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15 Incredible Bandcamp Downloader Applications (2021 Update)

September 13, 2021

    While the apps and website of Bandcamp allow users to listen to music online, there is no way to download it. Therefore, you need to use a Bandcamp Downloader tool in order to be able to download songs from this service and save them to your device.

    In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best 15 Bandcamp downloader that you can use to download Bandcamp music.

    Desktop-based Bandcamp Downloaders

    Bandcamp Online Downloaders

    Bandcamp Downloader Chrome Extensions

    Bandcamp Downloader Apps

    Top 7 Bandcamp Downloaders on Desktop

    Bandcamp downloader software are available in the form of Bandcamp downloader online and Bandcamp downloader chrome options along with other options like dedicated software purpose-built for downloading Bandcamp songs. We’ll be starting this list with the six of the best Bandcamp Downloaders that you can use on your computer to grab songs from this service.

    1. Musify Music Downloader

    Musify Music Downloader is an all-purpose music downloader designed to download music from any website on the internet that has audio content on it. The tool is available for Windows and MacOS and has all the qualities you need to have in a good music downloader. Its powerful batch downloading feature allows you to download unlimited number of single tracks, playlists, and albums from more than 1,000 online platforms.

    Musify Music Downloader

    Now, the following are some of the pros and cons of Musify downloader:


    • One-step download of albums and playlists from Bandcamp and other music services.
    • Automatic subtitle download with music.
    • Availabilityof a large number of format options including lossless ones like FLACC.
    • 10X faster downloads than any other similar tool.
    • It can download songs from Bandcamp, Spotify, and other services without having to have premium subscription.


    • Though it comes at a very reasonable price, but it is still a paid software.
    • The trial version has limited functionality.

    2. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

    You can use any streaming audio recorder software to download songs from Bandcamp and Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is one of the best streaming audio recorders in existence right now. This software can be used to download songs from Bandcamp in highest available quality and it is available for both Windows and Mac desktops. This software also adds the downloaded music to iTunes automatically, making things easier for Apple iPhone users. It is available in a number of languages, a bright prospect for people from different regions.



    • Multiple languages.
    • Built-in audio file trimmer/editing tool.
    • Automatically adds music to iTunes.


    • It only supports MP3 and M4A formats for audio downloads.

    3. KeepVid Music

    KeepVid is one of the leading media download service providers available for the internet. All you need to do is to copy the URL of the song you want to download from Bandcamp and paste it in the software to download the song. There is also a dedicated collection of KeepVid that you can also use to download Bandcamp songs.

    KeepVid Music


    • The procedure to download music is pretty simple and easy to perform.
    • It is easy to transfer the music to smartphones or other devices.
    • It can download from a number of websites.
    • It is available for two most used operating systems i.e. Windows and Mac.


    • The pricing is steep compared to similar software.
    • It only offers MP3 format to download music from Bandcamp.

    4. AiseeSoft Screen Recorder

    AiseeSoft Screen recorder is a multifunctional software that can be used to record the screen video, audio, both or to capture the screen. This software is widely used to record songs from streaming services like Bandcamp. It offers a customizable UI and a choice of different format options.

    Aiseesoft Screen Recorder


    • Multiple format options available.
    • Easy to use.
    • Customizable interface.
    • Can do many things other than downloading songs.


    • Downloaded files cannot be edited.
    • The download efficiency of this downloader is not very impressive.

    5. Audacity for Mac

    Audacity is an open source audio download solution that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Mac version of this software is one of the best audio downloaders for Mac. It can be used to download music from almost any website on the entire internet. Here are the pros and cons of this Bandcamp downloader software.

    Audacity for mac


    • It is totally free to use.
    • It offers an easy way to edit songs downloaded from Bandcamp.
    • It can automatically add the downloaded tracks to your music collection.


    • The user interface makes it a bit difficult for the users to navigate program.
    • It is hard for new users to familiarize with the software.

    6. Allavsoft

    This downloader is also available for Windows and Mac but it is a paid software and you need to purchase a license before using it. The download procedure is simple, you just have to provide the URL and it can extract the audio from that.



    • It downloads Bandcamp songs in a variety of formats.
    • The download procedure is simple.
    • It works with a number of platforms.


    • It cannot download content protected by copyright.
    • It is a paid software and had no free version.

    7. 4K Video Downloader

    The last but not the least Bandcamp downloader in our list is 4K Video Downloader. It is a famous program that let you download video and music content from different websites, including Bandcamp. It is a paid software that has a personal and business plans. The personal license comes at $15, whereas, business license will cost you $75.

    4K Video Downloader


    • Allows to download high-quality music in batches from Bandcamp.
    • You’ll be able to transfer music to iTunes using this program.
    • It can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system.


    • Supports only limited number of audio output formats.
    • At times, you might encounter parsing errors while using this software.

    Top 3 Bandcamp Downloader Online

    If you do not want to buy or install a software on your computer for downloading Bandcamp videos, you can use online downloaders. These work in a web browser and need nothing special to be installed in order for them to work. Coming up next are three of the best online Bandcamp downloaders.

    1. Bandcamp To MP3

    Bandcamp to MP3, as the name suggests, is a dedicated Bandcamp downloader online website. The tool is easy to use, you just need to enter the URL of the required Bandcamp song and the website downloads it for you.

