Best Instagram Video Downloader: Online & Desktop & App Solution

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Since its inception, Instagram has emerged as a wonderful tool for connecting with people due to its unique set of features and capabilities. On Instagram, Video posts first introduced in June 2013. And now, video content is available in four formats i.e. video posts, stories, live streaming, and IGTV. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download the videos directly from Instagram. But every problem has a solution. Here, we’re going to explain how you can download Instagram videos on Desktop, Android phones, iPhone, and Online. We will recommend the best Instagram downloader for each type of downloading process.

Part 1 Download Instagram Videos on Pc/Mac
Part 2 Download Instagram Videos Online
Part 3 Download Instagram Videos on Android Phone
Part 4 Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

1. Download Instagram Video on PC/Mac:

After exploring different Instagram video downloader for downloading the videos online, now have a look at the method that let you download videos via desktop software.

iTubeGo Video Downloader:

If you’re looking for highly efficient and reliable desktop software, then you can use iTubeGo YouTube Downloader to convert and download Instagram videos to MP4, MP3 format, it and can even support 320kbps MP3, HD MP4, and 4K video downloading. You can also download from videos from other video sharing platforms, as it supports downloading from 1000+ websites.

It is a very powerful tool that downloads Instagram videos faster than the other options available in the market. Whether you’re Mac user or using Windows on your PC, iTubeGo YouTube Downloader has a separate version for both. It is 100% safe to use and already trusted tens of millions of satisfied users.

Steps to Download:

Using this desktop Instagram video downloader, you can download the Instagram videos in the following steps.

#1 Copy the Video Link:

First of all, copy the link of the Instagram video. For this, open the Instagram website and go to the specific video. Now copy its URL from the browser address bar.

#2 Install and Launch the iTubeGo Downloader Program:

Then, download and install the iTubeGo YouTube Video Downloader program on your desktop.

#3 Paste the Copied Link:

Open the Downloader tool on your computer, and press the “Paste url” option on the main interface.

After pasting the video URL, the video will start downloading automatically .

Setting the Required Format:

You can setting the required format, i.e., MP4, MP3, etc. by click “References” button.

Finally, the video gets converted to the selected format, and saved to your computer.


  • It downloads the Instagram videos more faster than any other solution.
  • You can convert Instagram videos to MP4, MP3 formats and this downloader even support, HD MP4, 4K video downloading.
  • More than 1000 video sharing websites, including all the big names, are supported by iTubeGo Downloader.
  • It is highly secure and trusted by millions of users.
  • It allows you to download videos on Windows and Mac.


  • You have to download and install the software on your computer.

2. Download Instagram Videos With Online Instagram Video Downloader:

Like any other platform, video is proved to be the most effective form of content on Instagram. According to the latest Instagram Engagement Report, video content is the best way to generate engagement. Other than informative and entertaining aspects, sometimes videos posted by your loved ones are extremely precious. And you want to download those videos so that you can have them permanently.

If you want to download videos online, then coming up next are some of the best online video downloaders through which you can download Instagram videos online without the need to install any software. The following are the 3 online video downloaders for downloading Instagram videos online.

iTubeGo Online Instagram Downloader (KeepVid.Pro):

KeepVid.Pro is the best online Instagram video downloader to download the videos instantly. It is the free online tool that allows you to securely download videos from Instagram without the interruption of any ads. Other than Instagram, KeepVid.Pro supports downloading from more than 1000 video streaming websites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

You can download as many videos as you want and to multiple formats. This Instagram video downloader supports downloading videos from Instagram to MP4, MP3, M4A, etc. That’s not all; it also supports high-definition MP4 video downloads.

online instagram downloader

Steps to Download:

iTubeGo Instagram Video Downloader can be accessed with any browser on your computer. Follow these easy steps to download Instagram videos.

#1 Copy the Instagram Video Link:

Open the Instagram website and go to the specific video that you want to download. Now copy its URL from the address bar of the browser.

#2 Paste the Link in KeepVid.Pro:

Then, open the webpage of Online Instagram Video Downloader and paste the copied link in the search box.

#3 Download Instagram Video:

Finally, click the “Download Now” button, and it will start converting the video to MP4. Once the conversion gets completed, the MP4 file will be saved to your computer.


  • KeepVid.Pro is the best tool to download Instagram videos at ultra-fast speed. 
  • It can convert Instagram videos to multiple formats such as MP4, MP3, M4A, etc. and also support high-quality HD MP4 video downloading.
  • It enables you to download videos from 1000+ video sharing websites.
  • No downloading limitations.
  • No interruption of Ads.


  • Not any.


DownloadGram is another Instagram video downloader that allows you to download Instagram videos online. This online downloader is also friendly in use and has a smooth-running interface.


Steps to Download:

The following are the steps to download Instagram videos online using DownloadGram.

#1 Copy the Video Link From Instagram:

To copy the video link, go to Instagram and open the video you are looking to download. Then copy the link of that video.

#2 Proceed to the DownloadGram:

Now proceed to the DownloadGram Website and paste the link in the search box.

#3 Click the Download:

Then right-click on the “Download” button, and select the “Save link as” from the options, to start the downloading process.


  • It is a free online tool that enables you to download Instagram videos.
  • No interruption of Ads in between the downloading process.


  • It only supports downloading in MP4 format.
  • You cannot download videos from different video streaming websites using this downloader.


Our next pick in the list of online Instagram video downloader is Dredown. It is a free online service that allows you to download Instagram videos in a similar procedure as other online video downloaders. This video downloader also works with other video networks like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.


Steps to Download:

You can download Instagram videos using Dredown in the following steps.

#1 Select the Video Source:

Go to the Dredown Website and select the video source, i.e., Instagram from the top options bar (if not previously selected).

