Top 10 Websites to Free Download Background Music

August 26, 2020

    You may have watched videos on the internet which have attracting music playing. The video can be of any domain. It can be an audiobook, a documentary, or even a gaming montage. One thing they have in common is the captivating background music.

    The purpose of background music is to fill the void of silence and make sure the listener does not get bored. Background music entices the listener, which causes him to watch the video with interest. People lose interest very fast, so it is essential to keep them fascinated at all times with the help of some background music.

    The background music in videos creates a unique atmosphere that develops certain feelings for the viewer. This is difficult to obtain through the video alone, so that’s why a video must be paired with the relevant background music.

    Take an example of 2 videos where someone is giving a motivational speech. One video has background music, and the other does not.

    Now think to yourself. Which video will motivate you more? The one where a person is just talking and talking. Or the one where there is powerful background music as the person is giving his speech. Surely the one with the background music will tempt you more.

    Now that the importance of background music is evident let’s move on to the problems people face usually. The biggest problem with background music is the issue of copyright. That’s right; it is difficult to find good quality background music for free. If you copy someone’s music, you may be given a copyright strike, which is not good.

    List of 10 Websites to Download Backgound Music

    The solution? This is where we come in; we are going to be telling you about ten sites from where you can download background music in high-quality for free. That’s right, absolutely free! Here are Top 10 websites from where you can download background music. These websites are not rated in a specific order. The order is random, and all of them have free to use music.

    1. HookSounds

    We are starting with Hooksound. This website is comprised of numerous royalty-free music that can be embedded in your videos. All songs need to be charged to download. Here we recommend to use iTubeGo Youtube Downloader to download all the music files and songs for free. It has a simple to use interface and turbo mode which ensures high download speeds. With iTubeGo, you can easily download numerous MP3 songs at once, here is the download steps:

    Step 1 Download and install the iTubeGo.

    Step 2 Go to the Hooksound website, find the song you like, right-click the song title, just copy the url.

    copy hooksounds

    Step 3 Open the iTubeGo, choose the output format, and click the “Paste URL” button, the song will be downloaded automatically.

    paste hooksounds

    Step 4 After the download is complete, you can find the song in the downloaded file.

    url to mp3 complete downloading

    2. TeknoAxe

    Teknoaze is another excellent site where you can find numerous background music. Teknoaxe comprises of more than 1500 royalty-free, free to use music for you. This site consists of songs from almost all genres. The downloading procedure is simple.

    teknoaxe royalty free music

    3. YouTube Audio Library

    This library is owned and run by YouTube, as evident from the name. YouTube audio library consists of music and sound effects that are royalty-free. All of them are owned by YouTube, meaning they can be used free of cost. This means there will not be any copyright issues. Downloading music or sound effects is also very straightforward.

    youtube audio library

    4. Facebook Sound Collection

    Facebook Sound Collection is similar to Youtube Audio Library. This library can be found under Facebook’s creator’s studio.  It also comprises of numerous royalty-free sound collections. It aids content creators to effortlessly add sound effects to their related videos without any issue of copyright. You can find high-quality sound effects here.

    facebook sound collection

    5. IncompeTech

    IncompeTech is another excellent website to download free background music. The best part that we liked is the way all the songs are organized. Everything is sorted and classified according to genres such as western, mystery, horror, electronic, etc. Downloading files from IncompeTech is effortless too.


    6. SoundCloud

    With Soundcloud, you can search for anything you require and preset a filter for the license. The license filters are available under the share tab in the left navigation pane. Some available options are: To modify commercially; To use commercially; To share. So what you can do is go directly to this link which has an applied filter “To share” and start searching for the tracks and effects you like. The search can be made for a specific record or based on genre like rock, pop, etc.


    7. Josh Woodward

    Josh Woodward is a singer and a songwriter. He has created a unique website where he has given all of his music for free. His site consists of more than six million songs, all of them free to use. The best part is aside from the MP3 format; you also have the option to download the FLAC format of music, which is lossless, meaning it is of high quality.


    8. ccMixter

    The ccMixter offers a wide variety of songs of musicians and artists. You only need to reference the particular artist or musician if you’re going to use their song. Here you will find songs that you can use in your content, videos, mashups, montages, games, apps, etc.  


    9. Free Stock Music

    With Free Stock Music, you can download royalty-free music in formats such as MP3, AIFF, and WAV. This means you need not pay any fee for using the music as it is free to use. The site has different categories where music is organized, such as Hip-Hop, Classical, International, etc.

    Free Stock Music

    10. Artlist

    Artlist has a one-time payment of $199, after which you can download and use an unlimited number of songs and use them in your videos. It consists of more than 12,000 songs and is growing each day. Download your songs now.



    We hope that these 10 free backgound music website will meet the need from you. You can leave your comment here to share your thought about which website is the best for you. And iTubeGo Youtube Downloader can support 10000+ websites to download videos/audios for free, you can use it to download various backgound music you like to play offline.

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