Getting Start of iTubeGo YouTube Downloader for Android

March 29, 2021

    Have you ever wish that you could watch videos on your phone even when you’re not in an area with a reliable internet connection? The good news is it is possible to download YouTube videos on Android devices and save the videos permanently so that you can watch those videos without a Wi-Fi or a data connection. iTubeGo for Android is a free video/audio downloading app that allows you to download videos and music directly from the internet onto your Android devices. Now, let’s begin.

    Quick Start of Video Tutorial

    In the first part, our guide with walk you through the entire process through which you can download and install this App.

    Downloading and Installing iTubeGo for Android

    The following are the detailed steps for downloading and installing the iTubeGo App on your Android device.

    Step 1 Download iTubeGo for Android App

    First of all, you need to download iTubeGo for Android App. There are different sources through which you can get this App, but the safest way is to download it from the official website of iTubeGo. The downloading will get completed within a few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

    Step 2 Install the App to Your Android Device

    After the downloading gets completed, you’ll have to install the downloaded program to your device. If you have not allowed the installation of Apps from other sources, then you’ll need to permit it from the settings prior to start the installation of the iTubeGo App. Then, simply install the iTubeGo for Android App to your computer.

    allow to install itubego android
    install itubego android

    Step-by-step Guide of Using iTubeGo for Android

    As iTubeGo for Android comes with a built-in browser, so you don’t need to waste your precious time in copying and pasting the video links. You can download videos from YouTube and other video sharing websites and save them as mp4, mp3 files. The following are the step-by-step guide for downloading each type of multimedia file.

    Download YouTube Videos in MP4/MP3 Format Using iTubeGo

    To download YouTube videos using iTubeGo for Android, you need to follow these steps.

    Step 1 Launch iTubeGo On Your Android Device

    Once you have installed the iTubeGo App on your Android device, you can download unlimited videos/audios from your favorite websites. To download any video or audio, you have to launch the app on your device.

    itubego youtube downloader android

    Step 2 Search the Required YouTube Video in Built-in Browser

    There are various mainstream websites preloaded on the main interface of the iTubeGo App. YouTube is the most favorite website all over the world due to which it is taken to the first place. You can directly access those websites by clicking the particular icon. This app allows you to download the videos while browsing without the need to copy the video links. Just look for the required video from the built-in browser of the App.

    itubego youtube downloader android

    If you already have specific video links to download, then the following are the other two methods here:

    a) Copy the Video Link Directly

    Copy the video link directly from the website and open the app. Once you open the app, it will automatically recognize the link and pop-up a prompt box. You just have to press the Download button.

    itubego url downloader android

    b) Download Videos from Other Apps

    If you see some video or music or any other app, then you can also download that media files from iTubeGo. For instance, if you want to download video from Facebook app, then go to the particular video and press the Share button. Then select Download with iTubeGo option. The iTubeGo will start and download the file automatically.

    share facebook video download

    Step 3 Set the Output Format:

    a) Download YouTube Videos in MP4 Format

    When you have opened the required video, press the red-colored Download button located at the right bottom. Then, you’ll be given with different options to set according to your requirements. If you want to download YouTube video in mp4 format, set the Type as Video and select the Quality from the different options. You can also set Download Limit, WiFi download only, and Download on startup options here in this step.

    choose the video quality

    b) Download YouTube Videos in MP3 Format

    To download YouTube videos in mp3 format, you have to select the Type as Audio in settings. You can also change the Quality from the different given options i.e. 70kb/s, 128kb/s, 320kb/s. All the setting options are same as mentioned above.

    change the settings

    Step 4 Download YouTube MP4 Video

    After getting done with the settings, press the OK button and the downloading process will be started. First, the video will be converted into the required format and then it will automatically save to the device. You can also check all the downloaded videos in the Files section of the App.

    itubego youtube downloader android

    Download MP3 from Music Websites

    iTubeGo also act as a High-Quality music downloader and allows you to download the latest mp3 songs from the music websites. The downloading steps are the same as mentioned above. You can download videos/audios into a high-quality mp3 format with the option of selecting different qualities like 70kb/s, 128kb/s, and 320 kb/s. Now you can make unlimited numbers of ringtones, audiobooks, movie background music, and much more with iTubeGo for Android app.

    music mp3 downloader android

    Download YouTube Playlists Using iTubeGo for Android

    iTubeGo for Android is a unique app that allows you to download entire playlists from YouTube. You can download YouTube Playlists in the following steps.

    Step 1 Go to Particular YouTube Channel

    From the built-in browser of the iTubeGo App, go to the particular YouTube channel through which you want to download complete playlists.

    Step 2 Select the Playlists from the Options

    On the main page of the YouTube channel, press the Playlists and it will start showing all the playlists that are available on that channel.

    download youtube playlist android

    Step 3 Proceed to Settings

    Once you have opened the particular playlist, press the red-colored Download button. After setting the output format and quality, you will have to select the videos in Download List. To download a complete playlist, press Select All and all the videos in the playlist will be automatically selected.

