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How to Record Music From YouTube?

September 13, 2021

    YouTube is a great source of video, not only that, it is also the latest and most popular music publishing platform. You must follow your favorite singer or music channel. When the singer releases new tracks, you may want to download them to your computer and play them on your mobile phone. So even if you don’t have a network, you can listen while walking and traveling.

    You can find many ways to save music from YouTube. Here I will introduce two methods, one is to use the software to record music, and the other is to use the music download tool to save music directly.

    Record Music From YouTube with YouTube Recorder

    If you use Audio Recorder, you need to make sure your computer has an integrated sound card, otherwise you won’t be able to download streaming music. Then you’d better use YouTube download tool.

    If you want to record one of the sounds of the video, or a funny narration, just 2 steps to download YouTube audio using the audio recorder.

    Step 1 Open the YouTube video

    You can record the entire audio or music from your YouTube video, or jump to where you need to start before you start recording.

    Step 2 Record YouTube Music

    Open Audio Recorder, Audio Recorder can record music, and automatically match ID3 music tags to make your music files more tidy. When you play the YouTube video and click the Record button, then you can listen and wait for the recording to complete.

    Audio Recorder

    After the music is recorded, it will be saved in the Library.

    Audio list

    In the same way, you can also record music from sites like Spotify, Amazon and more.

    Download music using Online YouTube to MP3 Downloader

    You can use the free online YouTube to MP3 download tool (ytmp3), which captures audio files from YouTube videos and converts them to MP3 format.


    Step 1 Open the YouTube video and copy the video link in the address bar.
    Step 2 Paste the video link into YouTube to MP3 Downloader
    Step 3 click the Download button and wait for the download progress
    Step 4 Click the Download MP3 button to save the YouTube music file to your computer.

    Download YouTube Music with YouTube Downloader Software

    This is a fast way to download a lot of music without any effort. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader provides tools for downloading YouTube music and playlists, allowing you to convert music to mp3 on windows or Mac computers.

    YouTube Downloader

    youtube downloading

    Steps to download music from YouTube without recording

    After download and install the software on your computer, follow the guide to download YouTube mp3 music.

    Step1 Set the output format to mp3

    Launch iTubeGo, You can set the downloaded file type and quality in the reference by clicking the ⚙ button. Set to audio here:

    audio setting

    The default audio format is mp3, iTubeGo also supports m4a, wav, mka and other video/audio formats. You just need to click the link in the upper right corner of the program interface and select the desired format.

    video converter

    Step2 Grab YouTube music file

    As with the online YouTube music converter above, after you paste the YouTube music link into the software, iTubeGo can automatically analyze the audio tracks in the video or music and download it.

    paste url

    After downloading, you can manage your music as video files in “Downloaded”.

    Download YouTube Music with Free Android App

    Want to download YouTube music on your mobile device? Eliminate the need to transfer files between your computer and your phone. iTubeGo provides a free Andorid app, you can download the APK below:

    If your phone does not allow third-party stores to install APK, you will see a pop-up window of “Install blocked”, click Settings, and then go to Security. Toggle “Unknown sources” to ON to allow installing apps out of Google Play.

    unknown source
    1. Open the app to play YouTube music videos through the built-in browser.
    2. After the app automatically detects the video, there will be a “Download Video” button, Tap it.
    3. The prompt box will let you set the output format type. Select “Audio” here, if you want to convert to mp3.
    4. Wait for the download progress to complete.
    5. Done!

    Both of these methods can help you record and Download YouTube music and save it in MP3 format. Audio Recorder supports a variety of audio formats that you can convert to iPhone ringtones, iTunes, and iMovie compatible formats. And YouTube converter lets you easily get YouTube music with one click, without waiting for long recording.

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