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How to Download Spotify Podcasts to Mp3 for Offline Listening

Spotify has more than a million podcasts available for its users, and most users can find their favorite type of podcasts on Spotify. While you may be enjoying them online, you would have felt a need to get Spotify podcast download to your device. If you are looking to download Spotify podcasts to Mp3, then … learn more


March 17, 2021

How to Share Spotify Song on Instagram Story

Spotify is a go to music streaming site for millions of people globally and has a playlist for every mood. You can find various artists and songs you love on Spotify. Sometimes you like a playlist and want to share it with your friends on social media, so you can share it to Instagram story … learn more


March 16, 2021

How to Download Spotify Songs to SD Card

As Spotify users, we understand that there are some songs which are your current favorites and you want to download them for listening in an offline mode. Spotify Premium account allows you to download any song to your device but with new releases every time we keep on adding our new favorites to our playlist. … learn more


March 15, 2021

Easy Guide to Add Spotify Music to Camtasia as BGM

If you are a Camtasia user, you most probably add catchy music as BGM in your Camtasia videos to make it more appealing to the audience. And for that, what platform can be better to search for music than Spotify. However, if you are looking to add Spotify music to Camtasia, you might be coming … learn more


March 14, 2021

Best Way to Add Spotify Music to PowerPoint

Adding music to your PowerPoint presentations definitely has a different kind of appeal. It keeps the audience entertained even if they are not interested in your presentation. Are you one of those people who would like to add Spotify music to PowerPoint presentations but are not exactly sure as to how you can carry out … learn more


March 13, 2021

4 Best Spotify Downloader Chrome Extension

With huge libraries and diversified music content, Spotify is everyone’s favorite. Now, obviously when one listens to their favorite music online, they think that it would be more convenient for them if they just download the music to their devices. If you are one of those people who are looking for Spotify downloader chrome or … learn more


February 25, 2021

How to Download Spotify to M4A on Windows/Mac/Android

It is not fair to pay $9.99 a month that you cannot store the Spotify songs on your device in the format of your choice. On top of all that, this option can only enable you to save the songs to your mobile device and not your computer. We have the method that you can … learn more


September 27, 2020

How to Convert Spotify to AAC on Windows/Mac/Android

If you are looking to listen to the latest music from your favorite artists in the best audio quality there is, Spotify is the service you need to use. It has a vast collection of music from all the famous artists. However, Spotify works with the internet. All the songs are streamed live. If you … learn more


September 25, 2020

How to Download and Convert Spotify to FLAC without Loss

We’ll introduce you to a Spotify to FLAC converter software that you can use to convert Spotify songs to FLAC without loss. Let’s get into the topic. Tools You Required: Musify Music Downloader is a music downloader designed to download music from any website from the internet that has audio and video content on it … learn more


September 2, 2020

How to Convert Spotify to WAV

108 million people use Spotify, which costs just a shade under 10 bucks a month for premium subscription. With the premium subscription, you can save songs to the android or iOS app of Spotify for offline playback but can’t share or transfer the songs to other devices. If you want to convert Spotify to WAV, … learn more


September 1, 2020