How to Download Video from Vlive on Computer/App/Online Solution

July 17, 2020

    V Live, also known as V App, is a live video streaming platform where South Korean celebrities can broadcast live videos and interact in real-time with fans from around the world. Now, if you’re wondering that is it possible to download video from Vlive. Then yes, it’s actually possible to download Vlive videos for offline playback but you’ll need some relevant downloading tools for this task.

    Whether you’re looking for a desktop solution, free online Vlive downloader, or need to download Vlive videos on your Android or iOS devices. In this article, we have collected the best tools to download video from Vlive.

    Download Vlive Video on PC/Mac – iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    If you want to know how to download video from Vlive, then desktop software will be the first thing that might come to your mind. For that, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is the ultimate desktop software that allows you to download high-quality videos from more than 10,000 online websites, including V Live, YouTube, Facebook, and all the big names. It helps to download videos in various output formats and qualities, and also enables you to extract audio from video and save it as a high-quality 320kbps mp3 file.

    There are some of the highlighted features of iTubeGo YouTube Downloader are the following:

    • Download HD, Full HD, 4k, and even 8k videos without any problem.
    • Convert videos to mp4, mp3, avi, m4a, and 20+ other formats.
    • Supports 10,000+ online video and music sharing websites.
    • 10 times faster download speed than any other downloading tool.
    • Allows batch downloading without any download limit.
    • Download full playlists and channel videos effortlessly.
    • 100% secure and comes with free lifetime technical support.
    • Separate versions available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Steps to Download Video from Vlive Using iTubeGo Software:

    There are over 700 channels on Vlive, and it’s very easy to download videos from any one of them using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. Here’s how you can do it!

    Step 1 Download and Install iTubeGo’s Latest Version

    As it is a desktop software, you’ll need to install it on your computer. For this purpose, you can download the installation package from the official webpage of the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. You can save your time and directly download the software from the following links.

    Then, install the software from the downloaded installation package. The installation procedure is very simple and you can also refer to the official user guide of iTubeGo YouTube Downloader for any assistance.

    Step 2 Copy the Video URL from Vlive

    In this step, open the Vlive website and go to the particular video that you want to download. Then, find the video URL on the browser address bar and copy it.

    copy vlive video link

    Step 3 Launch iTubeGo Software and Select Download Format

    This is the step from where the actual download process gets started. Launch the already installed software on your computer and further proceed to the Settings section. Here, you can select the required Download format and quality. Set Download type as Video and choose the Quality from the given options. The default video format of the downloader is mp4, which you can change from the “Download then Convert to” option located at the top right corner of the main interface.

    setting mp4

    Step 4 Paste the Copied Vlive Video URL

    Then, click the Paste URL button and the downloading process will be started automatically.

    paste vlive video link

    Step 5 Download Video from Vlive

    After converting the Vlive video to the required format and quality, it will be saved to your computer. Moreover, you can access all the downloaded media files from the Downloaded section of the software.

    download vlive video

    How to Download Vlive Video Online

    If you’re hesitant to install any software or app for downloading Vlive videos, then there are many online downloaders that you can use for this purpose. But online downloaders are usually not recommended over desktop software; they’re slower and have a lot of ads.

    Furthermore, not all online downloaders are safe to use, and for this, we’re going to recommend you one of the best online downloading services that you can use to download Vlive video online.

    KeepVid.Pro is a free online video downloader that allows the users to download videos from Vlive and 1000+ other video websites. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t put your data security at stakes like most of the other online downloaders.

    Steps to Download Vlive Videos Online Using KeepVid.Pro

    The downloading process with KeepVid.Pro can be done in the following steps.

