How to Download Part of YouTube Videos in HD

September 13, 2021

    Many times, while watching videos on YouTube, you might want to shorten a clip so that you can share to Facebook, TikTok or another usage. If you want to cut and download part of a YouTube video, then, unfortunately, you can’t do this without the help of a special tool.

    Download part of youtube video

    We’ll introduce desktop software that lets you download specific parts of YouTube videos in high-definition quality. Also later in this article, we’re bringing the most easiest and effective online tools to cut out a segment of YouTube videos for free.

    Download Part of YouTube Video on Desktop

    Now, Let’s discuss a more efficient and useful solution for cutting YouTube video. Since, online tools only supports 360P video resolution for downloading, the method we’re going to describe will allow you to cut-out specific parts of YouTube videos and download them in HD quality.

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is an all-in-one desktop software that is designed to work for all the video and music downloading needs of the users. Using the “Online” feature of this amazing desktop software, you can cut and download YouTube videos with just 1-click. You can download specific parts of YouTube video in various formats and highest-quality video resolutions, as it offers up to 8K video downloading.

    Steps to Download Specific Parts of YouTube Video using iTubeGo

    After downloading and installing the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader from below links.

    Step 1 Select the Download Settings

    Open the iTubeGo software and go to the “Download then Convert to” tab from the main interface. Here, you can set the output format. Once you’ve set the output format, head over to the “Preferences” tab and set the required Download type and Quality.

    Download Settings
    Download Settings

    Step 2 Access YouTube Video from iTubeGo’s Built-in Browser

    Now, go to the Online section of the iTubeGo program and open the required YouTube video using the built-in browser. For this purpose, either you can open the website by tapping the dedicated YouTube tab on the main screen of online section or enter the URL into the address bar of the browser.

    Access YouTube Video

    Step 3 Set Start and End Time for Reduced Video Part

    Once you play the YouTube video in the built-in browser of the iTubeGo software, a progress bar will start displaying with two bars, just below the video. Set the time duration for the specific YouTube video by moving these bars and the video portion in between these bars will be selected for downloading.

    Cut YouTube Video

    Step 4 Download Specific Part of YouTube Video on Desktop

    Click the “Cut” button to start the downloading process. you can check the progress in the “Downloading” section of the program. After it gets completed, you can play the downloaded media in the “Downloaded” section


    Why You Should iTubeGo for Download Specific YouTube Video Parts?

    • iTubeGo software can cut and download part of YouTube videos more reliably and securely than online tools.
    • It provides ad-free downloading experience.
    • You can convert YouTube video parts into many output formats such as MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, and many more.
    • This software allows you to download part of YouTube videos in various SD and HD video resolutions.
    • It has 10X faster downloading speed than any other downloading solution.

    Download Part of YouTube Video Online

    First, let’s go over the 3 best online free services that will help you to instantly trim and download specific parts of YouTube video without requiring to download any special applications or programs.

    2. YT Cutter
    3. oDownloader



    YouTube Cutter is our first pick for the list of top 3 best online YouTube trimmer and downloaders. It is a free online tool that will help you to download part of a YouTube video without the need to install any plugin or software. They claim to use the latest techniques in order to provide the best quality and this video trimmer can generate files as MP4, MP3, or GIFs.


    Now, let’s check how you can use this tool to crop and download part of a YouTube video.

    Step 1 Paste the YouTube video URL into the input box and click the “Start Cutter” button.
    Step 2 – Adjust the length of a YouTube video. You can do that either by dragging the bars or by simply entering the start and end time manually.
    Step 3 – Finally, select the file type and click the “Cut Video” button.

    Why We Recommend this Tool:

    • Easy to use.
    • No ads.
    • Editing is smooth and downloading is fast.
    • It also has an additional chrome add-on.

    2. YT Cutter


    As its name implies, YT Cutter is another impressive YouTube video cropper and downloader that comes with various download options. It has a very clean and minimalist interface that makes the whole downloading process simple for the users. It can help you trim and download YouTube videos online, and can save the files like MP4, M4A, GIFs, and screenshots. However, the free account users can only download video clips up to the maximum length of 1 minute. If you need to create longer video clips, then you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version, which supports a maximum video length of 20 minutes.


    The following are the steps to cut and download part of YouTube video using YT Cutter online tool.

    Step 1 – Copy the video URL from YouTube and paste it into the input box on the main interface of YT Cutter. Then, click on the “Start” button.
    Step 2 – Here, set the required start time and end time of the specific part of a YouTube video that you want to download.
    Step 3 – Again preview the video part’s duration and the, and when you’re ensured with the results, click the “download” button to start the download part of a YouTube video.

    Why We Recommend this Tool:

    • Works online even without requiring any registration.
    • It has a high cropping precision (0.1 sec).
    • You can also take screenshots of YouTube videos.

    3. oDownloader


    oDownloader enables you to import the video directly using a YouTube link, cut out a required section, and download the shortened video part as MP4 and MP3 file. It can be accessed from all types of devices such as Windows and Mac computers, iPhone, Android devices, etc. It also supports up to the best 320kbps bitrate for audio output.


    Let’s see how to cut and download specific parts of YouTube video with this online tool.

    Step 1 – Paste the copied YouTube video URL into the search box of oDownloader online video cutter and click the “Cut” button.
    Step 2 – Then, the video will be opened with an editor that contains red bars on both edges. Now, set the required video duration by moving the red bars, while keeping in mind that only the section in between the bars will be cropped.
    Step 3 – In the last step, select the MP4 or MP3 file format and quality, after which, click the “Download” button to start the process.

    Why We Recommend this Tool:

    • Offers different bitrate options for audio output; up to 320kbps.
    • Many other downloading tools are also available on this online service.
    • Separate chrome extension is also available.


    We hope this article helps you cut and download part of YouTube video. Where online downloading tools can help you get the job done, but you can download YouTube parts in 360P or limited video resolutions. If you want to download specific parts of YouTube video in HD and higher video qualities, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is probably all that you need. Just try it now and start cropping and downloading YouTube videos in a more simplified and reliable manner.

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      Indeed a helpful post! I’ve been stressing about the YouTube video I’ve downloaded using since yesterday because it’s 2 hours long and I only needed some part of it for my project at school. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this article and found and after using ITubeGo my problem has been solved. It’s really an all-in-one tool since I can download and trim the video at the same time using the tool. Thanks a lot 🙂

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