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Getting Start of Musify Music Downloader – User Guide

June 29, 2023

    Today, people are fond of downloading files instead of streaming videos online. There are a lot of software that can be used for this purpose but not all equally efficient and secure. Musify Music Downloader is a one-stop and versatile video downloader that can download and convert videos from 1000+ video sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and all the big names. This Musify Music Downloader Guide will let you know that how you can download and make use of the software.

    You can see the video to learn the software in detail.

    How to Download and Install Musify Software

    To download and convert videos with Musify downloader, first you need to install the software to your computer. The following are the detailed steps to download and install Musify software.

    Step 1 Download the Latest Version of Musify

    Musify Music Downloader offers a separate version for both windows and mac users. First of all, you have to download the relevant program according to the operating system of your computer. For your convenience, below are the downloading links for Musify software.

    Step 2 Install Musify Music Downloader

    After downloading the program, next you have to install the software to your computer. For this purpose, open the downloaded file and click on the Run Button.

    Then, you’ll be given a license agreement to review the important information regarding the software. Go through the License Agreement carefully and select the “I accept the agreement” option. After that, click the Next button.

    install musify

    Now, the system will allow you to select the destination location for the program. If the already selected location is suitable for you, simply click the Next button to proceed, otherwise, change the destination location before going to the next window.

    installing musify

    In this step, you can select the additional tasks while installing Musify. If you want to “Create a desktop shortcut”, tick-mark the option and click the Next button.  

    Then, the program will start installing, and once it gets finished, click the Finish button to complete the setup wizard.

    finish intall musify

    Step 3 Register and Update the Software

    Once the installation gets completed, the Musify software will be opened automatically. Initially, you’ll be using the free trial version, but if you want to get unlimited access to the complete premium features of the software, then first you have to register your Account.

    To access the software via your registered account, click the Register button located at the top of the interface. If you want to purchase the best suitable plan, then click the yellow-colored “Buy Now” button.

    register musify

    Or, if you’re already a registered user, then simply put the “Licensed Email” and “Registration Code” and click the Register button.

    input register code musify

    Note: We recommend you to copy and paste the Licensed Email and Registration Code, in order to avoid the typing mistakes.

    We always try improving the functionalities and features of the software, which are usually provided in the form of updates. Thus, it is recommended to use the latest version of the software. To get the latest version of the software, click the three-lined button and select “Check for updates”. In this way, you’ll be given the latest version to download, or if you’re already running the latest version, it will be notified to you.

    update musify

    How to Download and Convert Videos Using Musify

    What makes this software particularly outstanding is that it can download and convert any music from more than 1000 online video and music sharing websites. When you launch the Musify software on your computer, you’ll see the two sections on the main interface i.e. Download and Convert.

    To know how to use this program, you can refer to the detailed step-by-step guide of the different functions of Musify.

    Note: If you have logged in to your Spotify account on the APP or Web, please sign out of it before you download Spotify songs.

    1. How to Use the Musify Download Function

    To download full music playlist from YouTube or any other online website using Download function of Musify, you need to follow these steps.

    Step 1 Copy the Video/Audio URL from YouTube

    If you want to download the entire playlist from YouTube in mp3 format, then go to the YouTube website and look for the particular playlist that you want to download. Once you find the required video/audio playlist, copy its URL from the browser address bar.

    copy youtube playlist

    Step 2 Setting the Download Options

    Open the Musify software. You have to select the settings before starting the downloading process. For this, press the three-lined button and go to the Preferences section. Here in the Download part, you can choose in between the different output formats i.e. MP3, M4A, and WAV. You can also set Downloading Quality, Lyric, and Destination Location in this step. After getting done with it, click the Apply button to save the selected settings.

    set mp3 m4a wav format

    Step 3 Paste the Copied URL

    As we’ve already discussed, Musify supports music downloading from 1000+ online websites including Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp Playlist, etc. After copying the video/audio playlist URL and selecting the settings, click the Paste URL button and it will start downloading the music in required output format and quality.

