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20 Best Sites to Download English Songs Free (2021 Update)

January 7, 2021
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    If you are into English Music and want to know of the best English songs download sites out there, you are in luck today. This text will encompass all of the best English Songs Download Sites that you can access to download any English song from any artist for free. The sites we are explaining are free to use, easy and work all the time. Let’s see what the best sites to download English songs mp3 for free are and how you can use them to download your favorite English music.

    Top 20 Best English Songs Download Sites

    Want to explore the best site to download English songs free? Coming up next is the most comprehensive list of English songs download sites that you can find on the internet. Every one of these is better than the last, and you will have a good time using them.

    1. Ytmp3
    3. My Free MP3
    4. Mp3juices
    5. Mp3skull
    7. BeeMP3
    8. Jamendo
    9. Songlover
    10. Internetarchive
    11. Musicpleer
    12. Datpiff
    13. Soundclick
    14. FreeMp3Download
    15. Reverbnation
    16. Wynk Music
    17. Soundcloud
    19. Gaana
    20. Mp3Box

    1. is basically a YouTube download website. It can convert any YouTube video including English music videos to MP3 format and download them to your device. All you need to do to download any English song using this website is to search for the song on YouTube and copy its URL from the address bar. Then, open in a web browser and paste the URL in the field provided at the top center of the web page for entering the URL. Then you have to click on the download button and select the bitrate option that suits you the most and the song will be downloaded as MP3 to your computer.

    online ytmp3

    2. KeepVid.Pro

    KeepVid.Pro is an online video and audio download website designed primarily to download media from YouTube, but it does work with all the other major audio and video hosting platforms as well. If you want to download any English song in audio or video format using this website, you need to search for the song on YouTube and then head over to KeepVid website. Enter the URL in the specified area and hit the download button. Now, select the audio or video format you want to download the song in and it will be downloaded and saved to your computer. The level of convenience offered by KeepVid.Pro and the features it has makes this online service the best site to download English songs free.

    keepvid online video downloader

    3. My Free MP3

    My Free MP3 is one of the leading free online collections of contemporary and classical English music. The website has a clean user interface and does not have too many ads. It offers a powerful search function that can search artists, songs, albums, and playlists very easily. Open My Free MP3 and search for the song you want in the search bar. A list of the related songs will be displayed. On the song that you want to download, see at the right side of the line you will see a download button. Click on it and the song will be downloaded and saved to the default download location of your PC.

    my free mp3

    4. Mp3juices

    This tool is a two-in-one website that hosts a lot of English Songs that you can listen via live streaming or download. The other functionality of this amazing platform is that it doubles as an online YouTube Downloader. You can enter the URL of any YouTube video to the website and download it as an MP3 file. The UI is great; the site is snappy and fluid and it works every time. These are the traits that make this website the best option for downloading any English song from the internet.


    5. Mp3skull

    This tool is one of the oldest and the most extensive collections of music on the internet. It has music in a number of languages including English. The website has an easy to navigate UI and the search feature of this website is very powerful. You can search songs, artists, and playlists. It also features the top 100 songs and trending songs to introduce you to new music.


    6. is another great website for downloading and listening to music from the internet. This site combines a lot of other websites and presents search results from all of them. You can download the songs or listen to them via live streaming. The great thing about this website is that in addition to a large library of classical and contemporary music, it also hosts regular live performances from both rising and established stars, and you can find virtually any English song on this website.

    7. BeeMP3

    If any song has been published anywhere online, it will be there on BeeMP3. This comprehensive website with a large music library and an extensive list of cool features is one of the best options you can use for downloading English songs. It has a minimalist yet powerful UI. It also shows the trending songs of the week and the top 100 songs at the moment so that you can keep updating your library along with downloading the songs you already love.


    8. Jamendo

    If you are looking to have a vast choice of formats while downloading English songs in audio format, Jamendo is the platform for you. It also has the metadata of the songs including the artist and album name, genre, and release date added to the downloaded files. This makes sorting your music library very easy. You can download songs from this website on your computer in a number of different audio formats or you can download their Android app to stream or download the music and enjoy it on the go.

    jamendo music

    9. Song Lover

    If you are looking to update your music library or want to change all the songs in it, Song Lover is the website you need to use. This website has songs categorized by artist name, albums, playlists, and genre. You can also search for any song you like as the website has an extensive music library containing hundreds of thousands of songs. The download process is simple and easy and the download speed is much better than other free websites.


