Two Free Way to Download Child Education Videos in HD

October 3, 2020

    As we all know, online learning from videos makes your child more curious about things and elastic thinking. Moreover, it makes your child productive and brings a new level of imagination. What if we tell you that you can free download child education video so that your child can watch and learn anytime anywhere! In this write up, we’ll share the best websites for child learning videos, and also how you can download videos from these websites for free.

    Free Download Child Education Video from YouTube

    Unfortunately, not all the video sharing websites have an option of downloading. And to solve this problem, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader allows you to download HD quality videos in any format you want. It supports 10,000+ video and music sharing websites so that you can download educational videos from anywhere on the internet without any limitation or restrictions. Also, it is different than any other video downloader software as it does not require much time to download a video because of its 10X fast downloading feature.

    Steps to Download Free Child Education Videos using iTubeGo

    You can free download child learning videos from many websites like YouTube, Vimeo and others using iTubeGo. To download educational videos using this software, follow these steps:

    Step 1 Install and Download the latest version of iTubeGo Desktop Software:

    Download the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader through its official website and install it on your computer. You can find the download links on its official website, or you can use the links below:

    Step 2 Click on the video and copy the URL:

    Then, open the YouTube child education video you want to download and copy its URL from the address bar of the browser.

    copy the URL

    Step 3 Open settings of iTubeGo and choose the video output format:

    In the next step, go to the settings of the iTubeGo YouTube downloader, where you’ll have to choose the Download type as Video and the video resolution in the Quality field. To set the required output format, you can head over to the “Download then Convert to” tab located at the main interface of the iTubeGo program.


    Step 4 Click on “Paste URL” Button:

    Then, click on the “Paste URL” option to paste the link of the video you have been copied earlier.

    Paste URL

    Step 5 Find Your Video in the Downloaded Section of iTubeGo:

    After the downloading is complete, you can find all your downloaded videos in the “Downloaded” section of the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.


    Top 10 YouTube Education Channel for Kids

    No. Channel Name Number of Subscribers Link
    1 Blippi 9.66 million Click Here
    2 Morphle TV 8.79 million Click Here
    3 Rock ‘N learn 616k Click Here
    4 Toddler Fun Learning 1.44 million Click Here
    5 K-I-D-S Learning Videos 823k Click Here
    6 Peekaboo Kidz 1.14 million Click Here
    7 English Singsing 1.96 million Click Here
    8 Busy Beavers 2.79 million Click Here
    9 Pebbles live 2.9 million Click Here
    10 TuTiTuTV 3.83 million Click Here

    Best Sites to Free Download Child Education Video

    There are many websites to free download child educational videos but not all are providing useful content. That’s why, we have shortlisted the best websites for finding free educational videos. All videos on these websites can be downloaded easily by iTubeGo. Let’s start exploring these sites one by one.

    1. Turtle Diary


    Turtle Diary

    Turtle diary is one of the best website for your child’s education. Your kid can enjoy and learn on this website. It enables your kid to enjoy new ways of learning with other fun activitieslike online games, puzzles, experiments, etc. Moreover, this website offers your kid a unique blend of study and fun both at the same time. This website provides source of educationfor everyone, and if you are a teacher, then you can use assessment tools for the detailed reports of your students and audio instructions for all the games to make it easy to play. Moreover, Students can learn through different entertaining activities which helps their brain to function more accurately. Additionally, there is a unique feature for parents; they can print out coloring sheets for their children and reduce the stress of road trips by engaging their children in fun educational activities. You can download educational videos for children for free from this website by using the iTubeGo YouTube downloader.

    2. Toddler Fun Learning


    Toddler Fun Learning

    Toddler fun learning website has 1 billion users from all across the world, enjoying educational learning videos. They also have a channel on YouTube with 1.44 million subscribers. You can download high-quality videos and songs. You can watch, share, and download for free by using iTubeGo. You can download their app as well so that your kid can enjoy fun videos without any interruption. This website will make sure that your kid can enjoy and learn.

    3. Learning Games for Kids


    Learning Games for Kids

    Unfortunately, nowadays the education system of many schools is only about cramming and less about learning. We need to engage our children into productive and fun activities where they can enjoy and learn as well. Therefore, this website is excellent for building the foundation of learning new skills. Your kid can learn and play for free. The educational games available on this website help your child to build skills in language and sciences etc.

    4. Dictionary



    This website offers educational videos to all ages of children. You can make your kid productive and innovative by just downloading or watching videos on So, Preschoolers and kindergarten kids can enjoy learning games while elementary kids can indulge themselves in puzzles and writing activities. On the other hand, Middle and high school kids can watch videos, read articles, and solve quizzes according to their interests.

    5. Thames and Kosmos


    Thames and Kosmos

    It is yet another great website to free download child learning videos. You can download science activities and print fun activities and games that your child can play with friends as well as with family. Likewise, they offer to learn fun activities that your kid can do at home, and they can watch videos and play games to keep their mind sharp and creative.

    To Conclude:

    As we know, due to the pandemic situation, the education of our children is being neglected for many months, but now it is way easy to keep your children on track. All you have to do is to keep them busy in fun educational activities. You can free child education videos from the websites, in the way, we have just discussed in the article. So, install iTubeGo YouTube Downloader now and make your kid more creative and intelligent.

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