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Spotify Music Recorder: Top 7 Best Spotify Recorder for Mac & Windows

August 12, 2020

    This is a list of 7 proven Spotify recorders.

    These music recorders can make your Spotify music recording and download really convenient.

    And in this guide, we will list the basic information, pros, and cons of every tool for your reference. Let’s dive right in.

    Note: While you have to record the songs one by one with these Spotify recorders, which may significantly increase the time it takes to download the songs. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to use a Spotify downloader instead. In this situation, we recommend Musify Spotify downloader here.

    1. Audacity Free

    Audacity is a well known Spotify music recorder for the beginners that allow the DJ’s, singers and producers to record their music audio by using the microphones and then they can use the Audacity’s tools to edit the audio according to their needs. There is a wide range of tools through which you can make your audio recording really awesome. 

    You can also use this tool to record the music form Spotify, but you must need to set it perfectly. This tool is quite easy to record Spotify’s music. To do so, you just simply need to change the audio input from your monitor and then it will straightforwardly start to record the audio music from Spotify. You do not need to get worried about the quality because this music recorder will not compromise on the quality of audio. 



    • User-Friendly interface that is really easy to download, install and use
    • You can easily save and rename the files name in your windows or mac
    • Will not compromise on quality
    • Free to use
    • Best for the beginners


    • It needs to plug-in first when you need to export your recording into MP3 format
    • Sometimes can become a cause of loss in recorded music

    2. Codeplex Spotify Recorder Free

    This Software is specially designed to record Spotify music which is really easy to use. A person developed this software for his personal use such as to record the music form Spotify and to enjoy that recorded music in his car. But after few time this program starts to get popularity, it contacts directly with the soundcard of a computer that starts to record the sound in high quality and then adds the information of a track to the song automatically. You do not need to pay any cost to install and download this music recorder. Unfortunately, CodePlex was shut down on March 31, 2017, so the software has not been updated for a long time.

    Codeplex Spotify Recorder


    • It has the ability to record form the soundcard directly 
    • It can automatically add the information of a track which is its best feature


    • The software can’t be able to delete the advertisement form recorded music
    • Hard to install and use on windows 8.
    • The software has not been updated for a long time

    3. Replay Music Payware

    Replay Music is another Best Spotify Music Recorder that provides you with an opportunity to record high-quality Spotify music efficiently. This program has no restriction to record any video directly from Spotify.

    They always try to provide the best services and features to their users for online recording of Spotify music. It has contained a user-friendly interface that the user can easily understand.

    This is the main reason that people feel really satisfied after using this software on their mac or windows computers. This tool has a great ability to identify the 30 millions of songs and can easily edit the song’s information.

    Replay Music


    • While using this software, you can record from different websites
    • Can easily find and delete the silence within music tracks
    • Easy to understand and use


    • This application is supported only by few web browsers
    • Sometimes it records music only for the 10 seconds and then suddenly stops the recording

    4. Aimersoft Music Recorder Payware

    The Aimersoft Company developed this software, especially to record the Spotify music and also the music of other streaming websites. This software has the ability to record high-quality music from different music streaming websites. It can provide you with great features that you may never get in any other music recording software. The developers are still working on it and trying to make it even more superb. The company promises its users to give them high-quality music recording software, and they are trying to fulfill it. 

    Aimersoft Music Recorder


    • No restrictions to record the tracks form several music streaming websites
    • The user can even record the music from online Radio stations


    • Sometimes it suddenly stops working due to program crashing issue 
    • The overall quality is not too good yet

    5. Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder Payware

    It is another great music recorder with some great and high-quality features that allow a user to record the music form Spotify or some other streaming websites. It can easily detect the information about a track and can split the audio recording into multiple files as well. It has contained on a built-in Radio Search that allows a user to search your favorite Radio Station according to location, genre or station name. 

    Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder


    • It can easily capture the streaming audio
    • User can choose multiple file formats


    • Some options are not really easy to find or understand
    • Its share option can only share the link instead of a soundtrack

    6. Spytify Free

    Spytify is a program that can be used to record music from Spotify. It is a free, open source tool which works by splitting the song into separate tracks and records them to MP3. The process also extrapolates the ID3 tags of the song including the name of the artists, song title and album.



    • It is free to use
    • It accurately gets ID3 tags for each recorded song
    • The quality of the recorded spotify song is good
    • It doesn’t have ads


    • It only works on Windows OS
    • It will not works for the Spotify browser player
    • It doesn’t support other music streaming sites
    • The interface needs significant improvement

    7. Audials One Payware

    Audials One is another great tool when you want to record music from Spotify. This Windows program records Spotify at 15 times the speed of any other recorder and supports numerous other music and video streaming sites.

    Audials One


    • It can record music, videos, series and podcasts from various sites
    • It is ideal for batch recording
    • Records music and videos from numerous streaming sites


    • It can be a little bit difficult to use particularly for beginners


    Well, after reading this article, you must be able to choose a perfect Spotify Music Recorder for your Mac or Windows. These are 7 best software, specially designed to record the music tracks from Spotify or even from other websites of music streaming. So, what are you waiting for let’s install and enjoy the music.

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