How to Download Mixcloud to MP3 (Online & Desktop)

Mixcloud is a British music streaming website that allows the users to enjoy music, radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts. It was incorporated as a startup company by Nikhil Shah and Nico Perez in 2008. Sometimes you need to download your favorite music to enjoy the uninterrupted experience. You must be thinking that how you can download music for free. Now it’s time to stop thinking and start downloading the mp3 music. Here, you’re going to know the online and desktop methods that can be used to download Mixcloud to mp3 without losing the quality.


Mixcloud allows the users to enjoy high-quality music, listen to radio shows with all the entertaining and hot news, and much more. It has a huge collection of songs which is being updated regularly.

Download Music from Mixcloud:

The internet is making everyone’s life easier. Now you don’t need to buy DVDs or wait for the TV programs to listen to your favorite music. You can also listen to your favorite radio shows on Mixcloud. Downloading your favorite songs can provide you even more amazing experience of listening to music. You can enjoy the downloaded music without the interruption of ads and the need for any internet connection.

If you want to download music from Mixcloud, then stay here! We’re going to discuss the online and desktop methods through which you can download Mixcloud to mp3 on your PC.

  1. Desktop Software to Download MixCloud Mp3 Music
  2. Best Online Mp3 Converter

Let’s start with the desktop methods first.

Desktop Software to Download Mixcloud MP3 Music:

1. iTubeGo Downloader:

After discussing the online tools, now we’re going to talk about desktop software that can be used to download Mixcloud. Use iTubeGo YouTube Downloader to download Mixcloud in mp3 format for free. It is a high-speed converter that will first convert the Mixcloud music into mp3 format and then save it on your computer. This tool is 100% secure to use and is considered as 47 times faster than the other options available in the market. It supports 1000+ streaming websites and currently has more than 9 million satisfied users.

Video Tutorial

Steps to Download:

Follow these steps to download music from Mixcloud in mp3 format using iTubeGo Downloader.

#1 Copy the Link from Mixcloud:

First of all, copy the link of Mixcloud music, which you want to convert into mp3 format. Open the Mixcloud, go to the particular audio music, and copy its link from the browser address bar.


#2 Install the Downloader Program:

Now install and download the downloader program.

#3 Open the Downloader Tool & Select “Download MP3”:

The next step you have to do is to open the iTubeGo and click the drop-down menu of the “Paste URL” button and select “Download MP3”.

download mp3

#4 Paste the Link:

Then, paste the copied URL in the address box.

download multiple urls

#5 Click on Download Button:

Once you have pasted the link in the address box, click on the “Download” button.

#6 Start the Conversion:

After conversion Mixcloud mp3 music will be saved to the “Downloaded”. You can right click on the song to play it directly.

YouTube Video downloaded

2. Musify – MixCloud Downloader

Musify is another desktop software for Windows and Mac users. It is a music downloader that can download MixCloud music for free. You can download through the music web url. And it allows you to directly obtain audio files of mp3, m4a, wav, without the need for other audio converters. Of course, during the fast download process, the ID3 tags and lyrics of the music are retained. These are not enough to surprise you, it supports thousands of sites, such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, bandcamp, etc.

Steps to Download:

#1 Copy the music or playlist url from MixCloud

Copy the MixCloud music link in the browser address bar, or click the Share button to get the music url.

mixcloud music link

#2 Paste the link to Musify

Before you download, click to set the audio format, quality and lyrics.

set mp3 m4a wav format

Then click Paste URL, Musify will automatically detect the music link, if you download the playlist, you will see the following music list:

music playlist to mp3

#3 Download and convert MixCloud music

After the download is complete, jump to the downloaded tab for playback MixCloud music.

download youtube mp3

Best Online MP3 Converters:

To make your downloading experience easy and useful, we have made a list of most trustworthy mp3 converters available on the internet. You can use these online tools to convert Mixcloud to mp3 format and save your favorite music to the computer.


Y2Mate MP3 Converter is an online tool that provides a useful and secure way to convert the Mixcloud music to the mp3 format. The user-friendly interface and simple procedure enable you to download mp3 songs in an ultra-fast way. It allows downloading the Mp3 files in the bit rate up to 320kbps. This online tool can be opened with any browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Furthermore, it is a free tool that converts the music into mp3 format without any quality loss.

Steps to Download:

#1 Copy the URL from Mixcloud:

Go to the Mixcloud website. Look for the music that you want to download and copy its link.

#2 Paste the URL:

Now paste the link in the Y2Mate MP3 Converter search box and click on the “Convert” button.

#3 Covert and Download Mixcloud to MP3 Format:

Once you have clicked the “Convert” button, the conversion will start and then the mp3 music will be downloaded to your computer.

2. SaveMP3: is another best way to convert and download Mixcloud music into an mp3 format. Like the previous one, it is also a 100% free online tool that easily downloads Mixcloud music on your computer. 


Steps to Download:

#1 Copy the Link:

Again copy the link of the Mixcloud song that you want to download in mp3 format.

#2 Enter the URL:

After copying the link, proceed to the SaveMP3 MP3 Converter and enter the copied link in the search bar.

#3 Start the Conversion Process:

Now click the “Convert Now” to initiate the conversion process. Once it is converted into an mp3 format, it will take only a few minutes to save the mp3 file on your computer.

3. YTMP3:

You can use Ytmp3 MP3 Converter to easily convert the Mixcloud music into mp3 format and then download it for free on your computer. The quality of the music after the conversion always remains the same as the original file.

Steps to Download:

#1 Copy the URL of Mixcloud Music:

Copy the URL of the Mixcloud music that you want to download.

#2 Paste and Select the Format:

Now paste the copied URL in the YTMP3 search box and select the format to MP3.

#3 Download the MP3:

Click the “Convert”. When the conversion will be completed, you can download the MP3 file by clicking on the “Download” button.

The Bottom Line:

There are various other options are available in the market but we have figure out the best tools (Online & Desktop) that can be used to download Mixcloud to mp3. Choose any one of them and enjoy the Best Mixcloud MP3 Music! 

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