6 Helpful Chrome Bilibili Video Downloaders (2020 Update)

September 8, 2020

    Want to download videos from Bilibili? But don’t know what to do, then no need to worry at all! In this write up, we’re bringing different Bilibili download chrome solutions that will help you to download videos from this versatile website.

    In the coming text, we’re going to discuss 6 best ways to download Bilibili videos on chrome with all their functionalities and possible issues. Moreover, we’ll also recommend another way that will enable you to download Bilibili videos more reliably and easily.

    1. Bilibili Download Helper

    This extension offers video and cover download from Bilibili. In addition to Bilibili, this extension also supports several mainstream websites like Tencent, Weibo, Zhihu, and Douban. It is simple to use and absolutely free. With its bookmark management, Bilibili Download Helper provides more convenient solution to use and manage bookmarks. For the ease of users, it provides the option to choose in between English and Chinese language so that you can easily download all your favorite Bilibili videos to your computer.


    • Doesn’t support MP4 video format.

    How to Download Videos Using Bilibili Download Helper

    • To start saving favorite Bilibili videos, first you’ll need to download Bilibili videos chrome extension to your web browser.
    • Then, open Bilibili website on your browser and go the particular video page that you want to download.
    • After opening the particular Bilibili video, click on the extension icon located at the top-right corner of the chrome browser.
    • Now, you’ll have to set the provided download option, after which, the video will be download to your computer.
    Bilibili Download Helper

    2. Bilibili Video Download

    Developed by FBion, Bilibili video download is another Bilibili download chrome extension that provides the option to download videos, anime shows, subtitles, tags, comments, and much more from Bilibili website. Downloading live videos and Bilibili playlists isn’t a problem with this extension. It is a very lightweight tool and you can download multiple videos simultaneously without any problem. That’s not all, it also supports Full HD 1080P videos downloading from Bilibili and you can select the language from almost 49 different options.


    • It can’t download videos longer than 6 minutes duration and will redirect to a website that rips the video.

    How to Download Bilibili Videos with This Extension

    • First of all, open Bilibili website on your chrome browser and play the video that you’re looking to download.
    • In this step, click the download like extension button, which you’ll see at the top-right corner of the browser interface and wait for some seconds.
    • Then, you’ll be provided with different quality options. Click on the one in which you want to download the video. Once you’ve selected the required quality option, the video will start downloading on the new tab.
    Bilibili Video Download

    3. Bilibili Video Download Tool

    No matter if you’ve unstable internet connection or can’t use the internet freely, Bilibili Video Download Tool is another solution for you. You can add this extension to your browser and download your favorite resources from Bilibili. It is very lightweight and downloads Bilibili videos quite impressively. But unfortunately, it only supports traditional Chinese language.


    • Sometimes, it changes the homepage without any reason.
    • You have to watch the ads while downloading the videos.
    • The data security of your device will be at risk using this extension.

    How to Use Bilibili Video Download Tool

    • First of all, go to this link and add the tool to your chrome browser.
    • Open Bilibili website on your chrome browser and play the video. Now, click the Download button located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
    • Then, it will automatically open a new window and provide different download options. Select the required ones and the video download will be started.
    Bilibili Video Download Tool

    4. Bilibili Helper: Bilibili.com Auxiliary

    Another useful Bilibili download chrome program, Bilibili Helper enables you to download videos from Bilibili. It provides convenient and useful features to make your downloading experience easy. Apart from supporting traditional and simplified Chinese language, it also allows the users to use this tool in English language.


    • Not compatible with the latest version of Bilibili player.
    • When you’ve opened this plugin, you won’t be able to comment on live streaming.

    How to Download Videos with the Help of Bilibili Helper

    • The first thing you have to do is to add Bilibili Helper extension to your Google chrome browser. You can simply access this extension by this link.
    • Now, open your chrome browser and go to the Bilibili website. Look for the particular video and click the pink-colored “assistant” button located at the right side of the screen.
    • Then, it will provide you available quality options. Click on the required quality option and the video will start downloading to your device automatically.
    Bilibili Auxiliary

    5. Bilibili Download Assistant

    As its name implies, this chrome extension is specifically designed to download Bilibili videos. It even enables you to download videos with restricted copyrights. The extension can be installed easily straightly makes you able to download videos without any delay. However, one drawback is that it only supports simplified Chinese language.


