[2021] Best Anime Download Sites to Download Anime Free

December 21, 2020

    If you are looking for anime download sites, you are in luck. This text will not only tell you about the best anime download sites out there, but will also provide you with an excellent method to grab anime or any other video or audio content from various website on the internet in a few easy steps.

    8 Best Websites to Download Anime Free

    Anime, short for animated TV series are mainly based on manga, the illustrated stories. The trend of anime started from Japan and anime have now become some of the most widely viewed video content. The anime download sites we are going to explore don’t only allow you to watch anime series, but you’d also be able to download anime free. Let’s see what some of the best anime are download website options that you can use.

    1) GoGoAnime


    This is one of the oldest, the most capable, and the most trusted anime download website on the internet. This website is a definitive collection of all the anime movies and TV shows produced to date. On top of that all, this website is totally free for streaming the content hosted on it and even offers the option to download anime. The best things about this anime site are:

    • Totally free with the latest collection.
    • Large collection of Full HD animation videos is available.
    • Quite simple to use.
    • Offers dubbing and subtitles.

    2) Chia-Anime


    Chia-Anime is the oldest archive of Japanese anime that is functional to date. This website is free and still has near-zero ads. Over the decades of its operation, this anime website has had the reputation for being the first and sometimes the only source to host new Japanese anime on the internet. You can watch as much free anime on this site as you please and they also offer a mobile app which can help you store the anime offline. Here are the best things about this one:

    • Provides huge animation video library and audio tracks for download.
    • Updated regularly with the latest content.
    • Offers subtitles and dubbing.
    • Ad-free experience with “close ad” feature.
    • Mobile viewing mode is specially designed to adapt the horizontal screen of the mobile phones.

    3) Chauthanh.info


    This extensive anime library stands out for having an intuitive interface and user-friendly video player. This platform hosts the latest anime that are released along with a strong archive of older ones. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while using this platform:

    • Large collection of anime.
    • Users can download Mp3 Anime OSTs for free.
    • Free users have a limited speed of 400kb/s while the premium members have 10mb/s. Prices start for at $1 / 5 days.
    • Unavailable anime can be requested.
    • Often updated with the latest animation videos and episodes.
    • Only MKV (720P) format is available for downloading anime videos.

    4) AnimeLand


    This platform is regarded as one of the cleanest ways to download anime free from the internet. The download procedure is clean and straightforward and does not want you to do more than what’s necessary. While the download process is the most streamlined here, the video player is not a very sophisticated one. Here are some of the highlights about AnimeLand.

    • Both streaming and download options available without any registration.
    • Offers several qualities ranging from 480P-1080P, but doesn’t provide multiple resolutions option for downloading.
    • Provides one-click download and won’t redirect to other sites.
    • Supports full-HD video quality
    • Provides dubbing and subtitles in English.

    5) Animeout


    This is a download only website. You can search for an anime and if it is on the platform you can select to download it and choose the format and resolution of your choice. However, the website hosts no anime and redirects you to one of its servers for the download. You can either download the anime from a free public server at a slow speed or you can opt for a private server that needs you to donate some money to the website to get high speed download. Here are some good things about Animeout.

    • Provides a direct link for downloading 1080P, whereas, the format will be MKV.
    • The free download feature uses public server, which works well.
    • Paid/donate users can use Private DDL access, up to 1Gb/s.
    • This websites provides various account options, which you can see here.

    6) Kis-Anime


    Kis-Anime is one of the many clones of the legendary anime website, KissAnime, which was shut down on accounts of copyright violations. The website offers the same functionality as its inspiration, KissAnime. You can open any anime of your liking in the media player and download any video by right-clicking on it or using iTubeGo downloader, about which we’re going to discuss later in this article.

    • Very few ads
    • All anime series and anime movies are available in HD quality.
    • Provides various filters like type, genre, year, etc. for easy navigation.
    • The only option you‘ll have to download video is to right-click on the video and select “save video as…,” as it doesn’t comes with any download button.

