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Viable YTD Downloader Alternatives, Software Similar to YTD

September 2, 2021

    There are a lot of software options available when it comes to downloading videos from the internet, especially YouTube. YTD has been the go-to downloader for a lot of people for a long time, but it has its own problems. The software offers very limited functionality in the free version and the paid version is unreasonably overpriced. That makes people look for YTD downloader alternatives that can do all that YTD could do. YTD is also down for a short time. It is not completely dead but it does run into errors more often than it should. The purpose of this text is to introduce some alternative to YTD downloader to you that have the best functions and none of the limitations of YTD. Before we start with the alternatives, let’s have a detailed look on the features and functionalities of YTD downloader.

    YTD Downloader

    Comprehensive YTD Video Downloader Review

    Before we start off with an in-depth review of YTD Downloader, here’s what Techradar has to say about it and we think their word is credible:

    “It’s not the most powerful free video downloader around, but for grabbing the occasional clip, this little program is a great choice. Its file converter and cutting tools are welcome additions.” – Techradar

    Introduction of YTD Downloader

    Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10; Mac OSx 10.6~10.12

    The main functions of YTD Downloader have three parts: downloader, converter and player. Let’s see how YTD Downloader does in the fields of features, UI, speed and price.

    #1. Features


    YTD Downloader comes as free and paid software. Both the paid and the free version can download single videos from a number of websites, but the free version does not support downloading playlists. The free version can only entertain a single URL at a time, and you have to add each URL separately.

    There are also restrictions on the download format. You can only download MP4 YouTube videos for free, and the highest video quality is 1080P. This is sufficient for playback without HD requirements. However, the free version always has a lot of irritating limitations. When you use the free YTD Downloader to download, you need to wait for 30 seconds of advertisements before starting the download process. The download speed is very slow, you can only pay to speed it up, otherwise you will waste a lot of time on this useless downloader.

    Local conversion

    YTD Downloader has a built-in media converter, which allows you to batch convert videos in various formats. But the free version only supports 6 formats: mp3, mov, wmv, 3gp, avi, and mp3. And you can only convert single video at a time. It provides a simple video cutter to trim video clips by setting the video start and end time.


    YTD Downloader offers you the option of playing videos within the app. This player is relatively concise, the window is a bit too small and not practical, it can only be used to preview media after dowload or conversion. If you want to watch movies or listen to songs, it is not professional and the viewing experience is not good. It is recommended to watch it in other playback destinations such as VLC.


    #2. Speed

    The free version of YTD is painfully slow. We tried downloading a 6-minute video in 1080p resolution using the free version and the progress was at 0% even after an hour. It is safe to say that this thing is slow to the point where you just can’t use it.

    #3. Interface

    The interface itself is designed to be simple and easy to use. However, the free version is plagued with tricky ads that want you to buy the premium version of the software.

    #4. User Experience

    This software has an overall user experience. It is easy to operate and can do the same thing as the other video downloaders in the same way. You only need to copy and paste the video URL to YTD Downloader, select the quality and file save path, click the “download” button. All download processes can be viewed in the Activity tab.


    #5. Pricing

    The trial version of the software is free but as stated earlier it is too slow and ad-ridden to use. If you want to take the advantage of all the features YTD Downloader offers, you’ll need to buy the premium version that has three billing options.

    • Free Trial
    • $9.99/month
    • $17.94/6 months
    • $23.88/year

    In order to make it easy for you to see objectively what YTD Downloader can and cannot do, here’s a tabular analysis of the functionality of the free and the paid version of YTD:

    Features YTD Free YTD Premium
    Single Video Download
    Playlist Download
    Multiple Video Download
    Video Conversion options 6 formats
    Bacth Conversion
    Trim Videos
    Download Speed Considerably Slow 4x Faster
    Advertisements Free
    Lifetime Support

    The Best YTD Downloader Alternative

    If YTD Downloader is not working for you or is not producing the results you need, here are some options that you can consider using instead of YTD Downloader.

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is a video downloader designed to work with Windows as well as Mac computers. This software has revolutionized the very concept of downloading stuff from the internet by giving the users all the functionality that they might need from a video downloader. It works for more than 10,000 websites and has a set of amazing features. This downloader is easy to use and seldom runs into errors. It also has a free Android app which can be used to download videos on Android. Here are some of the pros and cons of this software.

    Pros Cons
    • It can work with any website.
    • It downloads content at 10x faster speeds.
    • It supports more than 40 audio and video formats.
    • It can download playlists in one command.
    • It supports batch download and conversion.
    • It has the ability to download in 8 k resolution.
    • Like any other software, you would need to install it on your computer.