    Bandcamp To MP3


    • It has a fast processing and downloading speed.
    • You do not need any registration or log in for using this tool.
    • Comes with a user friendly and easy to navigate UI.
    • It is free to use.


    • The download procedure can sometimes encounter unknown errors.
    • The platform has a lot of annoying ads.
    • It sometimes redirects you to irrelevant pages.

    2. VID Downloader

    VID Downloader is a multipurpose downloader that can be used to download audio and video content from a number of online services including Bandcamp. The download procedure is easy and simple, and you just need to enter the URL of the required song for it to be downloaded.

    vid downloader


    • Totally free to use.
    • Supports a number of websites.
    • Easy to use.


    • Full of ads.
    • Limited format options.
    • Slow download speed.

    3. Bandcamp MP3 Downloader

    This tool is offered by Paste Download, a download service provider for a lot of different websites and this is their dedicated Bandcamp audio downloader. The following are the pros and cons of this Bandcamp downloader online service.

    bandcamp downloader


    • Free to use.
    • Easy download process.
    • Supports many websites.
    • Very few ads.


    • There is only MP3 format available.
    • Does not offer high quality audio download.

    Top 2 Bandcamp Downloader Chrome

    Now, we’re going to discuss some of the browser extensions that you can install on your chrome browser for downloading Bandcamp music. You’ll need to install these Bandcamp downloader chrome extensions on your browser, and that’s it, you would be able to download your favorite songs from Bandcamp.

    1. Bandcamp Downloader for Chrome

    Bandcamp Downloader for Chrome is a Google Chrome Web Browser extension that you can add to your Chrome browser and download Bandcamp songs with it. It is easy to use and all you need to do is to click on the icon of the extension in the top right corner of the browser window and select the song you want to download.

    Bandcamp Downloader for Chrome

    Here are some of the pros and cons of this Bandcamp downloader chrome extension.


    • Free and easy to use.
    • No ads.


    • Redirects to different pages at times.
    • Only works for Bandcamp songs.
    • Can sometimes fail to download songs.

    2. Bandcamp MP3-128 Saver for Chrome

    Bandcamp MP3-128 Saver is a Google Chrome Web Browser extension that can be used to download any song from Bandcamp, but it only offers MP3 format and cannot download in more than 128kbps audio quality.

    bandcamp MP3 128saver


    • Free to use.
    • No registration required.


    • Only offers MP3 format for downloading.
    • No option for good quality downloads, only 128kbps available.

    Top 3 Bandcamp Downloader Apps

    It won’t be wrong to say that we’re living in an era of smartphones. Every second person these days is addicted to mobile phone and use apps to perform different functions. Now, the following are some of the most useful apps that can be used to download music from Bandcamp.

    1. Bandcamp for Android/iOS

    You can use the official Bandcamp app on Android or iOS devices to save the Bandcamp songs for offline playback. Here are some of the pros and cons of going with this approach.

    bandcamp android iphone


    • It is free to use.
    • There are no errors.


    • The files are saved or stored within the app.
    • You cannot transfer/share the songs as simple audio files.

    2. TubeMate

    TubeMate is an Android App that is unfortunately not available on the Play Store. You need to download it as an APK file and then that can be installed on your phone. It can download content from a number of websites and applications including Bandcamp. Just copy the URL of the desired song from Bandcamp and paste it in the app to download the song.



    • It is free to use.
    • The app is safe and secure.
    • There is no registration required.
    • It offers high download speed.
    • It can download multiple files in one go.
    • It can resume the download in case of a connection problem.


    • There are a lot of ads.
    • It shows random unwanted notifications on your phone when installed.

    3. Documents

    Documents by Readdle is an iOS app that is basically a file explorer but on steroids. It has a built-in browser that can be used to access any of the online downloaders discussed above and then the Bandcamp song can be downloaded from that online downloader.

    document by readdle


    • It offers a lot of functions.
    • It is free to use.
    • It is one of the very few solutions for directly downloading stuff to your iPhone instead of having to download on a computer and then transferring it.


    • It is a difficult to use applications.
    • It has a lot of ads.

    FAQs of Bandcamp Downloader

    1. How do I download music from Bandcamp to my iPhone?

    The best way for that is to download the music on to your desktop using any of the above downloaders and then transfer the downloaded song to your iPhone using iTunes. You can also use Documents by Readdle or Bandcamp for iOS to so this task.

    2. Can you put Bandcamp songs to iTunes?

    Yes, you can add Bandcamp songs to iTunes. Once the songs have been downloaded to your computer you can add them to iTunes like any other music file.

    3. How do I convert Bandcamp to MP3?

    You need to use a Bandcamp downloader or Bandcamp to MP3 converter tool for that. You can use any of the above tools for this task on your computer or smartphone.

    4. Are Bandcamp downloaders safe?

    All of the downloaders are safe as long as you make your way through the ads that some of them show as some of the ads can lead you to malicious websites that can potentially have something dangerous on them.

    Final Thoughts

    Bandcamp songs can be downloaded on a computer or a smartphone using any one of the 15 tools discussed in this article. All the tools have their own positive and negative points, but we have noted in testing all these Bandcamp downloader that Musify Music Downloader produces the best results and offers the highest degree of functionality, dependability and flexibility.

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