The Ultimate Guide on How to Download JibJab Videos

March 23, 2021
Content is an entertainment studio where you can produce and make fun content and video by putting up your faces in place of the characters. This website became famous during US elections where political videos were made in good humor. In case you are wondering, not all the videos on JibJab can be downloaded. You want to download JibJab video for free? Well in that case, we can show you how to grab one. Let’s get started.

    The Easiest Way to Download JibJab Video

    Now, in this part, we will discuss about a very simple and easy method that most probably will work for you. You won’t need any downloader or a software for that. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Firstly, go to JibJab and find the video you want to download.
    2. Once you find it, play that video and right click on the video. Upon doing that, a drop-down box with a list of different options will appear.
    3. Next, click on Save video as and you will have to select the location for the video.
    4. Once, you press Save your video will start downloading.
    download jibjab video

    How to Download JibJab Videos in Batch

    From the above given method, you can save an individual video at a time. For the batch downloads, you can check out an amazing downloading software: iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. Just don’t be confused by the name, because it is an all-in-one downloader and can work with all the online sites, including JibJab. With this, you can download a batch of videos effortlessly in a single click. There are several other features that make this downloader stand out, including its fast-downloading pace because of the Turbo fast mode. It has a built-in browser you can try to save your time.

    You can download iTubeGo YouTube Downloader for your PC by clicking the right download button given below:

    Key Features

    • Reliable, secure, and highly-efficient tool
    • Grabs videos from 1000+ online platforms, including YouTube, JibJab and more
    • Multithread technology provides exceptionally faster downloads
    • Easy to download batch videos with just a single clicks
    • Downloads an entire playlists smoothly without any restrictions or limitations
    • Ensure user privacy and protects against malware attacks

    Here are the steps for you to know how to download JibJab video using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader:

    Step 1 As a first step, you will go to JibJab and find the videos you want to download and copy the link for every video. Alternatively, you can find the playlist for JibJab videos on their YouTube channel and download them all together at once.

    download jibjab video

    Step 2 Launch iTubeGo, and in the Preferences section, select the output format to Video (Mp4). You can also select the quality of videos here in this section.

    setting mp4 format itubego

    Step 3 Next, you will click on Multiple URLs option and paste all the copied URLs for the videos on the pop-up box.

    download jibjab video

    Step 4 All of the videos will start downloading instantly after this. Once the download has been completed, find the videos in the Downloaded file section of the software.

    download jibjab video

    Other 3 Ways to Download JibJab Video Online

    Don’t want to download any software and want a hassle-free way to download JibJab video? Here, we will tell you some amazing online downloaders which will you download JibJab video online.

    1. CatchVideo
    2. DistillVideo
    3. Y2Mate

    1. CatchVideo

    URL: Click Here
    The first online downloader on our list is CatchVideo. It is a simple tool to download JibJab video online without any hassle. CatchVideo is a completely free service that is quite simple to use. You simply have to paste the URL in the box and you are good to go. This tool can help you with batch downloads. It also supports 4K video quality. Not only videos, it can also help you download the audio files. This also has a browser extension. So, it is a simple, yet effective online tool to get you JibJab videos.


    2. DistillVideo

    URL: Click Here
    Next online tool to download JibJab video is DistillVideo. It is an amazing online tool to get JibJab videos with ease. It can help you grab videos from various online websites. It is completely free and easy to use like most of the online downloaders. It provides safe and fast downloads. DistillVideo provides downloads in the original quality and even support 4K and 8K videos. It supports various formats, including Mp4, Mp3, WEBM and many more and you can even download subtitles with it.


    3. Y2Mate

    URL: Click Here
    Y2Mate is the last online downloader on our list to download JibJab video. It is a clean tool with no ads interfering in the way to download your videos. It can help you download videos by simply pasting the URLs from them. Other than that, it can help you download videos in many formats including MP4, 3GP and also allows you to convert videos MP3 format. It has a lot of daily users and people usually prefer this downloader as it is convenient, easy to use. It doesn’t require sign ups and registration and provides fast pace downloads.


    Extended Information About JibJab

    To know more about JibJab and how to download JibJab video, here is some extended information about the subject.

    1. What is JibJab?

    JibJab is an entertainment site which became huge because of its funny videos in political regard. They usually put a human face on objects, pictures and even food to make it appear funny. With increasing popularity, they have introduced their eCards with entirely new and exclusive designs and ideas. These cards are designed for every occasion you can think of Birthdays, Christmas to even Father’s Day and animated greeting cards.

    2. JibJab is Not Free

    At JibJab not all of their content is free. To avail, more exclusive card templates and funny videos you will have to sign up to the site and buy the subscription for $2/month which is taken at a time for whole year which makes it $24/month. Once you are a subscribed member, you will get unlimited premium templates.

    3. How to Get JibJab for Free?

    If you don’t want to spend money for an E-Card on JibJab, then simple option is to screen record. Go to JibJab and pick a free template and then, click make a card. Then, you can personalize your card by putting up photos. Then, click preview. If you are okay with it start screen recording to capture it. Although, you can do screen recording, but best option is to download JibJab video.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Now, we will answer some frequently asked questions by you guys about JibJab and how to download JibJab video and all this good stuff.

    1. How Can I Get Free JibJab eCards?

    Mostly people want to know how they can get free E-Cards from JibJab. You can get free e-cards from Free section at JibJab but, these cards collection is limited. For, more you will have to buy subscription.

    2. Is JibJab a Safe Website?

    Yes, of course. It is completely safe and secure with user’s privacy and security policies it offers. You can check these policies at customer service page.

    3. Is It Easy to Cancel JibJab?

    Well, yes cancelling subscription at JibJab is quite easy. To do that, first of all, sign in to your Google Account and tap Menu Subscriptions. Then, select JibJab from it. And lastly, tap on cancel Subscription.

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