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November 13, 2020

    Looking around you will observe every other person is a movie buff. Well, who does not like entertainment to themselves in these stressful times? Sometimes all you need is a good movie to de-stress yourself after a long and tiring work day. For this Hungama.com is your way to go. It offers various options for movies, music, gossips and much more. You can easily stream any of the movies online and download your favorite movies and music. Here we will discuss Hungama Movies Download methods.


    How to Download Hungama Movies in HD

    Now without any delay, we’re going to share different ways for Hungama movies download in HD quality. Let’s start with the official way offered by Hungama itself.

    Method 1- The Official Way

    Hungama allows downloading movies and music on the Hungama Play App. Hungama Play App offers number of movies, TV shows, music and other fun stuff which will keep your boredom away. You can install Hungama Play App on both Android as well as on iOS devices.

    Hungama Play

    1. Download and Install Hungama Play App

    Go to Google Play Store in case of Android device and Apple App Store in case of an iOS device. Then from there directly download and install the Hungama Play App.

    2. Search the Desired Content

    Launch the app and click the search option to find your favorite movie and press the DOWNLOAD option below. For downloading you need to register and select the Purchase Plan according to your preference. After payment you can see any Hungama movie download.

    Method 2- Use Hungama Movies Downloader iTubeGo

    In this method, you will use iTubeGo Video Downloader for Hungama movies download. It is desktop software to efficiently download various videos and audio files from tens of thousands of websites.

    Key Features
    • It enables you to download videos in SD and UHD video qualities, including 4K and 8K video resolutions.
    • It supports more than 10,000 video and music sharing platforms.
    • It provides 10 times faster speed with its turbo-fast mode and multithread technology.
    • It enables you to download the subtitles with the videos.
    • It enables you to download entire playlists and unlimited number of single videos in bulk with just a single click.

    Steps for HD Hungama Movies Downloading

    Follow 4 simple steps to grab Hungama Movies using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

    Step 1 Copy the Movie Link from Hungama

    Go to Hungama.com and search for your desired movie. Once you get to it copy the URL of the selected movie from the address bar.

    Copy the Movie Link

    Step 2 Choose Format and Other Download Settings

    Click the menu and find the Preferences. Here you can set the Hungama movie quality as 480P, 720P or 1080P as you will. Wanna change the output format? Just click the “Download then Convert to” option, choose your desired format as mp4, avi, mov or any others.


    Step 3 Paste the Copied URL of Hungama Movie

    Click the “Paste URL” button. As soon as it is done, iTubeGo will start downloading the target movie.

    Paste URL

    Step 4 Download Hungama Movie to PC

    Once the download is completed, the Hungama movie will be saved in destined location on your PC or you can find it in the DOWNLOAD section of iTubeGo.

    Download Hungama Movie


    People usually have some queries about the Hungama App and its legality, availability and usually about the price packages of the purchase plans. So, here we will answer few of the Frequently Asked Questions about Hungama App.


    Yes, Hungama is the legal distributor for all the entertainment that is present on its website including the movies, music, TV shows, short clips and much more. Everything that is present on Hungama including movies is legally available for streaming and downloading. The content is free of viruses and is available in high quality just for you to download any movie or show without doubting the authenticity of it.


    Hungama allows you to stream your favorite movies online but for downloading the movies and all the other content you have to purchase a plan according to your preferences. Once the payment is done you will have the access to download any content from Hungama.


    Hungama offers various plans depending on the type of the content you want to consume. It has good price points which are pocket friendly and gives you access to unlimited content of your choice. Once you have subscribed to a plan. Your subscription is renewed automatically once it’s ended.
    Here is a range of plans from which you can choose your desired plan for Hungama movies download:

    1 MONTH RS. 199 RS. 249 RS.99
    3 MONTHS RS. 499 RS. 549 RS. 269
    YEARLY RS. 1499 RS. 1999 RS. 899


    If you want to watch Hungama movies without a subscription plan, then use iTubeGo to download the full Hungama movies to your computer, and you can enjoy Hungama movies at any time.

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