Top 10 Sites to Download TV Shows for Free

August 25, 2020

    I love watching TV shows. Now that corona has caused everyone to stay at home, there is little to do to pass the time. The best remedy to kill time in my point of view is to watch TV shows. There are many TV series, and each of them streams on different apps such as Hulu, Amazon Go, Netflix, etc.

    You may not have the leisure to monthly payments for the subscriptions just like me. Even if you have a subscription, there are a lot of ads, and the main issue is buffering. When a video buffers, it just kills the entire mood of the episode.

    An excellent solution to the above-mentioned problems is if you could download TV shows for free and watch them anytime. I think this is the perfect solution as you can enjoy any episode at any time of the day. But how will you be able to download episodes of your favorite TV shows?

    tv show

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    Well, I have the perfect solution to your problems. Introducing iTubeGo. The all in one software which caters to all your needs. With iTubeGo, you can download all episodes of your favorite TV show and watch them anytime.

    With iTubeGo you can download and convert youtube video to any format which your device supports. This way, you can watch your tv shows on any device. iTubeGo allows maximum download speeds for you, meaning all your large-sized videos can be downloaded within minutes.

    You can convert the downloaded episodes into formats that can be played on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android devices, and on Android tablets. This feature is not found on most video downloading software. iTubeGo packs this feature and much more into one powerful software.

    Let’s get into how you can download tv shows with iTubeGo directly to your windows device.

    How to Download TV Shows

    Step 1 Download and install iTubeGo

    Step 2 Search the TV shows website, browse the TV shows you like, then copy the URL of the episode.

    copy tv shows

    Step 3 Open iTubeGo, select your desired output format on the upper right corner, then click the preference, choose the quality and other parameter.

    setting mp4

    Step 4 Click the “Paste URL”, the episode will start to download automatically.

    paste tv shows

    Step 5 After complete download, you can find the tv shows on the Downloads Tab, just enjoy the episode right now.

    download tv shows

    List of Top 10 Sites to Download TV Shows

    Now that we have learned how to download iTubeGo, the question remains; where will you find full-length tv shows? Let’s talk about the top 10 sites to download your TV shows.

    Starting with this site. You can watch and download high-quality tv series from here as it updates it’s content on a daily basis. It has all the latest tv shows for you to enjoy. Additionally, it has support for subtitles for all languages.

    Top TV Series

    This is another great site where you can download tv series for free. As episodes are released weekly, this site updates the new episodes without any delay. You can count on it to receive weekly updates on time.

    This is one of the best sites to download youtube videos to MP4 format. Along with many different tv shows, you can also download movies, and WWE shows from here. The site is easy to navigate around.


    It is evident from the name that you can find HD quality tv shows from here. The site has not only English tv shows but also Indian tv shows for you to enjoy.


    This site has you covered if you are looking to download any tv show. The site is totally free to use and download episodes. The interface is easy to navigate around.

    FZ Movies

    This site houses all the latest Hollywood movies in HD 1080P/4K MP4. You can also find Bollywood movies and even Tamil movies here. All of them are free to download.

    Mob TV Shows

    It is evident from the name that this site is used to download free tv shows for mobile devices. The specialty is that the file sizes of episodes are small so that you can play them on your mobile phones.

    Movie Voom

    Here you can find all the 2020 latest movies for free. It has all the movies for you, such as Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Punjabi movies, etc. All of the movies are available for you to download in MP4 format.

    MP4 Point

    It is evident from the name that this site has all the content in MP4 format. You can download free movies and tv shows from here in MP4 format for free. This format is supported by almost all devices, so you will be able to play it on any device.


    This is another site to download tv shows, especially for mobile phones. The file sizes are small and have good resolution quality.

    Enjoy your TV shows, and Stay Safe!

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