    Step 4 Download YouTube Playlist

    Lastly, press Start Download and it will start downloading the videos in the playlist. You can see the conversion and downloading process in the Download section, and after the downloading gets completed, you can also check all the downloaded media in the Files section.

    Understanding the Settings

    1. Add New Websites on Homepage

    To provide direct access from the homepage of the App, various famous websites are preloaded to the homepage. You can add new websites to the list as per your requirements. To add any new website, follow these steps.

    • Go to the homepage of the App and press the Add button in the Other Sites section.
    • Then enter the title of your choice for the website.
    • After entering the title, paste the URL of the website.
    • Once you have put the site’s details, press the OK button and the new website will be added to the list.
    itubego youtube downloader android bookmark

    2. Bookmark Favorite Video / Music Links:

    If you want to keep your favorite video and music files at your fingertips, iTubeGo provides you the option to bookmark those music/video links.  To avail this feature, you need to go to the particular video from the built-in browser of the App and press the Bookmark button located at the top right side of the screen. Then, you’ll be given with the option to review the title and URL of the video. Finally, press the OK button to add the video link to the bookmarks.

    bookmark websites

    3. Check for App Updates:

    iTubeGo is an App, which always tries to provide the best possible solution to the users. And that’s why the company keeps on updating its features and services. You should check for the updates regularly. For this, press the three-lined button located at the top left side of the App. Then, press Check for updates and the latest version will be given to install. If you already have the latest version, then it will be notified to you.

    check  for update

    4. Smart Link Detection:

    Unlike other downloading tools, iTubeGo has unique features to provide the downloading experience in the simplest possible way. It has Smart Link Detection feature, which automatically detects the media file of the link and instantly download the file. You don’t have to separately paste the video links, as, whenever you copy any video/audio link, it will automatically process the link on opening the App. What makes it more special is that you can also share media from different apps using this feature.

    5. Manage Download Tasks:

    When you initiate the downloading of any video/music with iTubeGo, it provides you the option to manage the downloading tasks during the process. You can check the status of downloading files in the Download section and even can stop, pause or resume the tasks from here.

    itubego youtube downloader android downloading

    6. Manage Downloaded Files:

    iTubeGo for Android App also comes with a file manager that will enable you to manage all the downloaded files remaining within the App. You can see all the downloaded videos/music in the Files section. It also allows you to search, play, sort, or delete any downloaded file with this App.

    manage files

    The Bottom Line:

    This user guide is intended to provide all the information to get started with the iTubeGo for Android. Now, you can easily use every feature of this efficient App. If you still have any queries, send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll promptly reply to you.

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    • Avatarrenee

      I want to download music

      • AvatarSharon

        Our app enables you to download music from YouTube or other music streaming sites.

    • AvatarPiyush

      The video is downloaded in the app itself, but it ain’t available in phone gallery or files manager, so not able to use it. Help with that please.

      • AvatarSharon


        You can check your downloaded videos in the file manager. There is a folder named iTubeGo, which contains the files you downloaded.

        • AvatarKeith

          I checked the itubego folder for videos. NONE.

          Storage permissions are granted.

          I see the video in the app in the Files area, but nothing downloads. Also, from inside the app the downloaded video will not play.

          • iTubegoiTubego

            Dear Customer,
            You can send your error screenshot to our support at [email protected]. We will help you.

    • AvatarTim

      It will be perfect that iTubeGo includes an option to save to SD card.

      • AvatarSharon

        Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider your suggestion.

    • AvatarPhorgen

      Ich benutze die app für beinahe alle Browseraktion und würde mich freuen wenn das Drehen des Bildschirm unterstützt werden würde.

    • AvatarJonathan

      The turnig Feature from Android doesn’t work with itubego. I use itubego as my Browser, so it is somtimes very nervy

      • AvatarSharon

        Thank you for your support, we will resolve it as soon as possible.

    • AvatarVishwajeet

      After the last update, 320kbps mp3 download not working…

      • AvatarSharon

        Dear Customer,
        You can send your error screenshot to our support at [email protected]. We will help you.

    • AvatarAlistair Dreyer

      Hi downloaded your app today. Followed instructions to a T.
      1. Im downloading from YouTube playlist for the whole day so far.
      2. Errors appear every few seconds
      3, Videos dont wanna play only sound coming through.

    • AvatarSharon

      It keeps saying download failed because I have to sign in to verify my age which I am signed in to YouTube. What is the problem?

    • Avatarblue

      i already buy 1 month plan but i got message to buy it again knowing that i didn’t copy the code and not registered yet. I am trying to send you a message to this mail
      ([email protected]) but it’s failed
      thank you

      • AvatarAmanda


        I tested your registration code and there is no problem. Our technicians will contact you immediately.

