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How to Download Bhutanese Songs from SoundCloud (100% Work)

November 10, 2020

    Who doesn’t love the musical beats of Bhutanese songs like Lhamo, A La La Ngi Sem, and Tshering Chagmi? Well, now you can hear them anytime and anywhere by simply downloading the latest Bhutanese songs from Soundcloud. Although SoundCloud is only for streaming and listening to the songs online but what if someone wants to listen to some music on the go?

    Don’t worry here we are at your rescue to help you download latest Bhutanese songs from Soundcloud, no matter you are android user or an iOS user. Whether you use Windows or MAC, we have it all covered for you in this article.

    Download Bhutanese Songs from SoundCloud on PC/Mac

    Musify Music Downloader is a tool which is designed to download music from the internet. It is secure and one stop to download and covert videos. Today, people tend to enjoy downloaded music which can be easily done with Musify.

    Key Features:

    • It supports more than 1000 sites, including SoundCloud.
    • It provides high speed downloads in original quality.
    • It is able to covert online videos to high-quality music file.
    • It downloads any audio without any loss in quality of sound.
    • It can be used to download audio files in various output formats and qualities.
    • Its separate dedicated versions are available for Windows and Mac OS.

    Steps to Download Bhutanese Songs from SoundCloud

    Step 1 Download Musify and Install

    Firstly, go to the official website of Musify Music Downloader and download the correct version of software keeping in view your operating system.

    After downloading the file, open the file and run it on your PC. By doing this software will be installed to your PC.

    Step 2 Find the Desired Music on SoundCloud

    Go to your web browser and open SoundCloud. Search for the desired song. Click the SHARE button and copy The URL.

    soundcloud url

    Step 3 Choose the Format/Quality

    Open Musify and go to the Preferences Section. After proceeding to the Download tab, select the required output format and quality. Here you can also set other download settings.

    musify mp3

    Step 4 Paste Copied URL of the the Song

    Now, paste the copied URL of the song. To do that, click the “Paste URL” button on the main interface and the song will start to download instantly in the selected output format and quality.

    paste url

    Step 5 Location of the Downloaded Music File

    After downloading, this audio file will be saved at the pre-selected location on your computer and will be available in the Downloaded section of the software.

    download song

    How to Download Bhutanese Songs on SoundCloud Online

    If you do not want the hassle of installing the desktop based program and want a quick fix and easy solution online, so for you to know there are various online websites like SoundCloud to MP3 Converter. It is available for free and helps you save music from SoundCloud to MP3. Following are the steps you need to follow.

    Step 1 Copy the URL from SoundCloud

    Go to browser and open SoundCloud. Search for latest Bhutanese songs on SoundCloud. Click on the share button. URL will appear. Copy the URL from Soundcloud.

    Step 2 Paste the URL in Search Box

    Paste URL in search box and click “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.

    complete download keepvid

    Step 3 Save MP3 File to PC

    Press the right click and then choose the SAVE LINK AS or DOWNLOAD LINK AS to save the mp3 file to your computer. Music then will be downloaded to your PC.

    SoundCloud Bhutanese Latest Songs Download on Android

    SoundCloud is available to listen to online music and extended our playlists but it requires a fundamental essential i.e. internet connection. People want to enjoy their music on the go and do not want to really use their cellular data all the time. For this, iTubeGo for Android can be accessed to avail its exquisite services.

    itubego youtube downloader android

    It can be downloaded in an android device in many ways but the safest being its apk version which is available on the website. iTubeGo for Android app assists in downloading the songs from SoundCloud which can be heard later on. To explore more how you can download Bhutanese songs from SoundCloud on Android devices.

    Download Bhutanese Songs from SoundCloud on iPhone

    If you’re using iPhone, things aren’t as easier as for the Android users. First, you’ll have to download Bhutanese songs from SoundCloud by using Musify on your PC as explained above in the article. Make sure to follow the steps carefully. Once you have downloaded the Bhutanese songs from SoundCloud through Musify on your PC, you can simply transfer the downloaded songs to your iPhone.

    Step 1 Connect Your iPhone to PC

    Once the song has been downloaded to your PC you can transfer the latest Bhutanese songs from SoundCloud to your iPhone via connecting through PC. iPhone can be connected to the PC by establishing a direct connection using a USB cable wire. You can also connect over a wireless connection by using the WI-FI synch option. Both of the above methods will work just fine in establishing connection of your iPhone to your PC.

    connect iphone to computer

    Step 2 Open iTunes

    Once you have established the connection between your iPhone and PC. The next step is to run the iTunes software on your PC to start the process of file transfer. Look for phone icon which is on the top left corner and select it. Click the MEDIA SHARING option.

    open itunes

    Step 3 Transfer the File

    After going through the iTunes the final step is to choose the downloaded songs/media files that you want to transfer to iPhone. Click the TRANSFER button to transfer downloaded songs from your PC to your iPhone.

    share files computer to iphone

    The Final Verdict

    We all enjoy Bhutanese music on SoundCloud while we are streaming it online like the latest Bhutanese music on SoundCloud DHAMKA BY SONAM WAGDI and SERGI NORBU BY DECHEN PELDEN are praiseworthy. As it is an online music app, you cannot simply download the music directly from SoundCloud. But don’t need to worry at all, you can still download Bhutanese songs from SoundCloud for your devices by the method we have mentioned above in the article.

    So, whenever you are in need of some good Bhutanese music you can stream them online on SoundCloud or directly download Bhutanese songs from SoundCloud and enjoy them for free anytime you are craving for Bhutanese music.

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