    Step 1 Copy the Vlive Video URL

    First of all, go to the Vlive website and copy the particular video’s URL. After opening the video, you can copy the video link from the browser address bar.

    copy vlive video link

    Step 2 Enter the Vlive Video URL into the KeepVid’s Input Box

    Then, open the official webpage of KeepVid.Pro Video Downloader and paste the copied URL into the search box of the downloader.

    keepvid online downloader

    Step 3 Start the Video Downloading Process

    Now, click the “Download Now” button to start the conversion process, after which, the Vlive video will be download to your device.

    download vlive video online

    How to Download Video from Vlive on iPhone

    If you’re an iPhone user and want to download Vlive videos, then you must know that Safari doesn’t allow you to download any file. For this reason, we recommend you to download an app called Documents by Readdle, which will work as a file manager and allows you to download videos from KeepVid.Pro or any other online downloader.

    Steps to Download Vlive Videos on iPhone:

    Step 1 Install File Manager (Documents by Readdle) App on Your iPhone

    As already discussed, you’ll need to download and install the “Documents by Readdle” app from the App Store of your iPhone. Once the installation gets completed, open the app on your iOS device.

    document by readdle

    Step 2 Open KeepVid.Pro from the App’s Built-in Browser

    After you’ve opened the app, press the Browser button located at the bottom right side of the main screen. From the search bar of the app’s browser, go to KeepVid.Pro webpage. This is the online downloader that will help you download video from Vlive.

    document built-in browser

    Step 3 Go to Vlive and Copy the Video Link

    In this step, you need to copy the video link from the Vlive website. For this, go to the Vlive website from your iPhone’s web browser and open the particular video that you’re looking to download. Now, select and copy the video’s URL from the address bar.

    copy vlive video iphone

    Step 4 Download Vlive Video Using KeepVid.Pro Online Downloader

    Then, come back to the Documents by Readdle app where KeepVid.Pro webpage is already opened and paste the copied URL into the search box of the downloader. Press the “Download Now” button and downloader will start converting and downloading the particular Vlive video.

    download vlive video iphone

    Step 5 Save Vlive Video into the Camera Roll

    After downloading the Vlive video, tap the Documents button located at the bottom left side of the app. Then, proceed to the Downloads section, and here, you’ll find the downloaded Vlive video. Press the “three-doted” button on the thumbnail of the particular video, and then press “Move” and “Photos” options respectively. After doing this, the downloaded Vlive video will be moved to the camera roll of your iPhone.

    move facebook video iphone

    How to Download Video from Vlive on Android

    Fortunately, the way to download Vlive videos on android devices becomes much simpler and useful with the app we’re going to mention here. iTubeGo for Android is a 100% free downloading app, which is specially designed to download high-quality video/audio files from 1000+ online websites, including V Live. No matter what type of android device you’re using, you can easily download Vlive videos in various formats and resolutions using this app.

    Steps to Download Vlive Videos Using iTubeGo for Android:

    If you haven’t installed iTubeGo for Android app yet, then you can download the app from here. After successfully installing the app on your android device, read the following steps to know how to download video from Vlive.

    Step 1 Launch iTubeGo App and Go the Vlive Video Page

    Open iTubeGo for Android app and go the particular Vlive video page using the built-in browser of the program. This was the simplest way to access any video that you want to download; otherwise, you can also copy the video link directly from any social media platform’s app or also by sharing it using the “Download with iTubeGo” feature. This feature will be added to the sharing menu of your device, once you’ve installed iTubeGo for Android on it.

    copy vlive video to android

    Step 2 Set the Required Download Options

    Then, you’ll be given a set to different options, where you can select the required download format and quality. Set the Type as Video and Quality from the available options, ranging from 360p to 2160p.

    itubego for android

    Step 3 Download V Live Video on Your Android Device

    After getting done with the settings, press the Ok button to start the downloading process. First, the video will be converted into the required format and quality, and then it will be saved to your android device.

    itubego youtube downloader android downloading

    The Bottom Line

    How to download video from Vlive? To download video from Vlive, the best is installing and using iTubeGo desktop software, which is superior in features and powerful in performance. However, depending upon the type of device you’re using, you can use any of the above-mentioned ways to download Vlive videos.

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