll be shown with different options, and from the given options, click on the “View Page Info”.

    view page info

    Step 4 Go to Media

    Now, a popup will be opened. Here you can see a “Media” tab on the top of that widow. Just click on it.

    Step 5 Look for the Particular Video

    Look for the video that you want to download from the list given there.

    Step 6 Download Instagram Video

    Once you have find the video on the list, select it and click “Save As” button. In this way, the original resolution Instagram video will be downloaded to your computer.  

    media-find video instagram

    2. View Private Instagram Using Inspect Element

    The next is another method of downloading Instagram videos that involves using inspect elements on your computer. If you know computers in a little detail, this method is for you. The steps are a bit tricky but easy if you are into computers.

    Steps to Follow:

    Step 1 Open Chrome, Firefox, or Any Other Browser on Your Computer

    Firstly, open a web browser on your computer. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other is fine.

    Step 2 Go to Instagram and Log-in to Your Account

    Open in the web browser and log into it with your account, or log in with Facebook if you have an Instagram account linked to Facebook.

    find instagram video

    Step 3 Open Video And Further Proceed to Inspect Option

    Navigate to the video you want to download from Instagram. Once the page with the video has loaded on your browser, right-click on the video and select the Inspect option and go to the Element tab in the menu that appears.

    inspect element

    Step 4 Find the Video Address

    A number of addresses and values will appear on one side of the browser window. Hover your mouse’s pointer on the addresses and look for the one which highlights the video in blue color when the mouse pointer is over it. Click the URL, the video will open on a new window.

    find video inspect element

    Step 5 Open and Save Video in New Window

    Then, in this step, you have to right-click on the address and select open in new tab. The video will open in a separate tab and you can save it to your device by selecting the “save video option.

    save instagram video

    3. Best Private Instagram Video Downloader – iTubeGo

    iTubeGo YouTube downloader is a multi-purpose video downloader that can be used to download videos from any source, including Instagram. It is fast, efficient, and easy to use. You can download any Instagram videos even private videos using this amazing software. You can install it easily from the official webpage of iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

    Steps to Follow:

    The steps for downloading a private Instagram Video using this software are.

    Step 1 Download and install Latest Version of iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    First of all, you need to download and install iTubeGo. You can download the installation file from iTubeGo website, and the file can be run to install the software on a computer. You might need to register if you are a new user of the software. For your convenience, the following are the downloading links to get iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

    Step 2 Copy Instagram Video URL

    With iTubeGo installed on your PC (or Mac) open Firefox browser and log in your Firefox account, then log in to your Instagram account. After that, locate the video you want to download and copy video URL from the address bar.

    log in firefox account

    Step 3 Launch iTubeGo Software and Set Output Format

    Launch iTubeGo YouTube downloader on your computer and select the output parameters of your choice. This can be done under the preferences tab of the tool. You can select the resolution and format of the video you are about to download. Then click the “Allow to read Cookies from Firefox/Chrome” option.

    Facebook private video

    Step 4 Paste the Instagram Video’s Copied URL

    Paste the copied URL of the video in the Enter URL tab of the iTubeGo portal to initiate the download and hit the download button.

    paste link instagram

    Step 5 Download Instagram Private Video to Your Computer

    The Instagram video will be downloaded and saved to your device’s default download location. You can also change the download location in the preferences tab.

    download mp4

    How to Download Private Instagram Videos on Android/iPhone

    1. Download Private Instagram Videos APP
    2. Private Instagram Downloader Shortcut

    1. Download Private Instagram Videos APP

    If you are an Android user we have good news for you. Downloading Instagram videos on Android is easier than on iPhone and even on a computer. All you need to do is to install the GetThemAll app from the Google Play Store.

    Steps to Follow:

    The video download steps are as follows:

    Step 1 Download GetThemAll App from Google Play Store

    In the first step, you need to download and install the GetThemAll Any File Downloader app from the Google Play store of your android device.

    getthemall any file downloaer

    Step 2 Look for the Required Instagram Video

    Then, in the Instagram website, log-in to your account and look for the particular video that you want to download on your android device.

    find instagram private video

    Step 3 Copy the Instagram private video URL

    Click the ellipsis menu in the upper corner, a popup appears, just copy the url.

    copy instagram private video

    Step 4 Launch the GetThemAll App and paste URL

    Now in this step, open the GetThemAll app, paste the URL copied from instagram in the URL box, click on the checkmark when you are through.

    paste instagram private video

    Step 4 Download the Instagram private video

    The GetThemAll app will afford you the option to choose from every available file, so we choose Files>>Videos options, then press the Download button.

    download instagram private video

    2. Private Instagram Downloader Shortcut

    Most of people use Instagram on their iPhones so here’s the method to download a private video directly to an iPhone. To do this you’ll need the Siri shortcuts app and Safari. Since the official Instagram app doesn’t allow copying URL of a private video.

    Steps to Follow:

    Here’s how you can download private videos directly to your iPhone:

    Step 1 Download Shortcuts App from the App Store on Your iPhone

    Get the Shortcuts app from App Store. After you have installed it get this Private IG Downloader. You simply have to open this link in Safari browser of your iPhone to get this shortcut.

    Step 2 Look for the Required Instagram Video

    Now, from your Safari, go to the Instagram website and log-in to your Instagram account. Then, search the required webpage of the video that you want to download.

    Step 3 Select the Shortcuts Option

    After you have opened the video on Safari, click on the share button on Safari and select Shortcuts. If you have not yet enabled shortcuts, click on more to enable them.

    find instagram video shortcuts

    Step 4 Select Private IG Downloader

    From the shortcuts option, select Private IG Downloader shortcut and run it.

    find private ig shortcuts

    Step 5 Save the Video

    It will prompt you to select the output folder of the video and you can choose to save the video in the camera roll or on iCloud. The page title will be set as the video name, and if you want to set a custom name of your choice, you can change the name by editing this shortcut.

    save to camera roll instagram video


    People use Instagram with private or public accounts. The private accounts on Instagram can only be accessed by the people following them. Downloading videos or other content from private Instagram accounts is a tricky task to undertake.

    We have described five of the most efficient and most reliable ways to download videos from private Instagram accounts. Out of all these ways, the best one is to use the iTubeGo YouTube downloader. It does not only make downloading the Instagram videos very easy and simple but also makes it possible for you to download videos from almost every website on the internet that has video content on it.

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