How to Free Download Song with Lyrics in English

December 8, 2020

    Gone are the days when we had to purchase unlimited number of music cassettes of our favorite artists, everyone now love streaming songs on various online platforms. That is why downloading music is one of the most hot topics on the internet these days. Going even one step ahead, if you want to download song with lyrics, we’ve a solution for you. In this article, we will tell you about all the possible ways to download song lyrics for free and enjoy them any time you wish to.


    If you want to download song with lyrics from online music streaming platform like YouTube, you can do it by simply using our very own all-in-one music downloading software, Musify. It will help you get English song with lyrics download very efficiently. Musify doesn’t only stop here, let’s have a look at some of the other prominent features that makes this software stand out from the rest.

    • Most powerful solution to download music in various output formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and a lot of other formats.
    • Provides different bitrate options to download high-quality music files.
    • Able to download lyrics in .lrc files.
    • Offers 100% reliability and download success rate that too at 10X faster speed.
    • Download entire playlists, albums, and much more with just a single click.

    It is available for both the operating systems i.e. Windows and Mac. To download Musify on your device click on the link below:

    Step by Step Guide to Download Song with Lyrics

    Firstly, download the Musify software by clicking on the link given above. Once you have downloaded the file, click on it to run the software and following the instructions on the screen, and in this way, the software will be installed on your PC. Once you’ve installed the program on your computer, follow these steps for English song with lyrics download using Musify.

    Step 1. Now, you have to copy the link of the music you want to download. To do this, open YouTube or Spotify and look for the song that you want to download with lyrics. For YouTube, you can copy the URL link simply from the address bar. And for Spotify, you will have to click on the share button, and then, click “Copy Link” or “Copy Spotify URL” to copy the URL of the song.

    Copy YouTube URL

    Step 2. Go to Musify and in the Download tab of the Preferences Section, select the output format to mp3. Then, enable the “Auto download lyric” option and select the language of the lyrics to English.

    Choose output format

    Step 3. As a final step, click on “Paste URL” button, which is present on the main interface of the software. This will detect the copied link automatically and ensure your download to start automatically.

    Paste URL

    Once the download is complete, you can find the downloaded mp3 music file with lyrics in Downloaded section of the software or at the target location of your computer.

    Downloaded lrc

    Best Sites to Download Song Lyrics

    Here is a list of some best sites with their respective pros and cons for you to decide which you will prefer to download song lyrics for free.

    1. has a huge collection of lyrics, playlists and various video clips on their platform. You can search for song lyrics by using different lyrics or keywords in the search box. It also provides the information about the latest releases, top hits, and the most played popular songs of the time. Lyrics are not only in text format but present in the video format too. You can also share your songs with your friends with its section specifically designed for sharing songs.

    👍 Pros
    • Anyone can upload the lyrics to the songs they like on this platform.
    • The lyrics on are in both formats: bold text and videos.
    • It has an interface which gives you ease to find the categories of hit songs, popular songs, and genre.
    👎 Cons
    • As it provides additional information, it gives the appearance of cluttered interface.

    2. AZ lyrics

    It is also one of the best sites to get your hands on the English lyrics of the songs you love. It comes with 300,000 lyrics from more than 7000 artists. It has a very simple interface making it very easy to search the lyrics for the song you love. All the lyrics are alphabetically arranged in order of the name of the artists. You can search by the name of the song or by artist. The interface shows different categories like hot songs and hot albums.

    AZ lyrics
    👍 Pros
    • It has a quite easy to use search system.
    • It also provides bits of lyrics in the search results before taking you to full page of lyrics.
    • It covers hot hits and albums on the interface.
    👎 Cons
    • The only con we can get to conclude for AZ lyrics is that it has a lot of interrupting ads.

    3. Musixmatch

    If you still want another option let us tell you another amazing site that helps you finding lyrics with title, key words and artists. This site highlights most searched songs for lyrics, newly added lyrics and genre list. It also provides the option for sharing the lyrics. You can get the latest news from Musixmatch and can also directly add the lyrics to Instagram story.

    👍 Pros
    • Users can edit the already uploaded lyrics.
    • It also comes with the option to Translate.
    • It is best tool for searching lyrics.
    👎 Cons
    • Like AZ Lyrics, this also has an issue with a lot of ads.


    It is one of the best ones among the sites to download lyrics. It is known for its most expensive data base for over 700,000 titles. It is presented as the crisply and clean website which makes it easy to read the lyrics. It provides latest music news. On the interface, it provides a list of hot songs and hot videos. It also provides the list of top 100 and top 500 lyrics of all times. It also gives its users an option to share the tracks with friends.

    👍 Pros
    • Its clean interface and expensive data base makes it easy and efficient for this job.
    • It provides an entire list of hit songs and videos.
    • Users can arrange the search results based on the individual song or album.
    👎 Cons
    • To search lyrics by the name of artist is a multi- process.
    • Fair coverage of classical titles.


    Last but not the least on our list is the, which claims to have a substantial list of song lyrics. It offers crowd based outsourcing lyrics which offers countless musical stuff. This website tells us about the news and gossips related to music, new releases and detailed information about the albums and artists. Every lyrical page gives the information about the lyrics, the preview, album of the song and the artist.

    👍 Pros
    • It claims to have largest collection of lyrics.
    • It has all the news and information about the music.
    • The lyrics can be translated into various different languages.
    👎 Cons
    • As it has a lot if outsourced lyrics, none of the source is actually defined.

    To Conclude:

    In this article, you’ve been provided with the most useful ways to download song lyrics for free. We recommend Musify to get English song with lyrics download, which is only 100% trusted software in the category. And lastly, discussing the best online downloaders their pros and cons can ultimately help you to decide whether to go for them or not.

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