    • Sometimes, it crutch down while downloading the video.

    How to Download Videos with Bilibili Download Assistant

    • In this first step, open your chrome browser and head over to this link. From here, you can Bilibili Download Assistant extension to your browser.
    • Now, go to the Bilibili website and open the video page that you’re intended to download.
    • After you open a video page, the interface of this Bilibili assistant automatically pops-up at the bottom of the page. Just follow the easy instructions given in this assistant’s box and download video to your device.
    Bilibili Download Assistant

    6. KeepVid.Pro Online Downloader

    There are also some online downloaders that allow you to download Bilibili videos chrome without the need to install any extension or plugin. As most of the online downloaders are not completely reliable, we’re going to refer the one that is safe to use and can download videos from Bilibili.

    KeepVid.Pro is an online downloading tool, which enables you to download original quality videos from Bilibili and various other websites. It supports high-quality mp4 video format and offers higher downloading speed than the similar online tools.


    • No ad-free downloading.
    • Only support mp4 format.

    How to Download Bilibili Videos using KeepVid.Pro

    As KeepVid.Pro is an online downloader, so you don’t need to download or install any third-party program. Just follow these steps to download videos from Bilibili using KeepVid.Pro.

    • Go to the Bilibili website and open the particular video. Now, move your mouse cursor to the browser address bar and copy the URL of the particular Bilibili video.
    • Then, open the KeepVid.Pro and paste the copied URL into the search box of the downloader.
    • In the final step, click the blue-colored Download Now button on the right side of the search box and the download details with the video thumbnail will be displayed. Click the Best Download button and the video will start downloading automatically.

    paste url keepvidpro

    Why Chrome Extensions Are Not Always the Right Option

    Where chrome extensions let you download videos from Bilibili, but at the same time, they have several disadvantages. And due to which, we cannot say it a comprehensive solution to download Bilibili videos. Some of the downsides of these chrome extensions are the following:

    • They cannot download long duration videos.
    • Doesn’t support output format option and only allows downloading videos in limited formats.
    • These extensions will repeatedly redirect you to other websites.
    • They have a lot of annoying ads.

    If you’re looking for a completely reliable and efficient downloading solution to save Bilibili videos, then next, we’re going to discuss desktop software that can perfectly perform the job.

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

    iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is a useful downloading program, which is best known for fast processing and compatibility with almost every video sharing platform on the internet. Thankfully, downloading Bilibili videos with iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is as easy as pie.

    In addition to its normal operation, it also allows to convert videos into various output formats. It is super easy to use and download media content without any security risks. It is completely safe to use and already trusted by millions of valuable users. The following are some of the key features that make iTubeGo exceptional from the rest.

    Key Features

    • Download videos in various SD and HD quality options, even 4K and 8K video downloading isn’t a problem with iTubeGo.
    • Convert videos to MP4, and other 20 formats, including MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, and all the major output formats.
    • It can also extract audio from videos and save them as high-quality 320kbps MP3 files.
    • iTubeGo has not downloading limits, in terms of duration and numbers of files. You can download an unlimited number of files without affecting the original video and audio quality.
    • You can download complete playlists, channels, and all videos from user pages at once. It also supports batch downloading.
    • It is completely safe to use and provides 100% ad-free downloading experience.
    • Download videos from Bilibili and 10,000 other websites at 10X faster speed than any other downloading tool.

    If you want to download video from Bilibili, please download this software here first.

    The Final Verdict

    The above mentioned are the 6 helpful Bilibili download chrome solutions for downloading videos. You can select the best option and try out. However, it should be kept in mind that there are various limitations to downloading Bilibili videos using chrome extensions. If you want to download high-quality videos using highly-efficient features, then we recommend you to use iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, which will not only bring you the best results but also 100% safe to use.

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