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Top 6 Best Ways to Convert Dailymotion to MP4

October 15, 2020

    With over 150 million videos and 300 million monthly unique users, Dailymotion is one of the leading video hosting platforms. The best thing about Dailymotion is that here you can find content that’s not on YouTube due to copyright violation or other issues. You can watch as many videos on Dailymotion as you want, but there’s a catch.

    If you want to download Dailymotion video or just want to save one to your computer to watch it offline, there’s no way of doing that. Well, there is no “official” way of doing that, but you know us, if it’s on the internet we can make it possible for you to download it. In the following text, we’ll describe 6 amazing methods that you can use to easily convert any Dailymotion video to MP4.

    dailymotion to mp4

    Best Dailymotion to MP4 Converter – iTubeGo

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is software designed for Windows and Mac computers to download video content from any website on the internet. It is designed keeping in mind the expectations users have from a video download tool. It is not only great for downloading media but can also work as a local media converter. The iTubeGo also comes with a lifetime warranty and technical support facility.

    Key Features:

    How to Convert Dailymotion to MP4 Using iTubeGo

    Now, if you’re wondering how you can convert Dailymotion to MP4 using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, then, simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

    Step 1 Download and Install iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    iTubeGo is available for Windows and Mac computers and you can download the installation file for your system from the following links or by visiting its official webpage. Once the file has downloaded, just run it and it will guide you through the installation process.

    Step 2 Locate the Dailymotion Video and Copy its URL

    After you have installed iTubeGo on your computer, open Dailymotion in a web browser and navigate to the video you want to download. Open the video and copy the link that you will find in address bar. This is the URL of the video that you’ll need to download the video.

    download dailymotion

    Step 3 Set Output Video Quality and Format

    Now, run the iTubeGo software and go to the Preferences or Settings section of the program. Select Video in the Download format and the required resolution in the Quality option. If you have previously changed the output format to some other format, then you can set the MP4 Video Output Format from the “Download then Convert to” section of the main interface.

    setting mp4

    Step 4 Paste URL

    With the output parameters defined, just hit the button on the iTubeGo UI saying, “Paste URL.” This will automatically start the download.

    paste dailymotion url

    Step 5 Locate the Downloaded MP4 File

    After the completion of the downloading process, you can find the downloaded videos under the “Downloaded” section of the software.

    download dailymotion

    After discussing the best video downloader, iTubeGo, you would be able to convert unlimited Dailymotion videos to mp4 format. However, if you are looking for makeshift to free download tools, then we’ve included five of the best online downloaders in this section that will allow you to download videos from Dailymotion.

    5 Free Dailymotion to MP4 Converter Online

    1. KeepVid.Pro

    KeepVid Pro is a free online Dailymotion video to MP4 converter. It offers the basic functionality. It can be used to download videos from other websites as well. It also offers the option to download videos to MP3 if you want to convert some music. The download procedure is very simple, same as discussed above.

    keepvid dailymotion downloader

    To have a more detailed idea, have a look at the following pros and cons of KeepVid.Pro.

    Pros Cons
    • Free to use.
    • Supports 10,000+ websites.
    • Easy to use with simple UI.
    • Contains a lot of ads.
    • Only MP4 format available.
    • Tends to redirect you to other websites.

    2. All In One Downloader

    All In One Downloader is a free tool that you can use online to convert Dailymotion to MP4. The tool has a simple and easy UI and is free to use. Like any online downloader, downloading Dailymotion videos is just a matter a matter of two to three steps, as discussed above.


    Next, see all the goods and bads of this downloading tool.

    Pros Cons
    • Works with a number of websites.
    • Offers a lot of format options.
    • Available in various languages.
    • Unstable and unreliable.
    • Contains tons of ads.
    • Redirects to Error page on clicking the download button.

    3. Very.Ninja

    Very.Ninja is yet another typical free online video download tool that supports a lot of websites and offers various format options. The download process needs the same steps as described for KeepVid Pro.


    Here are some of the pros and cons of this online downloader.

    Pros Cons
    • Works with a number of websites.
    • Has an option of various formats.
    • Supports different settings.
    • Redirects to “403 Forbidden” page on clicking the download button.

    4. Vido Download

    Vido Download is a cool little online video download tool that works with YouTube, Dailymotion and a number of other video websites. It has basic functionality and gets the job done. When it comes to downloading procedure, you just need to copy the Dailymotion video’s URL and paste it into the downloader search box.

    vido downloader

    Coming up next are the pros and cons of this Vido Online Downloader.

    Pros Cons
    • Supports a number of websites.
    • Offers a lot of format options.
    • Not reliable.
    • Unstable and disrupt downloading procedure quite frequently.
    • Redirects to “403 Forbidden” page upon initiating the download.

    5. Convert2MP3

    Not fall for the name, the Convert2MP3 actually has a lot of formats to select from and not just a MP3 downloader. It is quite reasonable tool and have all standard attributes of any online downloader. You can download any Dailymotion video to MP4 using this tool in the same way as described above.


    To explore more about this online downloader, have a look at its pros and cons.

    Pros Cons
    • Offers a number of formats.
    • Offers both audio and video downloads.
    • Supports many sites.
    • Fast download speed.
    • No ads.
    • Free to use.
    • Can only download videos less than 90 minutes of duration.

    Comparison of Downloader Software and Dailymotion to MP4 Online

    Features Online Downloaders iTubeGo Software
    Quality of downloaded Video/Audio files Compromised Quality 100% original quality
    More choice of output format and quality Only MP4 More than 40 formats available
    Support 4K & 8K No Yes
    Download batch videos without limitation of numbers No Yes
    Lifetime update, technical support No Yes
    Support to resume download process when broken No Yes
    Annoying Ads A lot No
    Install the software No Yes
    Unreliable and unstable, sometimes fails to download Yes No

    The Final Verdict

    There are a lot of options available in the market that you can avail to download content from Dailymotion. iTubeGo is a paid software that offers the maximum flexibility, functionality, and usability among all the media download tools currently on the market. The free online tools have only one advantage, they are free. They have very limited functionality and often run into errors.

    If you want to get a Dailymotion to MP4 converter that’s dependable and useful, one you can rely on, you need to get iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. It will act as your all-in-one media solution for downloading and converting audio and video content from local storage or from any website on the internet.

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