    10. Internet Archive

    This one is from a non-profit organization and has a pretty big online library that you can use for purposes where copyright music is not allowed. The music on this website mostly falls in the category of creative commons and are fully allowed to be reused in any manner just by giving the credit to the producer of the music. Internet Archive is an index of 310 billion webpages that you can search from a single source. In addition to music, it offers movies, seasons, documentaries and a lot more.


    11. Musicpleer

    This tool is a sleek and clean music search engine that has the links to more than 3 million individual MP3 files. The powerful, yet simple, search engine crawls over the extensive library in response to your search. The download process is simple and the page does not redirect you to unrelated pages like most of the free music websites do.


    12. Datpiff

    This tool is a music distributor from America that focuses on Hip Hop, Rap, and Urban English music. If you are a fan of any of them you can head over to this website via a computer to download the music to your device or you can simply download their smartphone app and listen to or save the music files offline on it.


    13. SoundClick

    SoundClick has more than 3.4 million active users who listen to more than 70 million songs on this website, making it one of the most widely used music hosting websites on the internet. The music is properly organized and easy to browse and the website has a clean interface that makes downloading and streaming music from this website very easy. It also offers 320 kbps audio for downloading songs which is the best bitrate for listening to songs on any sound system.


    14. FreeMp3Download

    This tool is also a website that works in conjunction with YouTube to download any music file that you love. It has a simple interface and a URL entry box where you have to add the YouTube URL of the song that you want to download and the tool will offer you various options for download. You can select the one that suits you the most and download it to your device with the single click of a mouse.


    15. Reverbnation

    Reverbnation is a website focused on the independent music industry. It offers songs from new and established artists. You can visit their website and very easily download or listen to your songs free. The interface is clean and free of ads.


    16. Wynk Music

    Wynk is also an extensive library of music that you can enjoy online or download. You can access it through your web browser by going to its website or you can download its Android app to save the songs for offline playback on your smartphone. It has the music library properly organized by artists, type, language and genre. Both the app and the website are cleanly designed and easy to use for downloading music. You can find pretty much any famous English song on this platform.

    wynk music

    17. Soundcloud

    This platform does not need any introduction. It is famous for hosting official versions of songs as well as covers from aspiring artists. You can access SoundCloud via their website on a computer and download the songs it hosts with ease. It also offers iOS and Android apps that can save your liked songs for offline playback. It is totally free to use and has the most extensive music library of all the websites listed here.

    You can search for artists, playlists, genre, and songs on this website. This is the most widely used audio music hosting site we have seen. You can get an idea of SoundCloud’s vastness from the fact that more than 6,000 new bands and artists register on this platform every month.


    18. Musopen

    This tool is one of the very few websites on the internet that provide royalty free music for use in videos and projects that require music not protected by copyright laws. You can make a free account to use open source music from this site. In addition to that, it hosts millions of songs that you can listen to online or download to your computer for offline listening. The website is clean and intuitive, and the UI is simple and very easy to navigate. You can find pretty much any English song on this website and download it for free.


    19. Gaana

    The name of Gaana might imply that this is a platform for sub continental music, but as a matter of fact this website has an extensive library or oriental, western, and Asian music as well. Searching for songs using any of the lyrics is possible on this website and you can download any song for free or play it online. If you don’t remember any ting about the song you want to download, you can browse by genre, artist, album, and other categories on this highly organized music library. It also offers a n Android and an iOS app for enjoying live streaming and offline music one the go.

    gaana website

    20. Mp3Box

    This tool is one of the leading music hosting websites on the internet that allow downloading music free of charge. The website has a database containing millions of songs and you can download any one of them in a few simple steps. It has a powerful search function that can filter the songs to exactly match what you are looking for. If you want to discover new music, it features the top 25 albums, the top 25 songs, and the top 25 artists to help you acquire new music.


    How Can I Download English Songs for Free

    These were the top sites to download English songs Mp3 for free. Now, if you’re looking for an ultimate way to download English songs for free on computer, Musify Music Downloader is all that you need. It is a specially designed desktop-based program that can help you download English songs for free from YouTube and 1,000+ other online platforms, including the above mentioned sites. This software offers unlimited downloads with 100% success rate and that too at ultra-fast downloading speed.

    Depending upon the operating system of your computer, you can download Musify Music Downloader directly from the links given below:

    If want to learn more about how to download English using the best way in 2021, you can refer to another comprehensive article from here.

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