#2 Copy the Instagram Video Url:

Now copy the video URL from the Instagram that you want to download.

#3 Paste the URL in Dredown:

Go back to the already opened Dredown window, and paste the copied URL in the search box of the video downloader.

#4 Click the Dredown Button:

The final step you have to do is click the “Dredown” button, and it will automatically start the downloading process.


  • In addition to Instagram, it also supports various video sharing websites.


  • You can only download videos in MP4 format.
  • Too many Ads are displayed during the downloading.

3. Download Instagram on Android Phone:

Today we’re living in the time of smartphones. If you own an android phone and looking for an app that allows you to download Instagram videos, then below are some of the best tools for you to try. All these apps are easily available on the Play Store.

Insta Saver:

Insta Saver is one of the most unique tools that enable you to download the videos directly from the Instagram feed. It allows you to download Instagram videos with just one tap without the need to log in or any other such requirements.


Steps to Download:

The Following are the steps through which you can download videos using this Instagram video download app.

#1 Turn On Insta Saver App:

If you want to install Insta Saver on your android phone, please click here. Once you have installed the Insta Saver, turn on the App by tapping on the main switch just below the Insta Saver logo, and then open Instagram on your phone.

#2 Select the Copy Share URL:

Go to the video that you want to download, and select the “Copy Share URL” from the options.

#3 Save the Video:

Now finally save the video into your gallery by tapping the “Save” option of the Insta Saver notification in the status bar.


  • It provides the downloading of Instagram videos with one tap.
  • You can directly download the videos from the Instagram feed.


  •  It allows you to download Instagram videos only from public accounts.

IV Saver:

IV Saver is another Instagram video download App that makes it possible to download Instagram videos with profile details. This Instagram video downloader is a fully automated tool in which you don’t have to paste the Insta’s video URL manually.


Steps to Download:

Follow these steps to download Instagram videos with IV Saver.

#1 Open the IV Saver App:

To download the IV Saver App, please click here. Once the installation gets finished, open the app, and then go to Instagram from the app. For this, you have to tap on the Instagram icon on the top right of the app interface.

#2 Select the “Copy Share URL”:

Now go to the video that you want to download and tap on the three-dotted options button of the video. Then, select the “Copy Share URL”.

#3 Download the Video:

Once you’ve pressed the “Copy Share URL” options, the video starts downloading. After the downloading gets finished, you will get a notification in the status bar. Tap on the notification to see your video in the gallery.


  • You don’t have to manually paste the video’s URL.
  • You can save, share, or repost Instagram videos using this app.
  • You don’t have to log in to the app for downloading Instagram videos.
  • It also provides the full profile details from which you’re downloading the video.


  • The quality of the videos gets affected sometimes.
  • This app also contains too many Ads.

Downloader for Instagram:

Downloader for Instagram is a useful app that enables you to download videos from Instagram in just 2 steps of downloading. It helps you to quickly download the videos from the Instagram video links without the need to log in to the app.

Downloader for Instagram

Steps to Download:

You can download the Download for Instagram by clicking here. After downloading the app on your android phone, you need to follow these steps in order to download videos from Instagram.

#1 Paste the Link of Instagram Video:

First, copy the link of the video link from Instagram. Open the app and paste the copied link in the search box. Then, select the “paste” button.

#2 Download the Video:

Once you tap the paste button, the video will automatically start downloading. When the video downloading gets completed, simply save the video after setting the video name.


  • No login is required to use this app.
  • It allows you to download Instagram photos and videos in simple methods.


  • Too many Ads.
  • The latest version of the App is receiving some complaints.

4. Download Instagram on iPhone:

If you’re an iOS user and want to download Instagram videos to the camera roll on your iPhone, then you have to explore the App Store and find some reposting app for Instagram for this purpose. To make this situation easy for you, we’re going to recommend an app below.


Regrann is a cross-platform app that enables you to repost Instagram photos/videos from both iOS and Android devices. It keeps the authenticity of the posts intact by giving the credit to the user from which you’re reposting the video. Every photo or video you repost using this app, credit is added to the caption automatically.

Regrann is a very efficient tool that works right from the Instagram app. It means there’s no need to leave the Insta-ecosystem, as Regrann app allows you to repost, save, or share photos/ videos while remaining in the Instagram.

repost for instagram ragrann

Steps to Download:

To download Instagram videos using this reposting app-Regrann, you need to follow these steps.

#1 Log-in to the App:

After downloading the app on your iPhone, you have to log-in to the app using your Instagram account’s username and password.

#2 Select the Specific Video:

Then, navigate the video that you want to repost/download to your iPhone.

#3 Tap the Share Button:

Now you’ll notice a new icon, which will be located at the bottom corner and looks like a square with an arrow. This is the Share button! Tap this button to proceed.

#4 Start the Download Process:

Then, you have to tap the “repost” to start the downloading process.

#5 Re-Confirm to Download the Video:

This is the final step in which you have to tap again the “repost” to confirm the download. That’s it, now the Instagram video will be right there in your camera roll.


  • One of the very few quality apps that allows you to repost/download videos on both iOS and Android devices.
  • No need to leave Instagram for downloading the videos.
  • It gives the credit to the users and keeps the original videos intact.


  • Too many Ads sometimes may annoy you.

The Bottom Line:

In this article, you’ve learned the different methods to download Instagram videos. No matter you want to download videos online or through desktop software, looking for an android app or downloading solution for the iOS device, here you can find the best Instagram video downloader for each of them. It can be clearly seen that KeepVid.Pro outclasses all the other online downloaders due to its best features and top-class performance. iTubeGo is the best desktop software, which provides the fastest and reliable downloading solution. We highly recommend these tools to download Instagram videos in the most efficient manner!

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