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Top 10 Best SoundCloud Downloader Online Software (2021 Update)

September 6, 2021

    Soundcloud is the favorite music platform for a lot of music lovers, especially due to the cover songs available on it. But it only runs online, and you need to have an internet connection to listen to songs on Soundcloud. It does not allow users to download the songs to their device.

    If you are looking for a Soundcloud Downloader Online solution or need to know how to download Soundcloud songs to your mobile device or computer, this article is the ultimate guide to that. We will be introducing all the Soundcloud Downloader Online Free options that you can use in this text.

    Best 10 SoundCloud Downloader Online Free

    The internet has no shortage of video and audio download software. However, not all of them work equally well. We have compiled the list of 10 of the top SoundCloud downloader online free solutions and they are the following:

    2. KlickAud
    3. SoundCloud To
    4. ScloudDownloader
    5. ForHub.IO
    6. SingleMango
    7. SoundCloud Mp3 Downloader
    9. YTMP3
    10. DVDFab

    1. KeepVid.Pro

    KeepVid is one of the best online solutions for downloading stuff from the internet. It might just be the best online video and audio download solution. It works with all the major audio and video websites like YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and others and makes downloading audio tracks and videos very easy. For downloading any Soundcloud song using this online downloader, you just need to copy the song URL and paste it into the KeepVid website and then click the download button.



    • This website supports more than 1,000 websites.
    • It supports video download in MP4 and audio download in MP3 format.
    • It has a very straightforward and convenient to use UI.
    • You can use this website totally free.


    • There are a lot of ads on KeepVid.
    • It has misleading buttons that redirect the user to unwanted websites.

    2. KlickAud

    The KlickAud is a dedicated Soundcloud downloading website. This SoundCloud downloader online 320kbps solution can convert any Soundcloud link into an MP3 file with 128 or 320 kbps resolution. The website has a clean interface and has a pretty straight forward process for grabbing Soundcloud audios. All you need to do is to copy and paste the URL and select if you want to download the song in 128 or 320 kbps and it will be downloaded to your device immediately. You can use the website on a computer or any Android device.



    • The download process of this website is easy and fast.
    • You can use this tool to download entire Soundcloud Playlists in one command.


    • It sometimes encounters unknown errors while downloading some songs.
    • You cannot use this downloader on an iOS device.
    • It only supports downloading from Soundcloud.
    • The only format option is MP3.

    3. SoundCloud to MP3

    As the name implies, this tool is also a dedicated Soundcloud converter that supports only MP3 format for downloading songs. The website is simple and easy to use with an intuitive interface that can be used by anyone. It is free to use and does not have too many ads. You can count on it to download any song from Soundcloud.



    • It has a rapid two-click download process.
    • It is supported with Android as well as with iOS devices.


    • The site runs into errors at times.
    • It can sometimes be unusably unstable owing to server errors.

    4. ScloudDownloader

    This dedicated SoundCloud downloader website is known for its simple interface and rapid download process. You can use it to download almost any song from Soundcloud without any hassle. Just copy the link of the song you want to download and paste it in the specified place on ScloudDownloader and hit the download button to have the song downloaded to your device in the form of an audio file.



    • This website features a high download speed.
    • The download proves is a rapid two-click process.
    • The user interface of ScloudDownloader is very simple and easy to navigate.


    • It has some really annoying ads.
    • It supports 95% of SoundCloud audios and can fail to download some.

    5. ForHub

    If you are looking for a website that supports iOS in downloading SoundCloud audios, ForHub is the website you need to use. It is one of the most capable SoundCloud online downloaders out there. It makes downloading SoundCloud songs easy and fun. Like with any other online downloader you need to start with the URL of the song you need to download. Paste the URL in the website and it will give you the option to download the song. The format option available here is MP3.



    • This app has multi-language options.
    • It can be linked to the official iOS SoundCloud app to download songs on the iPhone.


    • The site can sometimes be slow and can lag in downloading.
    • It has too many ads to handle.

    6. SingleMango

    This tool is also a dedicated downloader designed to work with Soundcloud. The interface is clean and minimalist, and the download process is fairly simple. All you are needed to do is to get the URL of the song you want to download, paste it in the URL entry field on the SingleMango Website, and click the Download button. The song will then be converted to MP3 and saved locally on your device.



    • This downloader is very reliable and never fails to work.
    • It has a concise set of instructions and a detailed FAQ section.


    • This website can be very slow sometimes.
    • It does not work with iOS devices.

    7. SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

    As is evident from the name this is a downloader designed specifically for grabbing media from SoundCloud. This is a multi-lingual tool that makes downloading songs from SoundCloud easy and fast. The clean UI of the website makes downloading easy. It can convert any Soundcloud song to MP3 just by pasting the link into the specified place on its website.

    soundcloud to mp3 downloader


    • It’s interface provides you the option to choose from more than 40 languages.
    • It has NO ads.
    • The download process is swift and simple.


    • It cannot download files longer than two hours.

    8. SoundCloudtoMp3

    This tool is also a dedicated tool for downloading Soundcloud sounds. It supports all the major web browser platforms. Using this tool to download any song from Soundcloud is a very easy process. The UI is a very well-made one and requires minimal effort to get the job done.



    • It works well with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and many other browsers.
    • It can download SoundCloud playlists.
    • The UI is user friendly.


    • It has a lot of ads.
    • Tends to redirect users to other websites via clickbait.

    9. YTMP3

    YTMP3 is a multi-purpose audio download tool that can be used to download audio content from a lot of websites. It supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and many others. The download process is simple and fast and it offers MP3 and MP4 formats. The pros and cons of YTMP3 are the following:



    • This tool has a high-speed conversion.
    • It can be used with more than 10,000 websites.
    • It supports MP4 and MP3 formats.


    • The website tends to crash out of nowhere.

    10. DVDFab

    DVDFab is one of the very few online SoundCloud converters that make it possible to download songs with minimal quality reduction. Like any other online downloader, all you need is to have the URL of the target sound from SoundCloud and paste it into the DVDFab website to download the song. Here are some of the good and bad things about this downloader:

    DVDFab Video Downloader


    • This tool offers nearly lossless conversion.


    • The UI is a little confusing and you might have a hard time understanding and get familiar with it.
    • It is a paid software.

    Comparison Between Top 10 SoundCloud Downloaders

    To have a better idea of the abilities of all these downloaders, here’s an objective comparison of all of these tools.

    Downloader Name Supported OS Platform Type Price Supported Format Windows/macOS/iOS/Android Online Service Free MP3/MP4
    KlickAud Windows/macOS/Linux Online Service Free MP3
    SoundCloud To  Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android Online Service Free MP3
    ScloudDownloader Windows/macOS/Linux Online Service Free MP3
    ForHub.IO Windows/macOS/Linux/iOS Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Free MP3
    SingleMango Windows/macOS/Linux/Android Online Service Free MP4/MP3
    SoundCloud Mp3 Downloader Windows/macOS/Linux Online Service Free MP3 Windows/macOS/Linux/Android Online Service Free MP3
    YTMP3 Windows/macOS/iOS/Android Online Service Free MP3/MP4
    DVDFab Windows/macOS/iOS/Android Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Paid Only Main Audio format

    Final Thoughts

    SoundCloud has an awesome collection of music from all over the world but you can only listen to it online and only via the SoundCloud app or their website. If you want to play the songs on your music player or want to download them for any other purpose, SoundCloud won’t let you do that. If you’re looking for some helpful SoundCloud downloader online, then you can use any of the above mentioned tools to download any song from SoundCloud and save it to your device for offline playback.

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