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Top 4 Best SoundCloud Downloader with Album Art

June 29, 2023

    SoundCloud is a video share networking platform that allows you to share music, create music and download it. This is an excellent service that is very popular all over the world and supports many unique features and functions. To download songs or music with artwork using this platform, you may need a SoundCloud downloader with album art.

    It is important to note that not all applications are capable of extracting the artwork. Hence, most of the artwork extractor tools are expensive. But in this article, we bring you the cheapest and free tools that you can use to download soundcloud music with album art.

    Best SoundCloud Downloader with Album Art – Musify

    To be able to download SoundCloud music with album art, it is necessary to download an independent application called Musify Music Downloader. Musify can convert any music video from Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud etc. to many different formats. It supports audio formats including MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AAC and FLAC. Most of the applications reduce the original quality when downloading music clips. But Musify has the technology to preserve the original quality when downloading and converting your music files. More importantly, it can save all your ID3 tags in the music files for later use.

    Key Features:

    • Supports 1000+ major video sharing platforms
    • Save all ID3 tag information
    • Download the entire playlist with a single click
    • 10x faster than other downloaders
    • Extract audio with the original quality

    How to Download Soundcloud Music with Album Art

    Step 1 Download Musify and Install

    To use Musify SoundCloud downloader with album art, first, you need to download the setup and then install it to your device. After downloading, double click on the setup to start the installer. Follow the instructions, and you’re good to go.

    Step 2 Copy the SoundCloud Link

    Now navigate to SoundCloud and search for a song to download. Remember, not all songs contain the artwork. So when choosing, always check the possibilities. Once you find the song, click on it to open. Then copy the song link from the search bar or else click Share and get the song link.

    soundcloud url

    Step 3 Set the Musify Settings

    After copying, double click on the Musify icon and open the installed application, in the home window, you can see several tabs and first, go to the Preference tab. In the preference tab, you can specify the destination and the audio formats. Set the output format to MP3. Then click Apply.

    musify mp3

    Step 4 Paste the URL

    Now you can see a button in the home window with the label Paste URL. Click on it, and it starts to read the SoundCloud link you copied earlier. When the link found to be valid, Musify starts to download according to your preferences.

    paste url

    Step 5 Locate the Files

    After all, you can find all your downloaded files in the destination folder. To edit the ID3 tags, you can use our Tidytag music tag editor. It is a simple but most useful tool in modifying the artwork.

    download song

    Other 3 Tools to Download SoundCloud Music with Album Art Online

    1. Soundflush SoundCloud Downloader
    2. SoundCloud to MP3 converter
    3. SoundCloud Artwork Downloader Online

    1. Soundflush SoundCloud Downloader

    Soundflush SoundCloud Downloader is a free site which provides the service to download SoundCloud in MP3 format. Hence, it is capable of downloading any ID3 tags in the MP3 file. If the music track contains any metadata like the album cover, artist, genre and title, this tool will automatically download it for you. It is also capable of downloading entire playlist at once. Since this is available online, there is no registration or installation.

    How to Download Soundcloud MP3 with Album Art

    Step 1 Get the SoundCloud URL

    First, go to SoundCloud and copy the URL of the music track. To copy, you can use 2 methods.

    Method 1: Open the music track and copy the URL from the search bar
    Method 2: Click on the Share button and get the URL

    Step 2 Open

    Open a different tab in your browser and navigate to In the home page, you can see the search bar with a Convert button. Paste your copied URL in the search bar and click Convert.


    Step 3 Wait Until the Process Completes

    It takes some time depending on your track. Once the conversion completes, you can get the final download link. In there, click on the Download button, and it starts to save to your local drive.

    2. SoundCloud to MP3 converter

    SoundCloud to MP3 Converter is entirely free SoundCloud downloader with the artwork. You can convert any SoundCloud track to MP3 in seconds. With just one click, you can download songs through this platform onto your PC for free of cost. Audio can be saved in MP3 or M4A format on the device, and the audio quality is maintained. It provides a separate section if you want to download artwork of the music track.

    How to Download Soundcloud Music with Album Art

    Step 1 Get the SoundCloud URL

    Go to SoundCloud and find a music track to download. Then copy its URL using any method we mentioned above.

    Step 2 Go to

    In the same browser, open a new tab and go to The interface looks similar to the soundflush, which has a search bar. But in this case, there is no button to click after pasting the link. Once the link is pasted on the search bar, it automatically starts to convert.


    Step 3 Get the Artwork

    Once the conversion completes, you can download it from the link they provided. To download the artwork in full size, click the link under the track to open the artwork in a new window. From there, please right-click on the artwork and select Save image as to save it to a local drive.

    3. SoundCloud Artwork Downloader Online

    SoundCloud Artwork Downloader Online is one of the best and free Soundcloud music downloader that you can use on your device. This platform helps you download not only songs but also playlists from with the artwork. This service makes the download process easy and allows you to download an unlimited number of tracks on your device. This platform also works on various operating system systems, including Mac, Windows, and others.

    How to Download Soundcloud Music with Album Art

    Step 1 Get the SoundCloud URL

    If you already have a SoundCloud track URL, then you are good to go. But if you don’t have it, go to and get the song URL copied to your clipboard.

    Step 2 Open Klickaud

    Next, go to and paste the URL in the search box and click Download.


    Step 3 Locate the Files

    Finally, it starts to read the URL pasted and prompt the downloading process. If the music track has artwork and related metadata, it will get downloaded with the track. But remember, not all music tracks can be downloaded neither every track has ID3 tags and artwork. The publisher provides the permission either to allow download or not.


    All these free tools provide excellent service in downloading the artwork. But most of them are limited in capability to download high-quality artworks, unlike Tidytag. Also, these online tools are not as safer as we think. Most of these tools are vulnerable to different attacks. So when we use these tools, we must protect our privacy. But if you want a smoother and safer way of downloading artwork from SoundCloud tracks, Tidytag and Musify is the best option.

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