5 Helpful VK Downloader Chrome Extensions/APP (2020 Update)

August 25, 2020

    The Vkontakte social network is one of the largest social networks on the entire Internet. Every day, the VK social network is filled with millions of new tracks and videos. To reduce the number of pirates and not violate artists’ rights, the track download function has never been enabled to users. This is a big drawback, but it can also be understandable. You surely have favourite tracks in your audio recordings that you would like to download to your computer and then to your phone.

    There are several ways of doing it. In this article, we discuss the 5 helpful ways where you can download VK videos using Chrome extensions and Apps.

    3 Ways to Download VK Videos/Music by using Chrome Extension

    Method 1: VK Music Downloader

    This is one of the heavily used extensions for Google Chrome to download VK music though the browser. There is no special thing to be done. Download the VK Music Downloader and install it to your browser.

    Step 1 Go to VK.com

    After installing the extension, head back to VK.com and search for any music or stay on the homepage.

    Step 2 Click on the Browser Add-on

    Once you install the extension, small VK download button will appear near the search bar of the browser. When you click on it, all the music that available to download in the current page will appear in a window.

    VK Music Downloader

    Step 3 Select the Music

    From the suggested list, you can click on the download button of each video in the menu, and they will start to download into your download folder.

    Method 2: Script Runner Pro

    Script Runner Pro is another extension predominantly used by people who have some basic programming knowledge. It is not a typical download extension. It provides the support to override the script of the page with the user script. In that case, we have to give the script to download VK videos and execute it through the Script Runner Pro to download the videos.

    Step 1 Install the Add-on

    The first thing you have to do is to install the Script Runner Pro from the Google Chrome Web Store. Go to the web store and search for the term Script Runner Pro and install and activate it to your web browser.

    Script Runner Pro

    Step 2 Activate the User Script

    Now go to vkdownloader website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. In there, you’ll see a button to activate the script. Click on that activate button.

    activate vk mp3 downloader

    Step 3 Confirm the Script

    Once you click on that button, Script Runner Pro will open with the user script. At the top of the extension, you will see an option to confirm the installation.

    confirm installation

    Step 4 Go to VK.vom

    After confirming the installation, go to vk.com and find a video to download. When you find the video, you will see a download button appear near it. Now click on it, and it will start to download into your local drive.

    select vk music

    Method 3: Pro Video Downloader by Skyload

    Pro Video Downloader by Skyload is an extension used to download videos, especially from social media including VK, Facebook and Tiktok. The theory is simple. Just install it to your Chrome browser from here.

    Step 1 Go to VK.com

    To use the extension, first, go to VK.com and search for any video or stay on a particular page.

    Step 2 Click on the Add-on

    After installing it, click on the small icon that appears near the search bar. Then it will scan the whole page and start to analyze the videos that are available for download.

    download Vk video

    Step 3 Start Downloading

    Once the videos are analyzed, it will start to download the videos that are available for download in the original quality.

    More Choices for VK Video/Music Downloaders

    Apart from the above 3 Chrome extensions, there are many other extensions that we can use to download from VK. For example; we can use VK Blue, Tool 42, VkOpt etc. to get the VK downloaded to your device. For more information, you can visit here.

    How to Download VK Video/Music on Your Phone

    If you want to download VK videos using your phone, there’re several apps available in the Google play store. Out of them, we’ll review two of the best.

    Method 1: Video VK (Download Video VK)

    Video VK is a simple but powerful app used by many users to download VK videos from an Android phone. It allows downloading VK videos from your home page, pages of groups and friends, chats, news and bookmarked videos. Apart from that, you can search for any video in VK.

    Video VK

    Though it is available for free, you can upgrade your package to use premium features. Most exciting features include pause downloads, secure authorization, support third party players etc. Once you find the relevant VK video, you can simply click on the download button that appears in the right corner of the video to download it in the required quality.

    Method 2: Video VK

    Another VK downloading app introduced by Vyaznikov available for free of charge. The cool feature about it is that you hide your online presence from other VK users. Apart from that, you can download videos in groups, the home page, bookmarks, videos of friends etc. It too has the searching feature and secure authorization. To use premium features, you can purchase their upgrade packages, but the free version will do the trick for you.

    Video VK 2

    Recommend iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    Though Chrome extensions are easy to use, there are many drawbacks. One thing is that you don’t have many output formats to choose from. Besides you have to download videos one by one since they don’t support batch downloads. To resolve these issues, it is highly recommended to use iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, which provides a variety of features that makes your life easy.

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is a versatile video downloading software that supports more than 10000 online video streaming websites, including VK.  As mentioned previously, there are no limitations in downloading videos. Either one by one or as a bulk. The speciality is that it uses the in-built proxy, which increases the downloading speed by 10x.

    iTubego Youtube Downloader

    Apart from been a downloader, you can convert the downloaded files to different formats including MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI etc. Nevertheless, if you want to download VK playlist, by using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, you can do it in a single click. It provides a maximum bit rate of 320kbps MP3, 4K and HD video downloading from streaming sites.

    You can download VK videos and music from here, and the software download link is here:


    In summary, we have brought you several ways of downloading VK video downloader chrome. But most of these extensions have limited capabilities to provide you with many functionalities. Especially they tend to reduce the quality of the videos and takes longer time to download.

    As a solution for that, we have introduced iTubeGo YouTube Downloader to overcome the possible problems that VK music download Chrome have. Start using the iTubeGo today, and you will end up loving it.

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