    • Download Videos/Audios
    paste url musify
    • Download YouTube Playlist
    music playlist to mp3

    Step 4 Download Audio File

    After the downloading process gets completed, the audio file will be saved to the selected location on the computer. You can also find the file with the audio format in the Downloaded Tab.


    2. How to Use Musify Convert Function

    Through its versatile music converter, Musify allows you to convert videos into various formats without losing original audio quality. It supports dozens of audio and video formats, and lets you convert video/audio to MP3, M4A, and WAV. To convert any video or audio file using the Convert function of Musify software, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

    Step 1 Setting the Convert Options

    Select the Convert section of the main interface, and then, click the Three-Lined button located at the top right of the interface. Then, go to the Preferences to set the convert options. You can select Destination Location from the Convert Tab of the Preferences section.

    convert musify

    Step 2 Add Audio/Video File

    In the next step, click the “+” button to add to import the audio/video file from the computer.

    convert videos

    Step 3 Choose the Output Format and Quality

    After adding the required video or audio file, click the “Convert” button, and then, a pop-up will appear. Here, you can choose the Output Format and Quality. You can choose the output formats from MP4, M4A, WAV, and you can choose qualities in between 64 kb/s, 128 kb/s, 256 kb/s, 320 kb/s, and Smart Fit. Then, click the OK button and the file will begin to convert.

    musify mp3 m4a wav

    Step 4 Finishing the Conversion Process

    After the conversion gets completed, the audio file will save to the destination location, or you can also find the file in the Converted Tab.

    complete convert musify


    • You can click “Convert All” button to convert all files in batch.
    • “Show the File” button let you find the destination location of the file.

    Understanding the Basics

    1. Preferences

    There are 3 different Tabs of the Preferences section in Musify Music Converter. Below is the detailed description of these tabs.

    1. Download Tab

    In the Download Tab of Preferences section, you can make the following changings.

    • You can set Output format, Quality, and Lyric here. The available output formats are MP3, M4A, and WAV, whereas, different quality options are 64 Kb/s, 128 Kb/s, 256 Kb/s, 320 Kb/s, and Smart Fit.  
    • You can limit the maximum number of downloading tasks in the Preferences section.
    • You can also select or unselect “Auto download lyric” and “Auto resume unfinished tasks on startup”, depending upon your requirements.
    • It is to note here that when you’re downloading private Facebook video, you have to select the “Allow to read Cookies from Firefox / Chrome” option.

    Note: Since the Spotify updated and if you find the Musify music download cannot download or working about download Spotify song, please click the “Allow to read Cookies from Firefox / Chrome” option all the time to download all Spotify song, playlist, album.

    preference musify

    2. Proxy Tab

    You can enable Proxy by putting the relevant data in the HTTP Proxy and Port fields. Here, you can also select or unselect the “Authorization required” option. If you select this option, you’ll have to enter the Login and Password in the given fields.

    proxy musify

    3. Convert Tab

    In the Convert Tab of the Preferences section, you can set the maximum number of converting tasks and can also set the destination location in this tab.

    2. Pausing or Resuming the Downloading Files

    Musify Music Downloader allows you to Pause the downloading or conversion procedure by click the Pause button. And if you want to resume the procedure, all you have to do is to click the Resume button, and the downloading procedure will start again from the same point where it stopped.

    3. Manage All Downloaded Media

    You can access and manage all the downloaded media files remaining within the software. In the Download section, you can find and manage all the downloaded files in the Downloaded tab. Likewise; you can access and manage all the previously converted files in the Converted tab of the Convert section.

    Support Input File Formats

    Video MP4, M4V, 3GP, MPEG, DAT, AVI, ASF, WMV, VOB, MKV, FLV, 3GS, 3G2, F4V, WEBM, TS, RMVB, MOV

    Support Output File Formats

    AudioM4A, MP3, WAV
    Audio Quality320 kbps, 256 kbps, 128 kbps, 64 kbps


    In this Musify Music Downloader Guide, you have come to know about the usability and unique features of Musify Software. After going through this guide to Music Downloader, now you’ll be able to use this program more efficiently. If you still have any queries or want to know anything about our software, simply leave a message in the comments section or email us at [email protected], and we’ll promptly reply to you.

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