    • AvatarNaresh


      Everything is good ….
      But when i downloadibg from playlists its not coming add numbering to videos

      I want download videos with proper order only i.e only possible numbering to videos

      Please provide numbering to playlist videos

      • AvatarAmanda

        Dear Naresh,

        When you download the playlist, please make sure to check the option to add a serial number. Then your video will be in a separate playlist folder, with a serial number before each file name.
        Our support team will contact you, Please pay attention to the mail.


    • Avatarwww

      Can you add subtitle download and segment download? It’s troublesome to have orders every time

      • AvatarAmanda

        Dear Customer,
        Currently iTubeGo supports subtitle downloading, you can select the option to automatically download subtitles in the settings.
        The proposal of segment download is very good, we will seriously consider it.
        Thanks for your support.

    • AvatarAniq Abbasi

      It does not download any video from any website . This is due to 429 error. What I do . Please provide me guide to run it smoothly. Thanks

      • AvatarAmanda

        We will fix this problem in the next version.
        You can also use our desktop software, the latest version of the built-in browser downloader allows you to download videos without 429 problem.

    • AvatarNandkishor

      YouTube videos are not downloading for an Android Mobile..
      It takes too much time for buffering as well…
      Fix this issues as soon as possible..

      • AvatarAmanda

        Sorry for the inconvenience. Please confirm that your APP has been upgraded to the latest version. If you still cannot download, send a screenshot of the error message to [email protected]. We will have someone to help you.

    • AvatarUdechukwu

      I want to change m preferred storage location to my memory card but it is not working. Help needed

      • AvatarAmanda

        Please update to the latest version and try again. If you still have problems, please send error screenshots or a detailed system version to [email protected].

    • AvatarMedisen Makiwa

      ItubeGo is a superb app. The only problem comes when converting some downloaded videos to best quality. What’s the option for downloading videos as they are so I don’t have to wait longer for conversion processes since our network is rather slow there.

      • AvatarAmanda

        You can set the appropriate quality you want in the “Preferences”.
        Any problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

    • AvatarAsit

      This app nice but, video download phone store not sd card why????

      • AvatarAmanda

        Please make sure your App version is the latest one then set your “Download location” to your SD card folder in settings.
        If you still can’t work, please contact our support team at [email protected]. Our guys will help you. Thanks!

    • AvatarJude Idebaneria

      Love the way itubego app is heading..please add ability to download images, pip mode,adblocker i`ll give 100% . Well done guys!

      • AvatarAmanda

        Thank you for your support, we will seriously consider your suggestions.

    • Avatarwww

      YouTube cannot download subtitles

      • AvatarAmanda

        Please upgrade to the latest version. It has been fixed in V4.2.6.

    • AvatarMd Asad Chowdhary

      Thanks, this is best. Wish you will make it superb.

    • AvatarRajusarvaiyaraju

      Video 4k

      • AvatarAmanda

        You can choose best to download the highest quality video. However, we do not recommend downloading 4K on a mobile phone, because this requires a relatively high-performance mobile phone to play, which will take up a large amount of memory.

    • AvatarSamuel

      Can you please add cover art and editing tags for downloads

      • iTubegoiTubego

        If there is Cover in the source file you download, iTubeGo will automatically obtain it and download it. If you want to edit tags, I recommend you to use TidyTag, it can help you.

    • AvatarFreek Van Assche

      decent app no annoying ‘in your face’ overload of ads, if i have to give some points to work on i would say the interface doesnt look so good on tablet/chromebook, and sometimes it blocks when giving to much tasks but thats probably my slow probably my processor…

      and i would like a dark mode interface, but good work bros thumbs up

      • iTubegoiTubego

        thanks for your comment and have fun with this app.

    • AvatarJustin

      The app doesn’t work. It started to download but stopped halfway and never started back. It says loading, but no progress in over 10 hours.

      • iTubegoiTubego

        Dear Customer,
        You can send your error screenshot to our support at [email protected]. We will help you.

    • AvatarEster

      I installed iTubego (Version 1.5.8) on my phone and on my tablet.
      When trying to download a playlist from YT, the App keeps loading (red circle revolving in white square) without any result.
      (single videos work)
      How to fix this?
      Many thanks.

      • iTubegoiTubego

        Dear Customer,
        You can send your error screenshot to our support at [email protected]. We will help you.

    • AvatarDorothy

      All the videos I downloaded when I click on them in the files section it says “Error playing video”.

      • iTubegoiTubego

        Dear Customer,
        Maybe your player cannot support the video format that you download, you can play the videos by using vlc player.

    • AvatarSaki

      After Downloaded Video, Video Not Showing In Video Folder Only Mp4 File store in mp3 folder

      • iTubegoiTubego

        Dear Customer,
        You can send your error screenshot to our support at [email protected]. We will help you.

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