    Steps to Use iTubeGo to Download Videos

    Step 1 Download and Install iTubeGo’s Latest Version

    Download it for Windows or Mac from below links:

    Step 2 Find the Video and Get its URL

    Now open the video you want to download in a web browser and copy the URL of the video from the address bar. The URL is a unique identifier of any video on the internet.

    Copy URL

    Step 3 Set Output Preferences

    Open iTubeGo and go to the Preferences section to set the format and resolution for downloading the video.Set the Download type from Video or Audio and resolution options from 240p to 8k. You can also choose among a range of 40 different formats from the “Download then Convert to” option on the main interface of the software.

    Set Output Preferences

    Step 4 Paste the Already Copied Video Link

    After everything is tuned up to your taste, click the button saying “Paste URL.” This will add the URL to the software and the download process will begin automatically.

    Paste URL

    Step 5 Download the Video on Your Desktop

    After the video has been downloaded, you can access it through the Downloaded section of the software. You can also go to the downloaded video through the file explorer on your Windows or Mac computer.


    Another Way to Download YouTube Videos

    Step 1 Open Videos in Build-in Browser

    iTubeGo’s “Online” section is a built-in browser, open the YouTube website here, search or find the channels you subscribe to. Play the video.


    Step 2 Download YouTube Video without Copying and Pasting

    The download button will appear at the bottom right of the video, click it to start the download process immediately, you can check it in the Downloading section. Of course, a simple YouTube video cutting tool is also provided here.

    Download YouTube Video

    More Alternatives of YTD Downloader

    Alternative For Windows:
    There is no shortage of any software when it comes to downloading videos on Windows computers. However, not all of the options work equally well. Here are some of the best alternatives for YTD that you can use on Windows computers. See best YouTube Downloaders for Windows.

    Alternative For Mac:
    The Mac market does not have such an abundance of software solutions as the Windows does but you can still find some great YTD alternatives that can serve the purpose. You can see some of the best YouTube Downloader for Mac which can alternative to YTD.

    Alternative For Android:
    The android app environment gets very creative, but the Play Store keeps removing video downloading apps due to legal issues. However, you can always install an app via an APK. Here are some of the best YouTube Downloader apps you can use instead of YTD on your Android device.

    Alternative Online Tools: If you do not want to install software to be able to download videos from the internet, there are some online alternatives that you can use. Here’s our article on the best online free YouTube Downloader for YTD alternative video downloaders.

    Comparison of YTD Video Downloader and Alternatives

    The only alternative of YTD that is worth a one-on-one comparison with YTD Video Downloader is iTubeGo. Both have free as well as paid versions. Let’s see how these two competitors stack up to each other.

    iTubeGo YTD Downloader
    Free Version
    Single video downloads 3 Unlimited
    Playlist downloads 1  –
    Music downloads 3  –
    Video subtitles download  –
    Private content download  –
    Output formats mp4, mp3 mp4
    Video Quality 240P~8K 144P~1080P
    Audio Quality 320kbps  –
    Downlaod speed 512kbps Not clear, very slow
    Simultaneous downloads  –
    Local Converter 20+ formats 6 formats
    Butild-in Browser  –
    YouTube Cutter  –
    Player  –
    Media Management  –
    Build-in Proxy  –
    Advertisements Free  –
    Multiple Downloads
    YouTube Channel downloads  –
    Output formats 20+ 7
    Download Speed 10X, tubo-fast mode 4X
    Free Upgrade
    Free Support
    Price 1-month plan: $9.95
    1-year plan: $19.95
    Lifetime plan: $29.95
    Family plan: $39.95
    1-month plan: $9.99
    6-month plan: $17.94
    1-year plan: $23.88

    The Bottom Line:

    YTD Downloader has always been a very good video downloader that people loved to use. However, in the recent past, this downloader has become increasingly unreliable and people need an alternative. One of the major problems with YTD is that its free version is not practically usable. It is just too slow and too out of options to be used as a downloader. The price of the premium version is also a bit too steep for the functionality it offers and according to the other options available on the market. There are alternatives available for this software that you can use on Windows, Mac, or Android Devices or you can use the online solutions mentioned above. The best alternative in our opinion is the iTubeGo YouTube downloader that offers the best-in-class features and options and the most flexibility in formats and resolutions for the download.

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    • Avatar Shawn Cooper says:

      Sadly, YTD downloader is not working on my pc since yesterday. I’ve been struggling to look for an alternative to it aside from to download videos from yt. Fortunately, found this article and somehow iTubeGo save me from the hassle. Thank you very much!