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Effective Ways To Download Niconico Video (2021)

July 17, 2021
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    Niconico is a Japanese video-sharing website known for anime and other famous Japanese content. Today we’ll discover the ways to download Niconico video and you’ll be introduced to the best Niconico video downloader that you can use to download video from Niconico.

    How to Download Niconico Video on Computer

    iTubeGo Video Downloader can be used to download Niconico videos, It is known for its high download speed, variety of download options in terms of format and resolution, and the ability to download directly as an audio file. This software is not only good for Niconico or YouTube video downloading, but is also a very useful tool for downloading videos from almost any website on the entire internet. iTubeGo is already used and trusted by millions of users across the globe.
    Let’s see how you can use iTubeGo to download videos from Niconico.

    Step 1 Get iTubeGo Software

    First of all, you need to install iTubeGo on your computer. You can download the installation file from the link below.

    Step 2 Locate the Niconico video URL

    Now go to Niconico in a webs browser and open the video you want to download. Copy the link of the video from the address bar of the browser.

    niconico video url

    Step 3 Open iTubeGo and set download options

    With the link copied, open iTubeGo software and click the Settings icon. Here you can set the output format and resolution. iTubeGo allows you to convert Niconico to mp4, mp3 or other formats which you set to.

    video setting

    Step 4 Paste the URL

    After selecting the preferences just click the Paste URL button and then click download. The video will be downloaded and saved to your computer.

    download multiple urls

    Niconico Video Downloader – Online Solution

    The following are some of the online Niconico video downloaders. Niconico online downloaders have a very limited set of options and can’t match the reliability and efficiency of iTubeGo software.

    1. KeepVid.Pro


    Created by iTubeGo, it is one of the most popular online tools and can download videos from Niconico in MP3 and MP4 format. It can download video from 1000+ online websites including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The default download resolution is 360p. It downloads at an acceptable speed, but the trouble is that if you want to download something in HD resolution you’ll have to install desktop software.

    download niconico online

    Very Ninja Niconico video downloader


    This online tool can download Niconico videos in MP4 format. Like any other online downloader, it works and downloads videos in 3 easy steps. The only resolution available for downloading videos with this downloader is 360p.



    9xbuddy Niconico Downloader is the next online tool in our list. It can use shorcut to download niconico videos by adding “” before the video link.




    Savevideo is another simple online downloader. To download niconico videos, all you need is the particular video link that you’ve to paste in the search box of the downloader.


    In addition to downloading niconico videos online on the website, Fbion also supports chrome and Firefox plugins. You can install them on your browser and download videos at any time while watching niconico videos.




    VideoFk online video downloader is yet another free service that can download videos from various online sites, including Niconico. This online tool has a simple interface and has the option to choose in between different languages.

    Steps to Use Online Niconico Downloaders:

    The method for downloading Niconico videos using online tools is somewhat the same for all of them. Here’s a generic explanation of the download steps with an example of KeepVid.Pro.

    Step 1 Locate video URL

    Open the video you want to download in a web browser and copy the link from the address bar of the browser.

    Step 2 Open the online downloader

    Go to the online downloader website, for example, KeepVid.Pro.

    Step 3 Enter Copied URL

    Enter the URL you just copied into the designated spot on the video downloader site and select the output parameters.

    Step 4 Download Niconico video

    Click the download button and the video will be saved to the default download location of your computer.

    Comparison of Online Niconico Downloaders

    Every online tool claims to be the best and able to download Niconico videos efficiently. To provide you with more detailed insight; we’ve used and tested each of the above-mentioned tools. Here’s a comparison of the working of various online Niconico video downloaders.

    Online Downloader Supported Format Output Quality Test Result
    KeepVid.Pro MP4, MP3 360p Download speed is decently impressive and supports MP4 video and MP3 audio format. Default download resolution is 360p and you need to download additional software for downloading in HD
    Very Ninja Only MP4 360p We tried to run this downloader twice but prompted with a network connection problem in the first attempt. The second one was successful. You can prone to run into errors occasionally. The default download resolution is 360p and the supported video format is mp4.
    9xbuddy  Only MP4 360p Contains a ton of ads and video download speed is just fine. It doesn’t show the video size and resolution before you download it, and supports only mp4 video format.
    Savevideo Failed to work   Tried to run this online downloader many times but remained unsuccessful. It Runs into unknown errors upon entering the URL and clicking the download button. Failed to work   The online version doesn’t want and prompts you to download and install an extension that can only work with Chrome and Firefox. Even after installing the extension, only mp4 can be downloaded, and during our test, it took more than twice the time of the video’s length to download.
    VideoFk Only MP4 360p Downloaded video at a fast speed but there were no resolution options to select and you can only download videos in 360p.

    Download Niconico video on Android

    If you want to download Niconico videos directly to your android device, you can use the iTubeGo Android application for that. The application is free to use and can be used to download videos from almost any website.

    Steps to Download Niconico Video with iTubeGo for Android

    Step 1 Download iTubeGo Android application

    You can download the apk for installing the iTubeGo Android application here. Download the file and run it to install iTubeGo on your device.

    Step 2 Go to the Video Directly Or Get the Video URL

    Now, open the iTubeGo app on your android app and go to the particular Niconico video from the built-in browser of the app. Then, press the Download button to further proceed to the next step. Or, if you have copied the video link directly from the Niconico website, open iTubeGo for Android, and the app will automatically fetch the link and opens a pop-up window with download details.

    niconico android

    Step 3 Select the Required Video Format and Quality

    In the next step, it will give you the options for the format and quality of the video. Select the ones you want.

    1080p niconico video

    Step 4 Download Niconico Video on Android Device

    Click the download button after you have set the preferences and the video will be downloaded to your device.

    download niconico android

    Which Method is best for you?

    We’ve given you an overview of all the options available for downloading videos from Niconico. The most powerful tool is iTubeGo desktop software with Tubo-fast download speed and more sites be supported, allowing you to download multiple videos in batches with one click.

    The online methods are free to use but have a lot of advertisements. Moreover, these downloaders do not support higher resolutions and can only download a maximum of 360p resolution and that too in only MP4 format.

    If you want to download the videos on your android device, then the best option is the iTubeGo Android application. It is free and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of options and output formats.

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    • Avatar Zahrah says:

      Why when i try downloading video from nico nico always failed? It’s already 78mb and then failed the download say this link is expired, and i not used pc i used Android. When i installed itubego app for Android the download from nico nico its still failed, i want to know why?

    • Avatar lukas says:

      Now why when I try to download with those links, all of them are error? They said the link is not valid even though I can play the video from the link. It just happened recently. Before those link you said worked nicely. Now all of them are broken at the same time. Do you any alternative method?