How to Download Music from Spotify to Computer

October 9, 2020

    There are actually several ways that you can download music from Spotify to the computer. This guide will share with you 2 easy ways to help you download Spotify music to the computer. Let’s dive right in.

    Download Music from Spotify on Computer without Premium

    Musify can help you very easily download Spotify music to your computer even if you don’t have a premium subscription. The following are some of the highlighted features:

    • Download music from Spotify as well as more than 1000 other music and video streaming sites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram and SoundCloud among others.
    • Download a single song or an entire playlist, an album from Spotify in one click.
    • Convert the downloaded songs to other formats including MP3, MA4 or WAV.
    • The program is very easy to use and setup. It also has very fast download speeds, allowing you to download songs in just a few seconds.

    To use Musify to download songs from Spotify, follow these simple steps;

    Step 1: Download Musify on to your computer and then follow the simple setup Wizard to install and register the program.

    Step 2: Open Spotify and locate the song that you want to download and then copy the songs URL

     locate the song

    Step 3: Now open Musify and then click on “Paste URL” . Musify will take a second to analyze the song before downloading the song.

    click on “Paste URL”

    Step 4: When the download is complete, click on the “Downloaded” tab to find the downloaded songs.

    find the downloaded songs

    Official Way to Download Music from Spotify to Computer

    If you have a premium subscription, you can very easily download the songs to your computer for offline listening. Here’s how to do it;

    Step 1: Open Spotify on your PC or Mac and login if you haven’t already.

    Step 2: Find the song or playlist that you want to download.

    Step 3: Select the playlist and then click the “Download” button to turn it on. The song or playlist will begin downloading immediately. Once the download is complete, the song or songs will be available for offline listening.

    Official Way to Download Music from Spotify to Computer

    What People Often Ask

    The following are some of the most common questions we get about this topic;

    1. Is downloading music from Spotify legal?

    Before we share with you the various ways you can download music from Spotify, we feel we must address the question of legality. Music streaming sites and Spotify in particular have long been at the center of controversy over the legality of downloading and streaming music.

    Perhaps the most famous of these controversies is Taylor Swift’s now-infamous claim that Spotify didn’t compensate artists enough.

    So, is it illegal to download music from Spotify? The answer is far from simple. Copyright laws prohibit anyone from using the songs without the explicit permission of the owner and some songs on Spotify are copyrighted. But some artists will frequently give away their songs for free on the internet. Let’s breakdown what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to copyright law;


    If you download a song on Spotify that the artist has made available for download, you are not breaking the law. This is because by allowing the download for the music, the artist is essentially given you the permission you need to download the song.


    Downloading copyrighted songs is illegal unless you are the copyright holder. But once you have downloaded the song, you can abide by the usage restrictions on the music.

    For example, if you download the song for personal use and you don’t intend to distribute it or profit from it, then you can legally download the song. Downloading any song for commercial use such as in a video or ad is illegal and you may be eligible to fines depending on the gravity of the situation.

    In fact, social media platforms can detect the use of copyrighted music on their platforms. For example, YouTube will demonetize a video that uses copyrighted content and Instagram can remove any music from videos.

    2. Can you convert Spotify to MP3

    Musify allows users to download music from Spotify to MP3 format. It can also be useful when you have audio files from other sources that you want to convert to MP3. In fact, the converter in Musify can convert most types of files to MP3.

    3. How to download music from Spotify to Android Phone?

    Once the song is downloaded to your computer, you can easily transfer the music to your Android device using a USB cable. Simply connect the device to the computer and then use then transfer the song to the appropriate folder on the device. But this is only possible if you use a tool like Musify to download the songs in the first place. To learn more details, please click here.

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