Top 10 Best Free YouTube Downloader for Mac OS 10.14

January 14, 2021

    You don’t need to keep on searching for a YouTube downloader for mac OS, because we have decided to give you a hand and show you a top 10 best free YouTube downloader for mac available so far.

    We have tried all of these options so we can offer you the most sincere and accurate review of each one. All you have to do now is read our reviews, and choose the best free YouTube downloader for mac.

    1. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader For Mac

    This is one of our favorite options so far, not only because it respects your privacy and the security of your personal information, so you are 100% sure your information is safe after installing it and while downloading anything from YouTube or any other website with a video.

    Here are some of the features about iTubeGo:

    • Easy to install and a very intuitive platform
    • Allows you to download YouTube playlists, songs, and videos.
    • Download any audio or video file on more than 1000 sites
    • The quality of the download can be chosen, but they all have default 4K full HD settings
    • Works 10x faster than many other downloaders
    • Multiple downloads allowed
    • Convert any video to any format you want
    • Access to an in-app proxy setup

    Besides, with iTubeGo you can download YouTube videos with their subtitles included! All these features make it the best YouTube downloader for Mac OS 10.14.

    youtube video downloaded

    You can download iTubeGo YouTube Downloader software and then install it on your computer, just click here for User Guide.

    2. iFunia YouTube Downloader

    iFunia YouTube Downloader offers a video converter, mediaplayer, and YouTube downloader for MacOS 10.10, but the three options are offer separately. Instead of having the three options in one single download, you have to download them separately and that takes away the joy.


    • Many users satisfied even with the free version
    • Batch download


    • You only get 3 free downloads
    • It’s not really that fast
    ifunia youtube downloader for mac

    3. MacX YouTube Downloader

    Here’s one of the oldest YouTube downloader for mac, but also one of the most expensive ones out there. Don’t get us wrong, for many of you it may worth the money (between $30 to $50), but even though Mac X works really well, it has the same issue iFunia has: it all has to be download separately, and each software costs money. Here you can download videos from many video platform, get a DVD video converter, a transfer software to backup mac information, DVD rippers, video converters, and more. However, as we said, each softwares costs more than $30, so you may want to keep on searching before choosing this option.


    • Fastest download speed.


    • Clunky interface
    • Little expensive
    macx youtube downloader

    4. Apowersoft Video Downloader

    Another complete option if you are searching for the best YouTube downloader for Mac is Apowersoft. This website has at least 30 different options related to YouTube downloaders and video converters for mac. But many of their options you can find them for free somewhere else on the net. Apowersoft is a very complete option and has many offers, but their prices may not be very attractive. Their video converter, for example, has many attractive options, but a license of almost $80 may be a little too much for what you have in mind.


    • Includes a screen recorder function
    • Has a mirror function to share videos from one device to many others


    • Not so much for large files
    • Paid app after short 3-day trial
    apowersoft video downloader

    5. 5KPlayer

    We had a great time with 5KPlayer, it’s one of the simplest and most economic options for those looking for a YouTube downloader for mac. It allows you to download videos, convert them, and edit them. One of the coolest functions we found is the possibility to flip the video and to add subtitles. Then again, it has so many options for you that, if you are only looking for a YouTube downloader for mac, well, this might be too much. If you have to pay for a software you should make sure you will use at least half it’s tools, and if you want to keep it simple, 5KPlayer may not be the one for you.


    • Capable of playing a variety of audio formats


    • Can not download in bathes
    5kplayer downloader for mac

    6. Aimersoft YouTube Downloader

    We love Airmersoft’s security measures, it even tells you when you are downloading a suspicious file, which is something very important for your online security these days. It’s great to download and convert those old DVDs you have stock at home, and it also allows you to convert many video files. However, it also sells every software separately, and it could become more expensive than you originally thought.


    • Support various video download and convert to many formats


    • Users complain about issues with installation process
    aimersoft YouTube downloader

    7. Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader

    At the beginning you have 5 free downloads from YouTube, but you can only download videos and music from other sites if you pay the pro version. The free version is not very complete; besides those 5 downloads you can use it as a video player and wireless transfer device. Despite this minor inconvenient, we believe the pro version of Wondershare is almost as good as the one iTubeGo has, and all its features come all in one.


    • Simple interface, ability to download playlists


    • The free version is incredibly limited so you have to pay
    Wondershare YouTube Downloader

    8. YTD Video Downloader

    You have probably used the old YTD version to download YouTube videos before. Even though nowadays the free version is quite limited, we still believe it’s one of the best YouTube downloader for mac until now. It has a very intuitive platform, but it’s honestly not the fastest downloader you can get. If you pay for the pro version you can download videos from many other video sites, TikTok and Facebook included.


    • It can be a converter or player.


    • Can not download or convert in batches.
    YTD Video Downloader

    9. ClipGrab

    This YouTube downloader for mac has potential, but we are not very convinced about its performance yet. It basically converts videos to different formats and downloads files from YouTube and other video platforms, but it is very slow and not so comfortable to use. For example, it would be great if it had a smartphone option, but it only works on windows and mac, so all video transfers must be done manually. The good part is you can do so without synchronizing your iTunes library. You can read more how on their site.


    • YouTube video search


    • It is very slow
    clipgrab downloader

    10. iTube Downloader

    Finally, you can trust iTube Downloader for simple YouTube downloads. Its free version is very simple, but it gets the job done, even though is not as fast as it could. This software is quite intuitive and easy to use, but to download videos in 4K or add subtitles, you will have to buy the pro version, which is very cheap and totally recommended. If you would like to read more reviews before choosing your YouTube downloader for mac, you can check this post from Eltimia Publishing.


    • Download in batches


    • Slow download speed


    We have selected the 10 best YouTube video downloaders for Mac on 2021, including pro versions and free versions. Now give us your feedback. What do you think of this list? Have we missed the fast and meaningful tool you like? What is your secret solution? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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