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How to Convert Facebook Video to MP3 320kbps

August 2, 2021

    Facebook is one of the major online communities used by millions of people around the world.  Every day we can see hundreds of videos shared on Facebook. Although some of us love them and would like to have them saved on the computer to see again, we do not have the option to do download Facebook videos to our devices.

    Facebook has strict security protocols on browsers to avoid downloading of the content from third-party websites. Hence even if we able to download videos, it is hard to convert Facebook video to MP3 320kbps without losing the original quality. Facebook MP3 320kbps is the best choice to select to have the best audio quality due to the high bitrate which enhances the sound quality.

    facebook to mp3

    There are two main parts to introduce convert Facebook video to mp3

    1. Best Facebook to MP3 Converter- iTubeGo
    2. How to Download Facebook to MP3 320kbps

    Best Facebook to MP3 Converter- iTubeGo

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is a versatile video downloading software which is used by millions of users. There is much software available to download videos from the internet. But the speciality of the iTubeGo is the ability to download and convert them into required format. From iTubeGo you can download videos from Facebook and convert FB to mp3 with the highest quality.

    Key features

    How to Download Facebook to MP3 320kbps

    Step 1 Download and Install iTubeGo

    As the first step, download the latest version of the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. You can download iTubeGo from here.

    Step 2 Copy the URL

    First, you need to find the video required to download. Log in to your Facebook account and search for your favorite video. Then right-click on the video and select Show video URL from the drop-down menu. Once you select that option, the video URL will be prompted in a small pop-up box. You can copy that URL and it will be saved to your clipboard.

    Facebook video

    Step 3 Set the Configurations

    Before downloading the videos, you need to set the settings of the iTubeGo software.  For that, select the settings button located at the top right corner of the home window. From the Preferences window, you can click on the Download tab to change the configurations. You can set the output format, i.e. Video or Audio, the quality of the file, i.e. 320kbps and you can check the checkbox below to the settings to enable to download the subtitles in the file.

    setting mp3

    Step 4 Paste the Copied URL

    Once everything is set from the previous step, you can click on the “Paste URL” button at the top left corner. Then it will analyze the copied URL in the clipboard and downloading will start automatically. You don’t need to paste the copied URL to start downloading. Since iTubeGo is a smart URL detector, it will do the needful.

    url to mp3 paste url

    Step 5 Enjoy the Music

    Once the downloading completes, files will be saved in the default location. Go to the download tab and you can find the downloaded files from there. If you want to save the files in a different location, you can redo the step 04 and change the default location given there.

    download bandcamp


    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is one of the best tools that found in the market to convert Facebook video to MP3 320kbps without losing the quality. Most of the software will convert the videos but the final output is not in good quality as expected. But by using iTubeGo you can convert Facebook video to mp3 audio 320kbps.

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