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[Solved] Facebook Download Video Not Working

April 23, 2021

    It happens many times that you want to download videos from Facebook but ended by just seeing some error notifications. So, let’s explore how can you resolve the issue if Facebook downloader not working.

    Why Can’t Download Facebook Videos Anymore?

    If your query is why Facebook download video not working, then here we come with the main reasons behind this restriction.

    Facebook Download Video Not Working

    • Maybe the content you are trying to approach has been privatized by the owner.
    • Your downloader not recognizes the Facebook video link.
    • You’re using an out of date downloader.
    • Some other software may restrict with your video downloader.
    • Facebook may not like to share its content. Therefore, it changed the code.

    The main reason why most people want to access Facebook videos is to download them in their computers. The popup ads are quite annoying. Anyhow, you can access all the Facebook video with the use of software known as “iTubeGo Facebook downloader”.

    Best Facebook Video Downloader – iTubeGo

    iTubeGo Facebook Downloader is one of the best software solutions available in the market that can download full HD/4K/8K videos from Youtube, Instagram, daily motion, Facebook, and more than 10,000+ other websites. Moreover, its advance feature like cut the video allows you to take the short clips from a whole video as well. It has a built-in browser that helps you to find the videos more easily. A download button appears on the right bottom side. Click the button and enjoy the video.

    You can download the video downloader from below link:

    Key Features:

    • Convert the videos in your required format including mov, avi, m4a, mp3 and mp4.
    • 10 times faster downloading speed, available in turbo fast, 8 Mbps, 6 Mbps, 4 Mbps, 2Mbps, 1Mbps.
    • Batch download unlimited number of videos, entire playlists from Youtube and other sites.
    • Download private videos from Facebook and other social networking sites.
    • Specially designed dedicated versions for both Mac and Windows operating systems.
    • Simple user interface.
    • Multi-thread technology to download efficiently.

    How to Download Video from Facebook

    Step 1 Login to your Facebook account and copy the link of the video you like to download. Simply click on the share button and press copy link button.

    copy facebook url

    Step 2 Then, launch your iTubeGo Facebook Downloader software and adjust the format and quality of the video from the Preferences section. If you’re downloading any age-restricted or private Facebook video, don’t forget to enable the “Allow Read Cookies from Firefox/Chrome” option.

    download setting

    Step 3 Paste the copied URL to the main dialogue box by just clicking the “Paste URL” button and the video will start to download.

    paste facebook link

    Step 4 After a few seconds, the download process will get completed and you can see the file in the Downloaded folder of the program.

    download facebook video

    The Solution to Facebook Downloader Not Working

    Sometimes, you may get failed to access the videos or maybe an error generates in the software. Don’t worry you can resolve it easily. This Facebook download failure is easy to handle. Try to play the video from the built-in browser and directly click the Download button or if you failed to download the video, solve this problem in the following steps:

    Step 1 Click on the prompt link showing download failure.  As you click the link, it will open the Facebook video in the built-in browser of the program.

    facebook video error

    Step 2 A Facebook window will open to continue to your logged-in account. If you are not log in, then first all enter your email and password to open the video in the built-in browser.

    Step 3 After you log into your account, the video will open in iTubeGo software. It has a download button on the right lower side, simply click on it. To confirm the downloading process, go back to the downloading section.

    download facebook video

    Tips: If it still cannot download Facebook video, then set it to allow to read cookies option in the Preference settings.

    In Conclusion

    The purpose of this article is to resolve the issues regarding can’t download Facebook videos. In recent past, videos streaming becomes quite popular and people like to download videos in their computers and smart devices. But unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow to access all the videos.

    Some of them are privatized by the user itself while other codes are changed by the Facebook authority. Don’t worry! You can still get access to them by using iTubeGo Facebook downloader. It has a simple user interface that downloads the videos by pasting the link of the required video.

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    • Avatar Alon says:

      Can’t download Facebook Videos even from the latest update version.

      Can’t download Facebook video, even when allow to read cookies option in the Preference settings is enabled.

      Please fix it?

    • Avatar SWVG says:

      Hello itubego’s studio, I’m from China. My English is not very good, so I can only use Google Translate. I think my account is now replaced by another computer. I enter my registration code and my email address. “The number of installed computers has exceeded the maximum limit” This will mean that my registration code has been stolen. Maybe I have leaked my registration code and email before. I hope you can help me solve this problem. Please be sure to reply to my message in time . Thanks!