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Where and How to Download Disney Movies for Free


    While growing up, for most of us, Disney movies have been a major part of our childhood. We had to buy DVDs or go to cinemas to watch these movies. With the advancements in technology, Internet has led many ways and doors where you don’t have to go anywhere to watch movies but stay in the comfort of your own home. Now, you must be wondering how to download Disney movies? Well, we have a solution for that, and we’re going to share it with you in this article.

    How to Download Disney Movies Free on PC/Mac

    Well, as promised we are here to share a poweful downloader i.e. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader; which will help you download Disney cartoon movies in no time without any trouble. It is an efficient downloader and capable of downloading audio and video files from thousands of online streaming platforms. Another feature that makes it stand out is its faster downloading speed with the help of Multithread technology. There is quite a range of audio and video formats that this downloader supports. You can even edit and cut YouTube videos and audios to specified length.

    You can download this video downloader from below link:

    Salient Features

    • Clean and super easy user-interface
    • Built-in browser and file manager for comprehensive downloading experience
    • Download videos in HD, Full HD, 4K, and even 8K resolution effortlessly
    • Able to download unlimited number of videos and entire playlists in a single click
    • Comes with powerful batch downloading feature
    • Available for all the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS

    Steps to Download Disney Movies free

    Follow the simple steps given below to know how to download Disney movies:

    Step 1 First of all, you will have to download and install iTubeGo YouTube Downloader on your PC.  Next, you will need to find the Disney movie on YouTube that you want to download and copy its URL from the browser address bar.

    download disney movies

    Step 2 Now, launch iTubeGo YouTube Downloader software and set the download format to Video (Mp4) in the Preferences section. Moreover, it also allows you to choose the video quality and other download settings according to your requirements.

    setting mp4 format itubego

    Step 3 Once done with the download settings, click on the Paste URL button on the top of the interface to begin the downloading process.

    paste youtube video url

    Step 4 When the Disney movie has been downloaded successfully, you can find it in the Downloaded section of the software.

    download disney movies

    How to Download Disney Cartoon Movies on Android/iPhone

    Looking for a perfect solution to download Disney Cartoon movies to your mobile device? Did you have any luck finding a way? If not, you should check out iTubeGo for Android. You can download the Android app from the official web page or simply using the link given below. You should try downloading the safest version which is apk version of the app.

    The Steps of Downloading Disney Movies on Android

    1. Once you have installed the iTubeGo app on your android device by giving all the necessary permissions, Launch the app on your mobile phone.
    2. From list of sites on the main interface, tap YouTube and find the Disney movie you want to download. Or, you can get the URL of the link for the movie from any other website by simply the copying the link.
    3. Once you opened the required YouTube video, then tap on a red colored download button you see below the video. On the other hand, go to iTubeGo app after copying the link and it will recognize the link you have copied. Then, tap the Download button.
    4. A pop-up box will appear and here you can choose the output format for the video to mp4 and set other video downloading settings.
    5. Lastly, you will need to tap on OK and your video will start downloading. Once the video has been downloaded, you will get it in the Files section of the app.
    download disney movies

    If you want to download Disney movies free to iPhone, you can simply transfer the video to iPhone. For this purpose, you can iTunes to transfer the video after downloading it to your PC through iTubeGo YouTube Downloader software.

    If you don’t want to get into the hassle of downloading software for your PC, then you should click here to check out top 10 online downloaders.

    6 Best Websites to Watch Disney Movies Online for Free

    Now we will list down 6 Best websites where you can stream Disney movies for free:

    1. FreeDisneyCartoons4U
    2. AllDisneyMoviesOnline
    3. KissCartoon
    4. WatchDisneyMoviesOnline
    5. FreeBarbieMoviez
    6. FreeDisneyCartoonsOnline

    1. FreeDisneyCartoons4U

    URL: Click Here
    First website to stream Disney movies is FreeDisneyCartoons4U. As the name clearly indicates, this website is all about Disney cartoons and movies. It has a vast collection of Disney cartoons. This website is completely free and provides high video quality. With being ad free site, it provides up to 720p video quality. You don’t require any sign ups or registration to stream shows on this website. You can also stream movies on your mobile phone.


    2. AllDisneyMoviesOnline

    URL: Click Here
    It is a best source of entertainment when you are looking for a way to watch Disney movies online. This is a free website and has a user-friendly interface, which makes streaming a lot easier. You can find quite a collection of movies in its library. It is suitable if you are looking for a site to watch Disney movies in high quality. Furthermore, it doesn’t even require sign up and you can find all the popular movies here.


    3. KissCartoon

    URL: Click Here
    This website is a best spot if you are looking for Disney Cartoon movies to watch. It has a variety of cartoons, movies and shows for children. KissCartoon website is completely free and doesn’t require registration or any subscription. You can also watch Anime here. You can search for the required movie in the provided input box. For downloading any movie, you will require to log in.


    4. WatchDisneyMoviesOnline

    URL: Click Here
    The name of this website is highly suggestive of watching Disney movies online. It has a clean interface and everything is properly arranged in categories. Although it was last updated in 2015, but still, has quite a good collection of Disney movies. You can watch trailers for the movies. You can search the desired movies by simply putting their information in the search box. It is a completely free site to stream Disney movies.


    5. FreeBarbieMoviez

    URL: Click Here
    If you are a fan of Barbie movies, this next website would be great for you because it is a dedicated site for Barbie movies. It is completely free and doesn’t require sign ups and subscriptions to watch the movies available on the website. You can stream Barbie movies online anytime you wish to.


    6. FreeDisneyCartoonsOnline

    URL: Click Here
    Lastly, we have another website where you can watch Disney Cartoons and movies online for free. As it is completely free, it requires no registration or sign ups. Although it doesn’t have a lot of movies available, however, you will get to watch classical Disney movies. It has two servers available for online streaming. You can switch between the servers when one of them is not working.

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