How to Convert TikTok to MP4 on Desktop/Online Solution

August 25, 2020

    TikTok has recently become one of the most famous social media platforms with a lot of amateur artists displaying their talent on this novel social media app. You can watch videos of people dancing, acting, cooking, and doing a whole lot of other stuff on TikTok but you cannot download those videos to your computer.

    TikTok does offer the option to download the videos on smartphones but that too with compromised quality. If you want to know the best methods to download TikTok to MP4 on your computer in the best available quality, stick with us as we’ll discuss the TikTok to MP4 converter desktop software and TikTok to MP4 converter online solutions.

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader – The Ultimate Way to Convert TikTok to MP4

    You can find a lot of video downloaders on the internet. All have their own pros and cons but if you want the single best video download tool that is iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. It is desktop software, which is available for Windows and Mac OS and offers a lot of cool and helpful features that make it the best choice for downloading any multimedia content from any website on the entire internet.

    Here are some of the features of the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader that make it the best option on the market right now.

    Key Features

    • It supports more than 10,000 websites including all major social media and video hosting platforms.
    • It offers the option of downloading videos in all major formats, more than 50 of useful video formats.
    • It can download multiple videos at a time.
    • It can convert video formats in batches at turbo-fast speed.
    • It downloads videos at a 10 times faster speed than any other tool.
    • It can download in full HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions.
    • It is available for Windows, Mac and Android devices.
    • It can download entire playlists and channels with a single command.

    How to Convert TikTok to MP4 using iTubeGo

    Step 1 Install iTubeGo on Your Computer

    The first step in converting TikTok to MP4 using iTubeGo, the versatile multimedia downloader, is that of installing it on your computer. The installation file can be downloaded from the iTubeGo website or the link below. Run this file to install the software on your computer. This process is pretty simple and won’t take more than a few minutes. 

    Step 2 Locate the TikTok Video and Get its URL

    After installing the software, open a web browser on your device and go to the TikTok video you are interested in downloading. Copy its URL; it will be used to download the video to your computer. To copy the video URL, click the Share option and then select Copy URL button.

    copy tiktok video

    Step 3 Run iTubeGo and Configure it

    The next step needs you to open iTubeGo and set the output video options. If you want to download the video in MP4 format select MP4 on the “Download then Convert” to option and set the resolution of your liking from the Preference section.

    settping mp4

    Step 4 Paste URL

    When the preferences have been set, click the Paste URL button and the software will automatically read the URL from your clipboard and the download will commence.

    paste url

    Step 5 Find the Downloaded TikTok Video

    The file will be available in the “Downloaded” section of the software after it has been downloaded to your computer.

    download tiktok video

    Online Solutions for Converting TikTok to MP4

    If you don’t want to install software on your computer to download TikTok videos, you don’t need to worry as we have compiled a list of four of the best TikTok to MP4 converters that do not require downloading or installing any software and work online.

    1. TtDown

    TtDown is an online TikTok to MP4 conversion tool. If you want to use it open it by clicking on the link above. You’ll see a filed asking you to enter the URL on the top of the webpage that opens. Enter the URL of the video here and select the output format of your choice and click download to save the video to your computer.

    Here are some pros and cons of this software.

    Pros Cons
    • It can download in MP4 and MP3 format.
    • It supports HD quality downloads from TikTok.
    • Only works for TikTok.
    • Confusing User interface.
    • A lot of irritating ads.

    2. YMP4

    YMP4 is a widely used online video download solution that can download videos from a lot of websites. The download procedure is similar to that of other online download tools.

    ymp4 tiktok downloader

    The pros and cons of this software include:

    Pros Cons
    • It supports a number of websites.
    • It supports HD quality downloads.
    • Has the option to select from various languages.
    • Offers very limited output options.

    3. 9xbuddy

    9xbuddy is also a famous online video download solution that works with a number of websites. Here are some pros and cons of this online TikTok to MP4 converter.


    The pros and cons of this software include:

    Pros Cons
    • Supports a lot of websites.
    • It has a number of quality options.
    • Unfriendly user interface.
    • A lot of annoying ads.

    4. OnlineVideoConverter

    OnlineVideoConverter is another widely used online video download tool. It supports a number of websites and the download procedure is the same as that of other online video download tools.

    onlinevideoconverter tiktok

    Here are some positive and negative aspects of this tool.

    Pros Cons
    • Compatible with a lot of websites.
    • Offers HD quality downloads.
    • It offers a number of quality options.
    • It has no ads.
    • Very limited format options.

    Comparison of iTubeGo with Online TikTok to MP4 Converters

      Online Solution iTubeGo
    Quality of downloaded Video/Audio files Not Guaranteed 100% original quality
    More choice of output format and quality Only MP4 Yes, supports various output formats and qualities.
    Support 4K & 8K ×
    Download batch videos without limitation of numbers. ×
    Lifetime update, technical support ×
    Support to resume the download process when broken ×
    Annoying Ads 100% Ad-free Downloading
    Install the software ×
    Unreliable and unstable, sometimes fails to download ×

    In Summary

    TikTok videos can be converted to MP4 and saved to your computer for offline playback using a number of methods. These can be broadly categorized as online solutions or desktop software. The online solutions are free and don’t require you to download any software but are slow, have ads, compromise the quality, and are not secure.

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is the best desktop software for converting TikTok to MP4 because of the flexibility and lots of options it provides. You can use it on Windows as well as Mac computers and it functions equally well on both of them. iTubeGo software can also be used to download audio and video content from more than 10,000 websites making it the all-in-one tool for all your video conversion and download needs.

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