How to Free Download Film on YouTube

August 25, 2020

    YouTube is home to a lot of videos including some great films. You can watch these films online via live streaming from YouTube. Do you want to learn the best method to download your favorite films on YouTube? This method can be used to download film from YouTube on a Windows as well as a Mac machine and the process is very simple and easy to carry out for anyone.

    Latest 10 free films on YouTube (2020)

    Here are some of the best films available on YouTube that you can watch online free or can download them using the method we are about to explain.

    No. Movie Name YouTube Link Release Year Cast Running Time
    1 Before I go to sleep Watch Now > 2020 Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong 1:31:48
    2 2036 Origin Unknown Watch Now > 2018 Katee Sackhoff, Julie Cox, Ray Fearon 1:34:35
    3 Alien Arrival Watch Now > 2017 1:39:06
    4 Kill Command Watch Now > 2016 Vanessa Kirby, Thure Lindhart, David Ajala 1:39:50
    5 Blue World Order Watch Now > 2018 Dallas Bland, Billy Zane, Jake Ryan 1:55:23
    6 The Escort Watch Now > 2015 Lyndsy Fonseca, Michael Doneger, Rumer Willis 1:27:37
    7 The Sweet Life Watch Now > 2017 Abigail Spencer, Chris Messina, Maggie Siff 1:30:22
    8 6 Days Watch Now > 2017 Abbie Cornish, Jamie Bell, Mark Strong 1:34:24
    9 Furious Watch Now > 2018 Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham 1:59:57
    10 3 Days to Kill Watch Now > 2014 Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld 1:57:02

    The Best Way to Download Films from YouTube for free

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is particularly effective for downloading films from YouTube because it downloads videos at phenomenal speeds making downloading long film videos fast and efficient. Here’s a list of the features that make iTubeGo the best option for downloading movies from YouTube:

    Key Features
    • Download videos at 10x faster speeds than any other video downloader.
    • Download videos in more than 50 formats.
    • Ability to download full HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions.
    • Download entire playlists and channels in one go.
    • Download subtitles from any YouTube video which is very helpful for watching movies.

    Steps to Download Films from YouTube Using iTubeGo

    Here are the simple steps you need to execute to download any movie from YouTube or any other movie hosting website using iTubeGo.

    Step 1 Get the latest version of iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    iTubeGo is available for both Windows and Mac devices. You can get the latest version of the software from the link below.

    Step 2 Locate the movie you want to download

    After the software is up and running on your computer, open a web browser, and go to the film you want to download and copy its URL from the web browser’s address bar. You can also download the above-mentioned movies by simply copying their links from here.

    youtube film

    Step 3 Set preferences

    Next up, open iTubeGo YouTube Downloader and go to the preferences tab to set the Download type and Quality parameters. The default output format of iTubeGo program will be mp4, which you can change from the “Download then Convert to” option.

    setting mp4

    Step 4 Enter the Copied Movie URL

    After you have configured the software to your requirements click on the Paste URL button on the iTubeGo interface to enter the copied URL to iTubeGo. Once the URL is added the download will start automatically.

    download film

    Step 5 Locate your downloaded movie

    After the film has been downloaded, it will save to the destination location on your computer or you can simply find it in the Downloaded section of the iTubeGo software.


    Alternative Websites to download Movies for Free

    iTubeGo, as stated earlier, is not limited to YouTube. You can use this software to download videos from any website on the internet that hosts audio/video content. Here you can find the best online free movie sites where you can download any film using iTubeGo.


    While Netflix and other websites charge you a substantial amount of money to watch movies, YouTube offers movies to watch for free. However, there is no official way to download films from YouTube for offline playback. This problem can be solved by using the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. This amazing piece of software doesn’t only make downloading videos from YouTube very easy but is also a very useful tool to download video and audio content from more than 10,000 other websites including a lot of free film hosting websites.

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