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Top 8 Best Sites to Download Anime Songs 2021 Update

April 23, 2021
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    Anime, a Japanese form of animation, is one of the most watched and loved genres globally. Apart from their intense storyline, characters, visuals their soundtracks are unique, melodious and well set in the storyline that makes a connection with the audience at core. People connect with them at a deeper emotional state.

    If you are an Anime music lover and want to download Anime songs so, you will be happy to know that we have listed together top websites which will facilitate you to download Anime music.

    Anime Music

    Top 8 Best Anime Music Download Site

    Now, we will list down 8 anime music download site with their respective pros and cons which will give you a better idea about the websites and your preferences accordingly.

    1. Gendou
    2. YumeOST
    3. Khinsider
    4. Mp3 Anime
    5. 8tracks
    6. The Hylia Anime
    7. Sukidesuost
    8. Jamendo

    1. Gendou

    First site on our list to download anime music is Gendou; a most popular site to get the Anime OSTs you adore to bits. You can search the song by its title, artist or the Anime. You can download the song with this site very easily. Although, it doesn’t allow you to download the entire playlist yet you can save each song easily. It doesn’t have any annoying pop ups. You can even request for the music and express your opinions by joining forum and chat and even upload your own music. You can even play games on here.

    gendou anime music
    Pros Cons
    • Free download mp3 Anime songs
    • Download directly from website
    • No converter needed
    • You have to sign up to start downloading the Anime songs

    2. YumeOST

    Next on our list is YumeOST. It is the best platform and you couldn’t miss this one if you are looking for high quality Anime songs download. It even has a variety of newly released songs. It not only helps you download the songs but lets you stream them online. It has an intuitive UI and lets you download the songs with ease. You can get the lyrics of the songs and play the songs with built in music player.

    Pros Cons
    • Convenient UI
    • Free MP3 downloads
    • Requires no signs or registration for downloading the OSTs
    • Intrusive ads; not appropriate for young viewers

    3. Khinsider

    If you are on making the list of best sites to download Anime songs, you have to include Khinsider in that for sure. It is user friendly site and lets you browse the songs from a variety of over 800K songs that this website contains. On the main interface you will find various OSTs ready for download. If you really like in game OST like in case of Super Mario it has that as well. It will let you request any song you want and above that, will allow you to upload your own music.

    Pros Cons
    • Free downloading Anime music site
    • Allows multiple downloads at the same time
    • Only in game OSTs available for download

    4. Mp3 Anime

    MP3 Anime is surely one of the most popular and vast sites to download Anime sound tracks. With this website you can download the OPs and EDs with ease. You can get any song you wish by searching the Anime and can stream online or download it later. It has a category of suggested songs on the main window. You can even play the songs randomly or make your own playlist. You don’t need to sign up for downloading the songs but can create an account to customize your playlist. You can put up your suggestions and with valid reasons remove the song.

    Mp3 Anime
    Pros Cons
    • Colorful and easy to use UI
    • Download Opening and Ending songs
    • Free Anime music download
    • No registrations or sign ups needed
    • To access exquisite features, you need to create an account

    5. 8Tracks

    You must consider 8Tracks in the list to download Anime music for free. It has a huge variety of music from Jpop, Kpop, Anime songs to openings. It would not be wrong to say they have a song for every mood. You can even search for the song by Artist, genre or even mood. It has more than 7500 Japanese music playlists to choose the music you love according to your mood or the activity.

    Pros Cons
    • Free mp3 downloads for the Anime songs and OSTs download
    • A playlist for every mood
    • You need to sign up to access more features
    • You have to upgrade to paid version for an ad free experience

    6. The Hylia Anime

    The Hylia Anime is next on our list and of course we couldn’t miss this gem of a website for those who are crazy fans of Anime and would love to know about it. It is a free music downloading site with no annoying ads. There are more than 20,000 Anime songs available on the site. You can watch Anime too from over 2000 series and 30,000 episodes. You can download the songs and the Anime you would love with ease.

    The Hylia Anime
    Pros Cons
    • Requires no registration or fee to download the songs
    • Anime is not sorted quite well
    • Can’t download multiple songs simultaneously

    7. Sukidesuost

    Next on the list is Sukidesuost, another amazing anime music download site for original Anime soundtracks. It has a huge collection and variety of songs you would love to listen and enjoy. You can search for any music in the search bar. You can download Korean Anime, Japanese Anime and anime game songs in mp3 with ease. It also has list of Western songs if you love that as well. You can watch live action, drama, Discography and much more.

    Pros Cons
    • You can download Anime songs mp3 for free
    • Intrusive ads
    • Redirects to other sites

    8. Jamendo

    Last but not the least on our list is Jamendo; a website where you can stream a variety of music and download your favorite Anime songs. On its homepage you will see the music being categorized into Popular, trending and latest. You will find almost all genres of music in here from pop, rock, electrical music to classical and folk music. You can search for the Anime songs from the search bar. You can go to explore section to know more about playlists and latest releases.

    Pros Cons
    • Intuitive UI
    • Supports independent music and artists
    • Free music download
    • Sign up to download music
    • Technical issues

    How to Download Anime Songs for Free

    If any of the above website wasn’t as effective as you expected and still looking for a way to download anime music you can check out iTubeGo YouTube Downloader which is a perfect tool to download any music or videos from over ten thousand websites. This downloader will help you download Anime songs for free without any hassle and that too in high quality mp3. Though it supports various other output formats to choose from. It protects user privacy and doesn’t require any sign ups. You can download music in seconds with multithread technology.

    You can download this music downloader from below link:

    Feature Highlights

    • User friendly and state-of-the-art interface
    • Supports 10,000+ sites to download music and videos
    • Supports various output formats including mp3, mp4, m4a and many others
    • Turbo fast mode makes downloads extremely faster and reliable
    • Download playlist/channel videos at one-click effortlessly
    • Process unlimited number of videos in a batch
    • Convert, crop and cut video to certain length
    • Can be used on Windows and Mac operating computers

    Steps to Download Anime Songs for Free

    Follow the steps to download Anime music for free by using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader:

    Step 1 Once you have downloaded and installed the software, then go to YouTube or any other online site and find the Anime music you want to download. Once you have managed to find the required anime song, copy the URL from the browser address bar.

    copy anime song url

    Step 2 Launch iTubeGo YouTube Downloader and go to Preferences or Settings section, where you’ll have to set output format to Audio (Mp3) and the audio quality to 320kbps.

    setting mp3 itubego

    Step 3 Next, click the Paste URL button and your file will start downloading, in the required format and quality, instantly after this.

    paste anime song url itubego

    Step 4 Once the Anime music has been downloaded, you can find the file at pre-selected location or in the Downloaded section of the software.

    download anime song itubego

    Final Thoughts

    Even though there are many websites that can help you download Anime music in mp3 format, and even, we listed some of the top websites for it. But, sometimes they don’t work or are not free or sometimes require signing up. In that case, we recommend you to download Anime songs through iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, which is an effective tool to download not only Anime soundtracks but any music from almost all the music hosting sites with ease.

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