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November 23, 2020

    Ariana Grande, our very own favorite popular American singer! Her songs are very catchy and have a rhythm to them that one can’t resist. If you want to know about Ariana Grande songs download, you are at the right place. As, we will get you to know how to download Ariana Grande songs through different platforms and how can you use the songs to set your desired ringtone all that and much more in this article.


    If you want to download different videos and audio from various websites, as in this case Ariana Grande songs download, iTubeGo Desktop Software is your way to go. This program is efficient, reliable, and quite handy when you want to grab any audio or video from online platforms. It can help you download multiple videos in a bulk and that too at ten times faster speed. It also allows you to cut and grab your favorite part of audio or video through its incredible functionalities.

    After installing iTubeGo YouTube Downloader according to the operating system of your desktop computer, you’ll need to follow the coming steps for Ariana Grande mp3 download on your PC/Mac.

    Step 1 Once the iTubeGo is installed on your PC, go to YouTube and search for your favorite Ariana Grande songs . Then, copy the URL of that song from the address bar of the browser.

    copy url

    Step 2 As a next step, you need to set the download settings by clicking on the settings button on the top right of the interface. Here, you can select the download format as Audio, location of the download, and other settings like quality. Once selected the desired settings, click on Apply button.

    set format

    Step 3 Once you are done with all the settings related to download, click on the Paste URL button and your video will start downloading. After the process completion, you can access the Ariana Grande mp3 download from the Downloaded section of the program.

    Paste url

    Note: The output format for audio downloading on iTubeGo is set as Mp3 by default. Whereas, you can also change or check the selected output format from the “Download then Convert to” tab of the iTubeGo software.

    set mp3


    If you’re looking to get Ariana Grande songs download entire album or playlist, you can do so effortlessly by using iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. The steps to download an entire playlist are quite similar to getting other Ariana Grande songs download in mp3 format. You can follow the steps mentioned in the article above with a little change while copying the URL.

    Step 1 Go to YouTube and you will search for the playlist that you want to download. Here, you have to copy the URL of the entire playlist from the address bar instead of copying the individual song’s link.

    copy playlist url

    Step 2 After this, you will open iTubeGo and click on the paste URL button, upon which, the software will analyze the copied URL and provides a list of all the songs in the entire album/playlist. Now, select the songs you need in the playlist and skip you don’t want in the playlist.

    download Ariana Grande playlist

    Step 3 You can also select the Download format to Audio and quality settings here. Then, click the Download button and the program will start downloading the all songs in the album. After the downloading gets finished, your entire Ariana Grande mp3 download playlist will be present in the Downloaded section of the software or any preselected location.


    If you want Ariana Grande mp3 download songs as your ringtone, you can also do it by using this program. This and much more can be achieved by online features of iTubeGo software.

    You can follow these steps to achieve the desire length of the song for your ringtone by using iTubeGo.

    Step 1 Launch the iTubeGo in your PC and open the online section from the left side of the software. Then, go to YouTube using the built-in browser of the program and play the desired video you want to cut for ringtone using the dedicated feature of browser.

    iTubeGo online

    Step 2 Once you have played the video, there will be a progress bar beneath the video with two green colored bars on either side. You need to adjust these bars according to your desired length or timing of the video, and the portion in between the bars will be cropped for your ringtone.

    cut Ariana Grande song

    Step 3 Once you are done cropping the desired length, click on the Cut button below the progress bar. Once the download is completed, you can find your cropped Ariana Grande ringtone in the downloaded section of the software.

    Note: As you’re intended to Ariana Grande ringtone download, don’t forget to set the Download format as m4a or mp3 prior to initiate the cutting or downloading process.

    set format


    Here, we listed 10 most popular Ariana Grande songs, so you can pick and choose your favorite ones to download through provided links with ease and convenience.

    1 Positions 2:58 2020 Click Here
    2 7 Rings 3:05 2019 Click Here
    3 Bang Band 4:22 2014 Click Here
    4 Side to Side 3:58 2016 Click Here
    5 Thank U, Next 5:31 2018 Click Here
    6 Dangerous Woman 3:56 2016 Click Here
    7 No Tears Left to Cry 3:58 2018 Click Here
    8 Boyfriend 3:41 2019 Click Here
    9 God is a Woman 4:02 2018 Click Here
    10 One Last Time 3:19 2015 Click Here


    Below is the list of the popular Ariana Grande album on Spotify

    1 Positions 2020 14 4 Min 14 Sec Click Here
    2 Thank U, Next 2019 12 41 Min 10 Sec Click Here
    3 Sweetener 2018 15 47 Min 31 Sec Click Here
    4 Stuck with You (With Justin Bieber) 2010 1 3 Min 48 Sec Click Here
    5 Dangerous Woman 2016 15 55 Min 42 Sec Click Here
    6 My Everything (Deluxe) 2014 15 50 Min 42 Sec Click Here
    7 Yours Truly 2013 12 46 Min 26 Sec Click Here

    Above mentioned albums are the some of the most popular albums on Spotify. Now, if you want to download any of the particular songs or entire album from Spotify, then coming up next is a dedicated software that will make this possible for you.
    You can easily download Ariana Grande songs from Spotify by using Musify software. It is efficient and a safe tool to download music from various online platforms; supports downloads from more than thousands of websites, including Spotify.

    Musify Music Downloader

    • Musify provides downloads at a much faster pace and with original audio quality.
    • It can convert online music files into mp3 format or any other desired audio format.
    • Retains all the original ID3 tags of the downloaded music.
    • Also converts online videos into high-quality audio files.
    download Ariana Grande spotify album

    If you want to learn more about downloading album from Spotify, you can read more about the topic here.

    Final Thoughts:

    In this article, you were provided various ways to get to Ariana Grande songs download. The software download managers mentioned in this article are particular and efficient in performing what they claim. These are safe and have user friendly interface, which makes it easy for everyone to understand and download their favorite tracks, videos, media files using them. So, download any software of your preference and get your hands on Ariana Grande mp3 download without any hassle.

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