How to Download Jay Chou Secret Movie/MP3

December 25, 2020

    Secret is the first movie from the famous Taiwanese artist, Jay Chou. If you are looking for Jay Chou Secret Movie download, you are in luck! As, we are just about to give you the best way of downloading this movie or any other video from the internet. If you also want to Jay Chou secret mp3 download, that will also be covered in this article. Let’s see how we can do that but first a little bit about the movie.

    jay chou secret

    How to Get Jay Chou Secret Movie Download

    If you want to get Secret Jay Chou movie download Secret or any other type of video from the internet; that can be made very easy using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. It is a software solution designed to download audio and video content from any website on the internet with the maximum ease and efficiency. It is easy to use and gets the job done with minimal effort. It works for all the major video hosting sites, in fact, with more than 10,000 online platforms and can grab media (videos/audios) from all of them.

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    Now, here are the simple and easy steps that are required for Secret Jay Chou movie download from YouTube.

    Step 1 Find Secret Movie on YouTube and copy the URL of the video.

    jay chou secret

    Step 2 Launch iTubeGo and go to the Preferences tab from the top toolbar on the main interface. Here you can select the format of the video you are downloading. Set the Download type as Video MP4 and select the resolution from the provided set of options, ranging from 240P to 8K. You can also change output format from the “Download then Convert to” tab, however, the default video output format of the software will already be adjusted as Mp4.

    online download setting

    Step 3 Paste the URL by clicking on the Paste URL button; the software will detect the URL and the download will commence automatically.

    paste jay chou secret

    Step 4 After the download gets completed, you can find the movie under the “Downloaded” section of the software.

    download jay chou secret

    How to Get Jay Chou Secret Mp3 download

    If you want to get Jay Chou Secret MP3 download or download any song from the movie, you can do it in the same manner as described above. All you have to do is to enter the required URL and select the Download type as Audio in step 2. The default output format for audio downloading is MP3 in iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. You can also select other audio formats from “Download then Convert to” tab, but MP3 is the best option when it comes to audio files.

    setting mp3

    Jay Chou’s First Movie: Secret

    Secret, or The Secret that cannot be told, is the first movie directed by Jay Chou and it was released in 2007. Jay also starred as the lead male role of the movie and the story is also co-written by him. Along with Jay Chou, the movie stars Gwei Lun-mei and Anthony Wong. Major part of the movie was filmed at Tamkang High School, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

    The Story of Secret is focused on a young man (Jay Chou) who falls for a charming Pianist and the enchanting melody she plays on it. The young lovers are deeply in love but they are totally unaware of what fate has for them and the divine design might not be in line with their wishes of eternal love.

    jay chou secret

    Remake and Awards from Secret

    In March of 2017, it was made public that the rights of the movie will be given to the South Korean film industry by Hive Media for a remake of the movie and work started on the project in 2018. The main protagonists for this were changed from high school students to college scholars.

    In 2007 at the 44th Golden Horse Awards the movie earned six nominations and out of those it won 3 of the awards. Following are the details of these nominations and wins:

    Category Nomination Result
    Best Supporting Actress Alice Tzeng Nominated
    Best Visual Effects Eddy Wong, Victor Wong, Donnie Lai, Yiu Ming Cheung Won
    Best Original Score Terdask Janpan & Jay Chou Nominated
    Best Original Song Secret, Written by Jay Chou and Vincent Fang, performed by Jay Chou Won
    Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the year Movie(Secret) Won
    Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the year Director(Jay Chou) Nominated

    In addition to this, the movie also nominated for the Best Asian Movie at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards 2008.

    Final Thoughts

    Jay Chou is one of the most talented and decorated Taiwanese actors out there and has produced some amazing movies. Secret is the directorial debut of Chou and is a very fine movie. You can get Jay Chou Secret movie download from YouTube using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. The download process is simple and swift, and you have the flexibility to choose any format, resolution and other options at your will.

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