    7) AnimeLab


    AnimeLab is one of the very few anime sites with the words free and legal in their description. This website is only available for Australia and New Zealand but we, of course know VPNs and they can do the trick. The premium subscription of this website, which will give you access to English dubbed anime, costs $7.99 a month. Here are some things about AnimeLab:

    • It has all the anime you’d ever need.
    • Subtitles and dubbings are available.
    • The UI is simple and easy.
    • Simulcast is available.

    8) Anime Freak TV

    Anime Freak TV

    This site is only limited to streaming anime and does not have the option to download it. However, you can use iTubeGo YouTube downloader to grab anime from this site. It has a lot of ads and a very annoying UI. Some good and not so good things about this platform are the following.

    • HD resolution available
    • Sometimes, videos cannot be played and you’ll have to install a designated browser for this.
    • Has a vast anime collection.
    • Too many advertisements, with designated buttons on the bottom of the player to avoid the interference of the advertisements.

    Batch Download Anime HD Movie and MP3 Songs

    In addition to download anime free from these websites, you can just simply go to YouTube and download anime from there. This procedure is more efficient because here you can download entire channels and playlists of anime in one command, thanks to the legendary video download tool called iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

    iTubeGo – The Singular Anime Download Solution

    iTubeGo HD Video Downloader is a video and audio download tool developed to grab media (videos/audios) from any website on the internet. The tool is capable of some really cool things, like downloading multiple videos at a time, downloading entire playlists in one go, and downloading the subtitles for the downloaded content, etc. Here are some of the things that make iTubeGo YouTube Downloader the great video download tool.

    • It supports more than 10,000 websites, including various anime download sites.
    • It can download entire playlists and channel videos from YouTube in one go.
    • It can download MP3 songs or any other audio format directly from a website.
    • It supports 20+ audio and video formats.
    • This tool supports a number of different language options.

    If you want to enjoy all these amazing features and many more that iTubeGo has to offer, it is available for both Windows and Mac users and you can download it from the links given below:

    How to Download Anime Free using iTubeGo YouTube?

    iTubeGo is an easy-to-use software that makes downloading videos from YouTube or any other source extremely easy. Here’s how that can be done.

    Step 1 Install iTubeGo by running the installation file you can download from the links above.

    install iTubeGo

    Step 2 Find the video or playlist you want to download from YouTube or any other anime download website and copy its URL.

    Copy URL

    Step 3 Open iTubeGo and head over to the “Preferences” tab, where you can configure the format and resolution of your download.


    Step 4 Enter the URL by clicking on the “Paste URL” button on the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader interface and the video will start downloading automatically.


    Once the download process is completed, the “Downloaded” Section of the software houses all the downloaded videos.

    Top Anime YouTube Channels

    If you find it difficult to find good YouTube channels to download anime from, here’s a lot of the best YouTube channels for downloading anime content in high resolution.

    No. Channel Name              Subscribers Type of Content
    1 Funimation 3.22M American entertainment company
    2 The Anime Man 2.56M Anime Reviews
    3  Gigguk 2.68M Anime Reviews
    4 Animenz Piano Sheets 1.72M Anime Piano Covers
    5 Mother’s Basement 1.08M Anime Culture
    6 Intoxi Anime 1.11M Anime
    7 KADOKAWAanime 1.45M Anime Movie
    8 Anime Games Online 292K Anime Games
    9 Anime Bancho 134K Anime
    10 Shiyozushi – Anime Games 63.3K Anime Games

    Final Thoughts:

    If you are an avid anime fan and want to get free access to tons of anime content, the anime download sites we just listed above can be a great help to you. If you want to have a really seamless experience watching anime, iTubeGo YouTube downloader can be used to download stuff from anywhere on the internet including all of these anime sites, YouTube anime channels an many more sources.

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