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Spotify VS Apple Music: Which Streaming Music Service is Right for You?

July 3, 2020

    Spotify is one of the famous sites for providing free music. It is a safe and secure site with the 10 million of the subscribers and a thousand millions of free users. it has the collection of the latest songs of many different artists. You can access it easily from 63 countries around the world. By paid subscription you can listen or able to download the high-quality songs. Even on free access, you can listen to the good quality of the songs.  Apple Music is the little bit late in the category of the music streaming feature.  The main thing is apple music is for everyone; even the android users can use it. There are millions of the songs available on apple music. Let’s see the difference between Spotify and Apple Music to choose the best one from them. Some of the main differences are discussed below.

    Spotify and Apple Music Comparison

    Collection of songs:

    When you are using the subscribed version of both Apple and Spotify, you can feel the same experience. Apple Music has the collection of more than 50 million different songs and Spotify have 35 million songs. You can listen to offline songs on both applications, but there are some limitations. In apple music, you can download up to one lac songs from their music library. Spotify allows its subscriber to download the maximum number of 10000 songs. In apple music, you can enjoy the videos, concerts and the exclusive content by famous artists. Spotify has some extra features from the apple music like you have access to the podcasts and the audiobooks.

    Quality of songs:

    Apple Music has the regular quality is 256kbps of songs with AAC files. Spotify user has the advantage of selecting the bit rate according to their demand. They have the option from low to high quality, from 24kbits to 320kbits quality. Both of them provides high-quality songs, the only Spotify gives the option to select the bit which good option for the people who writes CDs.

    User interference:

    Both apps have an easy and simple design, anyone can use them. You can use their apps in your mobile phones to listen to the songs and they are user-friendly. You can listen and both apps with the help of the google maps. The apple music allows the CarPlay support to its users, even for the android user to control the playback feature easily.

    Spotify vs Apple Music:

    Spotify Apple Music
    Music library   50 million songs 50 million songs
    Free trial 3 months  3 months
    Free tier Yes, ad-supported No, only Beats1 radio
    Family plan Yes, up to 6 people ($15) Yes, up to 6 people ($15)
    Price $10 a month or $5 a month for students $10 a month or $5 a month for students
    Stream quality Up to 320kbps Ogg Vorbis, or AAC (see section below) 256kbps AAC

    Both of them are good apps, you can select according to your usage or demand. Most of the features are almost ssame.

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