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The Best Alternative to Mixcloud Downloader Android

September 10, 2021

    To avoid any copyright infringement, you are not allowed to download any song from MixCloud for free. However, listening to music without using an Internet connection is a more convenient way of keeping your ears happy. And that’s why mobile app developers came up with a new and innovative way of downloading Mixcloud songs. This article will tell you everything you need to know.


    Best Mixcloud Downloader Android APP

    Because everyone understands the need for offline music availability, the Development Team working for Mixcloud offers you a way to download mixes and songs in your device’s storage. To avoid any law infringement in terms of copyrights, they require you to pay for every mix you download. This way, downloading songs from Mixcloud is like buying the actual song from the artist’s website.

    If you want to download a mix from Mixcloud, you have to perform the following steps:

    Step 1 Find the Mix and Play

    You can do this using the integrated Mixcloud API. All you have to do is to type the name of the song in the search bar and click on the Search button. After a few seconds, the song you are looking for should be the first result.

    Step 2 Click the Download button

    After playing your favorite song, decide if you want to download it. If so, press on the Download button, just below the media player.

    mixcloud android app

    Step 3 Press the Support Button and Complete the Payment

    This is the last step you need to take when downloading a song from Mixcloud. Press the Support button and type in the information required for completing the payment.

    pay mixcloud song

    Even if it seems like a good deal, it may not be that good. In the long term, downloading plenty of songs will prove quite costly. If you do not want to spend that much money on listening to your favorite songs offline, we have a better way of doing it.

    The Best Alternative to Mixcloud Downloader Android – iTubego

    Our suggestion is to use an alternative to Mixcloud Downloader Android called iTubeGo. Before anything else, let’s find out how to download a song from Mixcloud using this Android app.

    Step 1 Download iTubeGo and Install

    You can download the installer by clicking on link. Press the Download button and then complete the setup of the application.

    Step 2 Find the Mix and Click Share Button

    Type the name of your favorite song in the search bar, press the More button (the three dots) and select the Share function.

    share to itubego

    Step 3 Select iTubeGo and Choose the MP3 Format

    Press on the iTubeGo icon (Download with iTubeGo) to share it in the app. Do not forget to choose the mp3 file extension.

    choose itubego

    Step 4 Verify the Other Characteristics

    Make sure you adjust the Quality setting to 320Kb/s and set the Download Limit according to your wish.

    download mixcloud song

    Step 5 Listen to Your Favorite Songs Offline

    After the download is complete you can find the selected song in your smartphone’s storage.

    mixcloud song download

    Mixcloud Downloader Android vs. iTubeGo APP

    There are some advantages on both sides, but the iTubeGo Android app saves you a significant amount of money. It is not a complex software that requires you to learn how to use it. Just select your song, export it into the app, and then enjoy it in your headphones (without having to pay for it).

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