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How to Convert SoundCloud Playlist to MP3 Format

November 12, 2020

    We all have our favorite playlists don’t us? Well SoundCloud is one leading platforms for streaming music online. Certainly, SoundCloud does not allow downloading all the music. But, in this article we will discuss in detail how to download and convert SoundCloud playlist to mp3.

    Best Soundcloud Playlist Converter – Musify

    If your favorite playlist doesn’t have the download option, we have a solution for you. You can simply download any of your favorite songs using Musify Music Downloader. Musify is a safe tool to download music from online platforms.

    Feature Highlights

    • Supports more than 1,000 online music sharing platforms.
    • Download complete playlists with unlimited number of songs with just a single click.
    • Can download high-quality 320kbps mp3 audio files.
    • Faster than any other solution and without losing the original sound quality.
    • Convert online videos to music files from various platforms, including YouTube.
    • The separate versions of Musify are available for both Windows and Mac Operating System

    How to Convert SoundCloud Playlist to Mp3

    Step 1 Download and Install Musify

    As a first step, go to the official website of Musify Music downloader and download the software keeping in mind your operating system.

    Once the file is downloaded, open the downloaded installation file and run it on your PC. You can simply install the program in a few simple steps, or if you still need any assistance, refer to the official user guide of Musify Music Downloader.

    Step 2 Find the Desired SoundCloud Playlist

    On this step, open your browser and search for the SoundCloud playlist that you want to download. To copy the link, click the share option and copy the URL.

    find soundcloud playlist

    Step 3 Choose the Format and Quality

    Now, launch Musify program on your computer and go to the Preferences section. Then, head over to the Download tab of the Preferences section and select the mp3 format and other required download settings before the start of download.

    musify mp3

    Step 4 Paste the Copied SoundCloud Playlist URL

    Next, paste the copied URL of the SoundCloud playlist by clicking the “Paste URL” button. After you’ve clicked that button, it will provide all the songs in the particular SoundCloud playlist. Review and select the songs that you want to download, and finally, click the Download button. Upon which, the songs in the SoundCloud playlist will start downloading in the same mp3 format and the select bitrate/quality.

    paste soundcloud playlist

    Step 5 Locate the Downloaded SoundCloud Playlist

    After download, this audio playlist will be present in the pre-selected location and can be accessed through the Downloaded section of the software.

    download playlist songs

    How to Download SoundCloud Playlist to Mp3 Online

    If you do not want Musify Music Downloader to download your SoundCloud playlist to mp3, then there are various online websites for the same purpose like It is SoundCloud playlist converter. It can download high quality music from SoundCloud to your device.

    Step 1 Copy Playlist URL from SoundCloud

    Open SoundCloud and search for the desired playlist of songs. Open the desired song. Select the option to share. Copy the URL.

    Step 3 Paste URL in Search Box

    After that, paste the URL in the search box and then click on Download button.

    paste soundcloud playlist url

    Step 4 Download Mp3 Playlist

    Download the SoundCloud track one by one according to your need, then you can find the file on your computer.

    download playlist mp3

    How to Download Soundcloud MP3 Playlist on Android

    If you are using the android device and want to convert SoundCloud playlist to MP3, then you can do it by downloading the iTubeGo for Android app on your android device. It will allow you downloading videos and music from more than 1,000 online video and music sharing websites. Apart from downloading unlimited single files, it also enables you to download complete playlists from SoundCloud, YouTube, and other platforms.

    Steps to Download SoundCloud Playlists on Android

    Step 1 Install iTubeGo for Android

    iTubeGo for Android can be downloaded on android in various ways, but the safest way is to download its apk form from the official webpage.

    Once the download completes, you will have to install the app and follow the pop ups and give the necessary permissions for its access, if you have not enabled the installation from unknown resources.

    Step 2 Access the SoundCloud Playlist

    This amazing Android app provided you different ways to get the song/playlist URL that you want to download. You can copy the playlist URL from the SoundCloud website, and after that when you open the iTubeGo for Android app, it will automatically fetch the copied link details and pop up a prompt box with all the details.

    In addition to this, it also allows you to directly access the video and music sharing websites like SoundCloud through its built-in browser. In this way, you can navigate the SoundCloud playlist on its built-in browser and simply press the Download button located at the bottom of the screen.

    copy ssoundcloud playlist

    Step 3 Choose the Download Settings

    After pressing the Download button, you’ll be taken to the next window in which you’ll have to set the output format and the quality option. Set the Audio in the Download Type and the required bitrate in the Quality option. Then, select the files in the playlist that you want to download or press the “Select All” button to download the entire playlist.

    soundcloud playlist mp3

    Step 4 Download SoundCloud Mp3 Playlist on Android Device

    Finally, press the “Start Download” button and the app will start downloading songs in the SoundCloud playlist. After the download gets completed, you can play the downloaded songs from the Files section of the iTubeGo for Android app.

    soundcloud playlist

    How to Convert SoundCloud Playlist to MP3 on iPhone

    The App store on iPhones does not allow any app to download music from SoundCloud, but you don’t need to worry, we will tell you the way to download your favorite SoundCloud playlist to MP3 on your iPhone. Firstly, using Musify Music Downloader, download the desired playlist on your PC as explained above in the article. Then you can directly transfer the files from PC to iPhone by adopting the following steps:

    Step 1 Connect Your iPhone to Computer

    You can transfer the SoundCloud MP3 playlist from your PC to iPhone by connecting it with USB cable wire. You can also connect through the wireless connection by using Wi-Fi sync option. Both of these methods will ensure the connection between both the devices.

    connect iphone to computer

    Step 2 Open iTunes Program on Computer

    Once you have established the connection you need to RUN iTunes software on your PC to start the process of transferring the file. Go to the top left of the iTunes window for mobile icon and select the media sharing option.

    open itunes

    Step 3 Transfer the Downloaded Playlist File

    The final step is to choose the SoundCloud MP3 playlist and click TRANSFER. This will ensure your playlist is now transferred in iPhone.

    share files computer to iphone

    Final Thoughts

    If you have a favorite playlist on SoundCloud and you want to download it, as SoundCloud doesn’t allow downloading all of its music. What you can do is try the methods we have described you above. You can use Musify Music Downloader to download your favorite SoundCloud mp3 playlist to your PC. You can also use the online method for this. You can use iTubeGo app for your Android devices. If you want your SoundCloud mp3 playlist on your iPhone then, simply download the playlist to PC and transfer them directly to iPhone by using iTunes. This way you can enjoy your SoundCloud mp3 playlist anytime.

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