The Best Way to Download Private Facebook Videos

August 13, 2020

    Facebook is increasingly involved in its growth as a video platform, and these efforts mean that users and companies that use the social network create better and better content in this format. The problem is that there is no official way to download private Facebook videos to your computer or laptop to watch them later offline. But there are still ways to download the videos. Here, I will introduce various tools to download private Facebook videos easily.

    What is Private Facebook Video?

    Most of the videos on Facebook are not available to the general public. The privacy settings for these videos have been set to Private. Private videos can be viewed by the video owner and the friends with whom you decided to share or allowed to view them. Generally, this option is good at protecting the privacy of the person who uploaded the video. Due to the private nature of the video, these videos cannot be downloaded just by pasting the link. Instead, it is necessary to copy all the source code of the video page or by changing the privacy settings to ‘Public’ (if you are the owner of the video).

    private public facebook

    But there are some easy methods to download private Facebook videos easily. In this article, we’ll be discussing them.

    How to Download Private Facebook Videos with iTubeGo

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader which can use to download various types of videos from major video streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. It is available for Windows as well as the MacOs. Click here to download and install the software:

    Step 1 Copy the Facebook Video URL

    Log in to your Facebook account and select the private Facebook video that you want to download. Next, copy its URL by right-clicking and selecting the copy video URL option.

    Facebook video

    Step 2 Change the settings

    After installing the iTubeGo, open it and choose the output format “MP4”, then click on the setting button, select “Allow to read Cookies from Firefox/Chrome”.

    Facebook private video

    Step 3 Paste the URL

    Finally, click “Paste URL”, and iTubeGo will analyze the copied URL and start to download your video automatically. Since iTubeGo is a smart link detector, you don’t have to paste the URLs manually. It will automatically detect the copied URL in your clipboard.

    paste facebook

    Step 4 Enjoy the Music

    Once the downloading finishes, you can find the downloaded videos in the download tab. Open the files and enjoy Facebook videos.

    facebook video downloaded

    Key Feature of iTubeGo

    #1 Supports Major Streaming Sites

    iTubeGo supports more than 10000 video streaming sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch etc. You can download different videos including movies, TV series, cartoons, music and various sites from the majority of sites using iTubeGo.

    #2 Supports Majority of Output Formats

    By using iTubeGo, you can download videos into any format you like. It supports output formats including MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, M4A, etc. The speciality of the iTubeGo is that it doesn’t reduce the quality of the original file. You can get the same quality after the conversion.

    #3 320kbps MP3 Downloader

    The most trending quality factor to download a video is to use the 320kbps, HD, or 4K video format. By using iTubeGo, you can set the output format as you required, and our recommendation is to use the 320kbps to get a high-quality result at the end.

    #4 Download Music and Audio Tracks

    iTubeGo is a multi-optional downloader where you can download videos and music together. You can download music tracks, videos, audiobooks and sound effects from different sites easily using iTubeGo.

    #5 1-Click Playlist Downloader

    Most of the downloaders available in the market doesn’t provide the capability of downloading playlists from streaming sites. Hence, the downloaders which provide the option for bulk download doesn’t offer the capability of downloading the playlist at once. Pasting the URLs one by one takes lots of time and as a solution iTubeGo has introduced new option to download the entire playlist at once just by one-click. You just need to copy the playlist URL from a streaming site and paste it the iTubeGo to start the downloading.

    #6 Support Multi-Task Download

    You can save your time by using the multi-task option in the iTubeGo. Once you set the number of tasks that should be carried out simultaneously, you can increase the download efficiency. Besides, it doesn’t affect the performance of your computer or device.

    #7 Extract YouTube Subtitles

    Once the URL is analyzed, iTubeGo can download the subtitles in any language you prefer. For that, simply you can go to setting and set the language you want to get the required output.

    #8 Faster Download Speed

    It is ten times faster than the other available online and offline tools to download and convert music files.

    Download Facebook Video on iPhone (Private or Public)

    Apple introduced its Shortcuts application a few months ago, and thanks to this app, we can run a series of previously created shortcuts that do certain things. Best of all, you can download them without having to configure anything and luckily there is a shortcut to download videos from Facebook. Once you have installed the app, you must download Facebook Video Downloader shortcut on your iPhone or iPad. Its operation is straightforward, and it also works with other social networks.

    Step 1 Log in to Facebook

    Open your Safari web browser and log in to your Facebook account by providing the necessary credentials.


    Step 2 Go to a page which has a private Facebook video

    Search for your favorite FB private video to download. Next, tap the share button and select Shortcuts.

    Step 3 Select the shortcut that we installed earlier

    Select the Facebook Video Downloader shortcut. Once the download finishes, you can check the Photos app for the downloaded file. This shortcut can be used for both the private and public videos on Facebook.

    facebook shortcuts download


    In summary, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is the best FB private video downloader that we can find in the market. Though there are several other downloaders, they can’t perform what iTubeGo offers you. Hence, our recommendation is the iTubeGo; the best private Facebook video downloader to download all your private Facebook videos.

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