How to Download MP3 with Free Android App

August 26, 2020

    Many individuals are curious to learn how to download mp3 on Android devices so they can enjoy them later without wasting data. In this article, we reveal how to use an MP3 downloader Android app and get the music downloaded easily.

    From where can I download free MP3

    There is no shortage of individuals who want to know from where they can download MP3 on their Android devices. Well, the truth is that there are plenty of platforms that offer MP3 files. However, you must be pretty careful when choosing a platform because some of them can share malware or cause privacy breaches. We have done good research and found reliable sources from where you can download mp3 on Android.

    1. SoundCloud

    SoundCloud is a very popular audio distribution platform that is based in Berlin, Germany. Once you have registered for a SoundCloud account, you can upload, share and promote audio. Apart from music, SoundCloud has podcasts as well. You can use it to distribute music over all the major streaming services. The rich collection of MP3 clips included in this platform can impress any user.

    2. VEVO

    VEVO is not necessarily an audio sharing platform; it is a video sharing platform with plenty of videos under different categories. Their music tracks are high-quality and you will surely find pretty much anything you need here in VEVO. Although it has video files, you can download them in MP3 format if you use a good MP3 downloader Android app.

    3. Jamendo

    This is another rich music website with an open community. The community comprises of various independent artists and music lovers. Jamendo is a subsidiary of Audio Valley (which is a Belgian company). However, to download music through Jamendo, you will have to create a login as well.

    4. Amazon Music

    This is an online music store maintained by the well-known Amazon company. This is the first-ever music store that started to sell music without digital rights management from both independent and major music labels. Amazon provides some free music, you can get it here.

    5. SoundClick

    SoundClick is a social community based on music. You can stream music or even download them in MP3 format. They are either sold through their store or licensed to other users. It comprises of the music of various genres.

    How to download mp3 on Android

    The most effective and efficient way to download MP3 music on your Android device is iTubeGo. This free mp3 downloader for Android allows you to download MP3 files from any music sharing platform including the ones we have mentioned above. The best thing about iTubeGo is that it allows unlimited downloads. Moreover, it can download music even from YouTube. In the below example, we explain how to download mp3 from VEVO using this app.

    Step 1 First, download and install the iTubeGo app on your Android device. Then, launch the app.

    Step 2 After launching the app, it will open the built-in browser so you can see the mainstream platforms including VEVO. Tap VEVO and browse for the music movie you intend to download.

    itubego youtube downloader android

    Step 3 Then, tap the download button, you will see a pop-up menu. Just choose the output format as MP3 and quality in 320kbps. Your MP3 music files will be saved to the Android device with ID3 tags.

    itubego youtube downloader android mp3

    Step 4 Vevo has a lot of music playlists. When iTubeGo detects playlists, you can download all MP3s in the playlists with one click.

    itubego youtube playlist downloader android

    That’s it!

    More features about iTubeGo

    • Music downloader is not enough, good at downloading HD/4K videos.
    • Support tens of thousands of media websites, you can try it yourself. If it is not supported, you can leave a comment below, we will consider adding it.
    • Fast and smart.
    • Security and free.
    • No ads!
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