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4 Helpful Methods to Download YouTube MP3 on Computer/Phone

May 24, 2021

    Downloading mp3 from YouTube is very simple. On the Internet, you have a countless number of methods to download songs and music from YouTube. Since it hosts millions of videos, many users use YouTube to discover and listen to music. If you are one of them and would like to save a copy of the mp3 of the songs from these videos on your computer, we have brought you the 4 helpful methods to download YouTube videos and convert them to mp3.

    How to Download YouTube MP3 on PC/Mac

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is one of the most popular websites to download videos from YouTube. It is 10 times faster than the other available online and offline tools to download and convert videos. Its interface is very clean, and it will not be difficult for you to get the audio from any YouTube video. Apart from downloading videos, users can download YouTube playlist to mp3. To convert the videos, you don’t require any additional software, unlike in most other cases. iTubeGo provides a 2 in 1 software package where you can download and convert at the same time.

    You can download the latest version from here.

    Key Features

    • Supports more than 10000 streaming sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram etc.
    • Download entire YouTube playlist at once with a single click
    • Can convert videos to many output formats, including MP3
    • 10x faster than other YouTube to mp3 converter online
    • Supports 2K, 4K and 8K resolutions

    How to Download Youtube Video to MP3

    Step 1 Now you need to have a video link to download through the iTubeGo. For that, go to and search for your video. Once you find it, copy its video URL. To copy the playlist URL, you can right-click on the playlist and select the Copy link address. Then it will be copied to your clipboard.

    copy youtube video url

    Step 2 Next, open the iTubeGo software and click on the setting icon in the top right corner of the home window. In the popup window, you need to set the video format like mp3 and the required quality. After that, click on the Apply button to apply the changes.

    setting mp3 itubego

    Step 3 Once the settings applied, click on the Paste URL button in the home window to download the video. iTubeGo will analyze the video URL and start to download the video.

    paste youtube video url

    Step 4 After the downloading process completes, you can find your song in the download folder.

    download youtube to mp3 itubego

    Note: More Youtube to mp3 converters, you can click here.

    How to Download YouTube Video to MP3 Online

    If you find a YouTube downloader online that can save and convert any YouTube video to MP3 and MP4 format without going through hoops, you can try It is also a good free downloader that you can download YouTube videos easily. What we found when we tested it using numerous videos is consistency in terms of speed. The download speeds were fast, even for very large videos. The fact that there are no annoying popup ads is a plus for this online YouTube to MP3 converter.

    How to Download Youtube to MP3 Online

    1. Go to and find a video that you want to download. Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar.
    2. Then go to the website. Hover over the video URL box and hit ‘Ctrl-V’ to paste the copied address.
    3. Click the Convert button and wait few seconds until the video is processed and converts to the required format.
    4. Finally, you can download directly through the Download button or save it to dropbox through the Dropbox button.
    download youtube mp3 online

    To find best online YouTube video downloaders, you can check our article on 10 best free online YouTube downloaders.

    How to Download YouTube MP3 on Android

    iTubeGo for Android is a free video/audio downloader APK, which will help users download mp3, mp4 from 1000+ video/music sites, such as Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud and more. You can download the APK from here:

    The steps to download Youtube MP3 Android:

    1. The first thing is to download and install the iTubeGo into your Android device.
    2. Once the app installed on your device, open it to start downloading the video. Once you open the app, you will see a set of video streaming sites that support iTubeGo.
    3. In iTubeGo, there are two ways to download the video. This app has a built-in browser to search the video using the search bar, or you can head to YouTube and copy the video link using the share option. Once the link is copied, paste it to the search bar of the app. By using, either way, you can download the video.
    4. After pasting the YouTube video link, you should set the audio’s quality and format. The can be set up to 320kbps according to the user’s requirement.
    5. Once everything is set, click on the download button to download the mp3 file into your device.
    download youtube to mp3 itubego

    How to Download YouTube MP3 on iPhone

    To download YouTube to MP3 on the iPhone, you have to go to the App Store and download and install the Documents by Readdle app.

    download youtube mp3 android

    The steps to download video from Youtube to MP3 on iPhone:

    1. After installing the Documents by Readdle app, then open its built-in browser and search for the website with the given URL. Once you reach the homepage of the, you can use it to download the YouTube to MP3.
    2. To start the download, you need to have the video URL copied to your clipboard. For that, head on to and find a suitable video to download. Once you find that, copy its URL and return to and paste it in the search bar.
    3. After pasting the link, site will automatically analyze the video, then click on the Download button, and it will be download to your Document app Download folder.
    download youtube mp3 iphone

    FAQ About Youtube to MP3

    1. Is it illegal to download YouTube video to mp3?

    Yes, it is illegal to download YouTube videos, although many times it also depends on the laws of your country; however, for Google, downloading videos from the platform is prohibited, but it is ok if you don’t use it to create a video or share on Youtube.

    2. What are the formats of downloading YouTube videos?

    You can download YouTube videos in various formats like MP4, MPEG, AVI, and many more. You can even convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file.

    3. What is the highest audio quality supported by YouTube to mp3 converter?

    320 kbps is the highest quality if we download MP3 music from YouTube to mp3 converter.

    4. What are the advantages of YouTube to mp3 converter?

    • Allow you convert video to MP3 file.
    • You can download any Youtube video with ease.
    • Help you convert multiple file in batch
    • Download video by pasting & coping url.

    5. What are the best YouTube to mp3 converters for mac?

    • iTubeGo YouTube Downloader
    • 5KPlayer
    • MediaHuman
    • AllmyTube
    • Flvto
    • Wondershare UniConverter

    6. What are the best YouTube to mp3 converters on Android?

    • iTubeGo for Android
    • YouMP34
    • Syncios YouTube Downloader
    • Peggo
    • MP3 Converter for Android

    7. How to download the YouTube playlist to mp3?

    1. Copy the playlist URL from Youtube
    2. Next, open the iTubeGo software and set the output format as MP3
    3. Once the settings are applied, click on the Paste URL button
    4. After the downloading process completes, you can find all your MP3 videos in the download folder.

    Note: More detailed steps about download youtube playlist to mp3, please check here.

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